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Zero is the child of Rhinne, the Transcendent of Time. Born from her tears in an attempt to free her powers from the Black Mage, things do not go as planned once the Black Mage figured out her plan. The child was split in two, Alpha, a male, and Beta, a female, and imprisoned in the Mirror World.

Only with their powers combined will Alpha and Beta be able to break free from Mirror World and ascend to be the next Transcendent of Time.


The Sealing of Rhinne

In the last days of the war, the Black Mage and his Commanders prepared to siege to the Temple of Time. As the sole restriction on the Transcendent of Time was that they could alter the fate of anyone but themselves, Rhinne knew that she couldn’t stop the Black Mage from taking her power. However, she attempted to create a new future by creating the Child of the Goddess through her teardrops, who she hoped would succeed her as the Transcendent of Time in order to prevent the Black Mage from taking the power of time. She handpicked loyal priests to watch over the child, but before they could escape, the Black Mage arrived with his Commanders. Arkarium then completed his betrayal of the Goddess by blinding her, while the Demon stunned her in place, allowing the Black Mage to steal her Transcendent powers. He then used the power of time to seal both Rhinne and her child into a different dimension.

The Spider King

Centuries later, a scholar named Will approached the Black Mage, who had broken free of his seal, and pledged his loyalty to him. The Black Mage entrusted Will with ensuring that the child of Rhinne would never become the new Transcendent of Time. Soon after, the Black Mage created the Elite Bosses by taking advantage of the Sharenian Knights trapped in a false reality created by Ergoth Dunamis. Inspired by Ergoth’s ability to create a perfect replica of Sharenian, Will recreated the dimension in which the Black Mage had trapped Rhinne and her child into what he called Mirror World, a replica of Maple World. However, Will soon realized that he couldn’t handle the immense power of Rhinne’s child. In order to weaken them and to corrupt them with his influence, he split the child into two beings. He trapped the girl inside the Child of the Goddess’ own temple and brainwashed the boy into serving him and his Shadow Knights, who had been tasked with keeping the boy trapped inside Mirror World.

The Shadow Alchemist

The Impure One

In Mirror World, the boy soon encountered his counterpart in the Umbra Temple, where the Shadow Knights stopped him from freeing her and wiped his memories. This repeated seven times in total, with the boy being given a new name each cycle, until the next cycle left him with the name Eight. During a Shadow Knight meeting, Will and his second-in-command, Lyra, went over their strategy, which was to make Eight, known as the Impure One, believe that they were defending their town of Shadowvale, though their true goal was to stop him from getting close to the Umbra Temple. After the meeting, a Shadow Knight alchemist named Fang asked the medic, Milo, about the outside world, as those memories were lost to them after arriving in Mirror World. Milo told Fang that Mirror World seemed more realistic than the real world, and though he thought that being a medic was boring, he still enjoyed Mirror World, except for having to deal with a knight named Keene.

Just then, Keene and another knight named Seamus arrived. Keene began to mock Milo for being useless in fighting, but Seamus told him to be quiet and asked Fang and Milo to return back to Shadowvale before the Darklings appeared. He also warned them to take their Shade Neutralizer in case they met the Darklings so that they wouldn’t get cursed and be turned into Darklings. Milo was dejected that they couldn’t collect their quota, but Fang told Milo to return back while he collected the rest of Milo’s ingredients for him. Fang then collected Moonlight Mushroom Powder from the Darkling Stumps and put them in his backpack. Having finished his task, he decided to instead explore the area uninterrupted. Further into the forest, he encountered Eight fighting Darklings and marveled at how perfect his swordplay was, though he told himself that he shouldn’t idolize Eight, as he was the Impure One.

Evening Primrose

The next day, Fang finished crafting Shade Neutralizers and took them to the Shadow Knight meeting. There, Lyra gave Eight a mission and told him that he would be promoted to S-class if he succeeded. As everyone moved out, Eight asked Fang if he could hand over some neutralizers before he left. After giving them to Eight, Fang watched him walk away when suddenly, Will appeared and knowingly told Fang about the irony of the deceiver envying the deceived, adding that Eight’s work as a fighter must be glamorous compared to Fang’s role on the medical corps. Though he understood Fang’s feelings, Will emphasized the importance of their mission and reminded Fang that there was no room to harbor doubt. He also warned Fang that the Shadow Forest’s curse was getting stronger and told him to stay away from local vegetation or wildlife. After Will left, Milo told Fang that he would meet him at Field 2-A. Once Fang made his way there, Milo told him that they needed to clear out the Shadow Axe Stumps, as the monsters were making it difficult to harvest silk mushrooms. Fang defeated the monsters, but just as he was about to start harvesting, he found a rare floatstone butterfly and began to chase after it.

He followed it to a pile of ruins with primroses growing all around them. Though he knew that Will had warned the Shadow Knights to stay away from wildlife and vegetation, his curiosity got the better of him, and so he decided to examine some of the glowing golden fruit growing from the flowers. He grew mesmerized by the aroma and, in a trance, ate one of the fruits. Just then, Milo appeared and told Fang to return to the village. Fang, now lucid, realized that he had accidentally eaten one of the fruits and worried that he would transform into a Darkling. He went into the library, just as Keene called after him, asking for him to make him something to drink. Just then, Keene noticed Eight walking by and ordered him to make a cup of tea and to bring something to eat. Inside the library, Fang began researching primrose and found that it bloomed at night and withered in the morning. The reason for this was because of a girl who thought that the moon was more beautiful than anything else. A kind fairy noticed the girl’s devotion and ensured that she would be reborn as a beautiful flower, which the fairy named primrose, thus ensuring that the moon’s beauty would be reflected in every primrose blossom. Just then, Eight entered the library and found Keene’s cup of tea, which he spat into in order to get back at Keene. He then noticed Fang watching him and jokingly threatened him not to say anything. He then made Fang find some peanuts for Keene, which he obtained from the Darkling Blobs in the basement. Eight then noticed that Fang was reading about primroses and began questioning him about it. When Fang began to behave suspiciously, Eight took the book and told him that he would think over whether he would tell anyone about it.

The Potion of Truth

After he left, Fang decided to report to Will and went to his office. Just as he was about to confess what he had done, he noticed a detailed board and asked Will about it. Will explained that it was a schematic for a mirror that could show one’s true self outside Mirror World, as he knew that Fang had lately grown curious about the outside world. He told Fang that it was a reward for his hard work, and that it would likely be ready by the next cycle, though he added that it was conditional on Fang not making any mistakes. Hearing this, Fang lied and said that he had nothing to report. Soon after, all the knights arrived at the briefing, where Fang wondered what would happen now that Eight knew about the primrose. Just then, Eight requested to Lyra that Fang be paired with him for his next meeting, as he wanted a medic nearby in case his injury from his last meeting worsened. Fang and Eight made their way to the field, where Fang asked why Eight had really asked for him. Eight explained that Fang was the only one whom Eight could trust since they both had secrets. With that, Eight forced Fang to complete the mission for him by hunting Darkling Boars. After Fang returned, Eight showed him the plant guide from the library and asked if Fang could make a Potion of Truth. Fang was surprised to see that the page that detailed how to brew a Potion of Truth was filled, as it had been blank when he had last read it, and wondered whether someone had written it in as a prank. Dejected, Eight told Fang to put the book back in the library. The next day, Fang returned to the library in order to review the page on the Potion of Truth. As he read through it, he was confused by one of the ingredients being ‘a handful of moonlight’.

Growing Suspicions

Just then, he realized that the text for the Potion of Truth was written in his own handwriting. Before he could investigate any further, Keene arrived and ordered Fang to make medicine for his sprained wrist. As Keene complained about how awful the taste of the medicine was every time he drank it, Fang realized that Keene had been repeatedly injured on every supply mission that he could remember. Keene was confused and asked what other times he had gone on a mission, to which Fang reminded Keene that he had said that the medicine tasted terrible “every time” he had drank it. Just then, Eight arrived and told Keene that he was taking Fang on a new mission before sending Keene off on a fake task. He then asked Fang to bring him spiney puff bush sap before they left. Fang obtained some from the Darkling Bloons in the storage room and gave it to Eight, who then pranked Keene by having a bucket of the sap fall on his head when he opened the door. As they fled the library, Fang noticed that new information had appeared in the plant book. Before he could examine it, Will appeared and asked for Fang to meet him in his office. Just as Fang was about to leave, Eight asked Fang if he had noticed that no one in the Shadow Knights ever seemed to notice any strange occurrences like Fang had the night before and told him that they should pay close attention to anyone who did notice things out of the ordinary.

As Fang headed out, he wondered whether Will was suspicious, though he didn’t want to believe it. In Will’s office, Fang told him everything that had happened, including the recipe for the Potion of Truth. Will told him that he himself had encountered the recipe in his research, and that it had taken him a long time to find an alternative for the ‘handful of moonlight’ ingredient, though he added that he had never tried using it. Fang wondered if Will had also considered using a primrose and asked why he had never tried it. Will replied that it seemed pointless after a while to use alchemy to reveal the truth, asking if Fang thought the practice to be strange. Fang then recalled how Eight had asked him to remain vigilant if anyone else noticed unusual things. Before Fang left, Will reminded him that questioning their purpose on the mission was considered treason. He warned Fang that Eight would try to get to the Umbra Temple, and that he would use the Potion of Truth to bait Fang into helping him. After Fang left, Kyson and Lyra arrived and asked Will if they should be worried by Fang’s determination to get the truth. Will told them that he would have been worried if it hadn’t been for the fact that primrose was only a flower, and that its connection to moonlight was merely a fairytale.

The Ninth Cycle

After Fang left, he encountered Milo, who told him that Eight had left a message saying that he would be expecting Fang at Field 2-C-1. Before he left, Milo confirmed with Fang about whether he was taking the Shade Neutralizer. After Fang arrived at the field, Eight told him to hunt Darklings for their mission. Fang wondered why Eight thought that he could handle it, to which Eight replied that he believed that Fang was strong enough to the point that he wondered why the Shadow Knights were wasting Fang’s strength on grunt work for the medical corps. As Fang took the Shade Neutralizer, he wondered why it tasted strange. Nevertheless, he finished hunting the Darklings and returned to Eight. He then showed Eight that the leftover Shade Neutralizer had turned into water. Eight realized that the primrose fruit which Fang had eaten served as a Potion of Truth, which had revealed the hidden truth that the Shade Neutralizer was nothing more than water, meaning that there was no danger of turning into a Darkling without it. Eight then led Fang to the primrose plant, where he revealed the other ingredients for the Potion of Truth.

As Fang finished brewing the potion, a horde of Darklings appeared and began attacking them. As the two fought them off, Eight noticed that the Darklings were after the primrose plant. Eight pressed forward, but Fang warned him that they needed Shade Neutralizer. However, Eight told him that the neutralizer was a lie meant to brainwash them. After defeating the rest of the Darklings, they heard a woman’s voice calling to them and Eight asked Fang to accompany him to the Umbra Temple. Fang recalled Will’s warning about not trusting Eight, but told himself that if the Shade Neutralizer was a lie, then Will might be lying about Eight being a threat as well. Just then, he realized that a Darkling had taken the primrose plant. Though Eight told him to forget about it, Fang reached for the stem of the primrose. The moment he touched the flower, however, the shadow curse began to take over. He then decided to turn back, telling Eight that his threats wouldn’t work on him anymore. Eight apologized for making it seem as though he was trying to use Fang and told him that he wouldn’t force him to come to the Umbra Temple.

The two then returned back to town, where Fang reflected on Eight’s words and his affirmation of friendship. He then realized that their friendship was all that mattered, and that everything else was a lie. Just then, he noticed that the plant book was writing itself again. After reading it, he concluded that what had happened to his hand wasn’t a curse, and that the truth behind everything was in the Umbra Temple. Fang headed to the temple alone and fought his way past the Darkling Guards. Once he reached the deepest part of the temple, he found that the so-called monster of the temple was nothing more than a sleeping girl. Suddenly, Will arrived and confronted Fang, who asked Will for the truth. Will then showed him the mirror he had completed that could show one’s true self outside of Mirror World. Upon looking into the mirror, Fang realized that he was actually a Darkling created by Will in Mirror World. Fang confronted Will about lying to them about the outside world, but Will reassured Fang that he could still make it happen if Fang followed his orders. A few hours later, Eight himself arrived and fought his way into the Umbra Temple, and soon began fighting Will. Will then revealed the truth about Mirror World - that the Shadow Knights had been created in order to keep him trapped, and that the endless time-loops and monster hunts were all a ruse to keep him distracted so that he could never awaken as the Transcendent of Time.

Just then, Fang arrived and Eight asked him if what Will had said was true. Following Will’s orders, Fang hesitantly told Eight that it was all true, and that Eight needed to drink the brainwashing Shade Neutralizer. Eight told Fang that he trusted him and readily drank the neutralizer, causing him to lose his memories. As he was unable to recall his own name, Will told him that his name was Nine, and that he was a member of the Shadow Knights. Once they returned back to town, Will thanked Fang for his help once again. Fang was surprised to know that this had happened before, and so Will explained that, though Fang’s choices varied each time, he always ended up helping Will reset the cycle. Fang then returned to the library, where he found a note from Eight telling him that he was going to the Umbra Temple and revealed that the reason why he was always able to tell when Fang was nearby was because he had an unusual scent, which Eight had eventually learned was primrose. He also found that Eight had left behind an evening primrose as a gift. Unable to handle his guilt, Fang decided to put the primrose in a nearby drawer. However, when he opened the drawer, he found several other primroses that he realized had been from previous cycles. Fang began to feel ashamed that Eight had called him a friend each cycle, and that he had betrayed Eight each time in response.

Resolved to fix his mistake, he headed to Will’s office, where he asked if Will had been responsible for the book. Will replied that he had planted the book, but that Fang himself had added the notes in previous cycles, except for the last page, which Will had written himself. Fang recalled what had been written on the last page: “Once the seed has been planted, doubt grows like a weed. In the end, it chokes the mind entirely. No potion in the world can stop it. But if you distract the mind with a single anchor of truth, the roots of doubt will never truly take hold.” Fang realized that he himself served as the anchor for Nine, and that as long as Nine trusted him, he would drink the neutralizer every time. Fang called Will out on all his lies, including the lie that Will would make him real. Will asked if Fang truly believed that he would allow Fang to leave Mirror World. Fang replied that his plan wouldn’t work, as Will couldn’t even control his own illusion. Will suddenly used his magic and shot out a long spider leg to crack the ground in order to intimidate Fang, threatening him to do exactly as he said. Like a switch, Will returned back to normal and apologized for letting his emotions get the better of him. He then told Fang to return back to his quarters, where Milo would bring the neutralizer. He added that Milo had made an especially big contribution this cycle, and that he would be rewarded for it.

A Handful of Moonlight

Rather than go back to his quarters, however, Fang realized that he needed the Potion of Truth in order to figure everything out, and so he resolved to go to Moonflower Hill. As he attempted to make his way outside town, he was stopped by Seamus and Keene, who told him that they were under orders to eliminate him if he tried to leave Shadowvale. Fang defeated both of them and continued towards the hill. There, he began to brew the Potion of Truth. Though he learned that the primrose itself wasn’t a proper substitute for moonlight, it gave him the clue he needed to find the truth. Just then, Will arrived and said that he was impressed that Fang had learned how to harness moonlight. However, he asked if Fang knew what would happen if he went through with his plan. Fang told him that he already knew that he would take on his true Darkling form, but that he was still resolved to bring the potion to Nine. Will then used his magic to stop Fang, who was ultimately defeated. As Fang collapsed on the floor, Will stood before him holding the red Shade Neutralizer and the blue Potion of Truth.

Will gave Fang one more chance to choose between drinking the neutralizer and starting a new cycle or learning the truth and disappearing forever, promising that he would ensure that Fang got everything he wanted if he were to return to being his old self again, as long as it was limited to within Mirror World. Unexpectedly, Fang refused to choose either and instead crawled to a puddle of water imbued with moonlight and drank from it, transforming into his true Darkling form before retreating in search of Nine. Disturbed for the first time, Will consulted the Black Mage, who told him that it would now be difficult to keep Nine subdued. Though Will told himself that he had exceeded expectations in keeping the Transcendent of Time imprisoned, he couldn’t shake a sense of unease. Meanwhile, in the forest, the Darkling Fang appeared before Nine, calling him Eight, and told him to go to the Umbra Temple, just before Fang disappeared forever. Nine was shaken that he hadn’t been transformed into a Darkling after coming into contact with one without having taken the Shade Neutralizer. This made him realize that the neutralizer was a lie, and so he resolved to find the truth in the Umbra Temple.

Main Story


Because of Fang’s warning, Nine began to grow suspicious about the Shadow Knights’ true motives. He secretly began dumping the Shade Neutralizer that Will gave him into the bushes, which helped him realize that the neutralizer was only meant to brainwash him. After going to the Umbra Temple on Fang’s instructions, he found that there was no Darkling master, but only a young girl who looked just like him. Some time later, Nine returned from a successful Darkling hunt and was promoted from a cadet to an official Shadow Knight as a result. He then asked if he could switch assignments with Keene and purchase supplies from the towns outside of Shadowvale. However, Will forbade him from doing so and explained that their mission to protect the world from the Darklings was too important to allow Nine’s combat skills to be wasted on supply runs. As an apology, he allowed Nine to take the rest of the day off. Though he pretended to understand, Nine realized that Will and the other Shadow Knights were doing everything in their power to keep him from leaving Shadowvale. Soon after, Lyra reported a Darkling force arriving and assigned Nine to intercept them. Nine thought to himself that the Darklings only seemed to appear when they needed him occupied. After taking the Shade Neutralizer bottle from Will, he secretly dumped the potion into the bushes before heading out.

Nine then quickly completed his mission and made his way to the Umbra Temple once again, where he marveled at how everything still looked the same since his last visit. He also wondered whether the Darkling who had led him there in the past was still around. As he attempted to wake the girl, he noticed that one of the statues in the room had briefly twinkled. Upon examining it, he felt as though the statue were almost real, as though it had been a person who had been turned to stone. He then found a scroll at her feet and picked it up before heading back to Shadowvale. In the library, he read the scroll and learned about the three Transcendents of Maple World and the rise of the Black Mage. He also read about how Rhinne had attempted to create a new future by creating the Child of the Goddess, whom the Black Mage and his underling, the King of Spiders, were searching for. Overwhelmed and confused by the information, he realized that he needed to awaken the girl for answers. Once he went outside, however, he found the Shadow Knights in the middle of a meeting, where they told him that Will had ordered them to attack the Umbra Temple and destroy everything inside.

As the knights began to move out, Will pulled Nine aside and told him that he was planning to keep him on the sidelines for the battle. Nine protested that he was ready, and so Will agreed to allow him to join the mission, provided that Nine drank his Shade Neutralizer. Realizing Will’s plan, Nine relented and said that he would be content to stay on the sidelines. Once the Knights headed out, Nine attempted to chase after them, but was stopped by Keene. Nine easily defeated Keene and continued to the Umbra Temple. There, he encountered Kyson, Seamus, and Lyra, who attempted to convince Nine to surrender. Nine easily forced his way through and attempted to awaken the girl. Just then, Will himself arrived and engaged in a battle with Nine. Their fight caused the glass tank containing the girl to shatter, which caused her to fall onto the floor. Defeated by Will, Nine desperately reached out towards the girl and touched hands, resulting in the girl awakening. With both Children of the Goddess reunited, the power of time awakened within them, returning the Umbra Temple back to its original state and freeing all the priests from stone. The Umbra Temple also disappeared into a special dimension between Mirror World and Maple World, preventing Will and the Shadow Knights from entering.

Chapter 1

Now safe from Will, Nine and the girl learned from Pietta, one of the priests, about the history of the Transcendents and how both the Black Mage and Rhinne had been sealed away. She also explained that the limitation of the Transcendent of Time was that they could see the future of all worlds but their own, and that Rhinne had created the Child of the Goddess in order to keep the power of time from the Black Mage. When Nine asked why there was a female version of himself, Pietta told him that Will had somehow found a way to split the Child of the Goddess into two in order to weaken them, though she couldn’t say why their genders were different. Knowing that they needed names, the girl decided to name him Alpha and called herself Beta. Alpha told her that he had already decided to name himself Zero as a way to represent himself breaking the cycle of brainwashing, but Beta told him that their names were final. Pietta then told them that they were in a prison created by the Black Mage called Mirror World, which cut them off from Maple World, the source of their power. However, their awakening had also opened the portal to Maple World, but when Alpha and Beta attempted to enter Maple World, they realized that they were invisible there, as they hadn’t regained their powers.

Pietta told them that Will had shattered the Goddess Teardrop, which contained the power of time, and spread its pieces across Mirror World. Though she wished that the priests could help them, she explained that they weren’t trained in martial combat, and that their extended lifespans came as a result of the temple, meaning that they wouldn’t last long outside of it. To help themselves find the Goddess Teardrops, Alpha and Beta decided to return to Shadowvale in order to find a map of Mirror World. A priest named Benedict accompanied them to the outskirts of Shadowvale and taught them the basics of using their Transcendent powers in combat. They then fought their way through Shadowvale into the library, where they found Milo. Though he had been told that Alpha was a traitor, Milo felt that it was a misunderstanding and allowed them to pass, claiming that they would see each other again one day. They then found the map and brought it back to the temple, where Benedict’s brother, Cassius, used the power of dowsing in order to find the Goddess Teardrops. Using the dowsing technique, he also discovered that the Goddess’ relics were somewhere in Mirror World. Pietta explained that Rhinne used an hourglass relic to channel her power and told them that the relic would allow them to double their strength. Cassius sent them to Leafre, where they asked Chief Tatamo about the relic.

Tatamo told them that he had never heard about such an object before. However, he explained that a baby dragon had disappeared from Leafre, and that the Halflingers had discovered a monstrous dragon when they had chased after it. He also told them that a young man had offered to fight the dragon, though he hadn’t returned since. With no other options, the Halflingers had agreed to ask Afrien for help, and so Tatamo asked them to speak to Afrien on his behalf, explaining that, since Afrien was wise, he might know about the relic. Outside Afrien’s cave, they encountered a baby Mir, who allowed them to pass after passing his test. Inside the cave, they encountered a slumbering Afrien, who Mir explained was busy preparing to make a Spirit Pact. Because Afrien couldn’t be disturbed, Alpha and Beta asked Mir about the relic, which he explained was in the possession of Horntail.

Back in Leafre, Mir decided to test their strength before he would allow them to face Horntail by ordering them to hunt Beetles and Dual Beetles in the Western Minar Forest. After proving themselves, Mir directed them to Horntail’s cave, where they fought Horntail in order to obtain the relic. Suddenly, Freud appeared and ordered them to step away from Horntail, claiming that it was a baby dragon. Having spent the whole day trying to calm it down, Freud was upset that Alpha and Beta had ruined his hard work and ordered them to leave the cave until it calmed down. Frustrated, they returned to the temple and told the priests what happened. Some time later, they returned to the cave and found Horntail still crying. Freud suggested that they sing Horntail a lullaby, as his sleep spells could give Horntail nightmares. Alpha and Beta began singing so terribly that Freud yelled at them to stop and checked to see if Horntail’s ears were bleeding. Freud then suggested that they ask a Halflinger named Pam to help them.

In Leafre, Pam told them that she had once obtained a rare music box from the Fairy Queen, though it had since broken. She asked them to find Harp Feathers and Blood Harp Feathers, which they used to fix the music box. They then used it to put Horntail to sleep, after which Freud agreed to answer their questions. He introduced himself as a magician who began studying Horntail at the behest of the Halflingers. After melding with its mind, he saw Horntail’s memories of when it had been a small baby. Horntail had discovered the relic in the forest, which had caused it to rapidly age into a full-grown dragon. Having absorbed the relic, Horntail had been chased out of Leafre until it found the cave, in which it had been hiding ever since. The twins then returned to the temple and explained the situation to the priests.

Pietta told them that anyone who touched the relic without the Transcendent’s protections would suffer the Curse of Time. She told them that only the relic’s owners could lift the curse on Horntail, but the fact that the relic hadn’t immediately reacted to them meant that it was upset at them for having left it alone for so long. She told them that in order to lift the curse, they would need to offer a substitute sacrifice and suggested that they seek help from a magician, as doing so with only the power of time was near impossible. They sought out Freud and asked for his help in transferring the curse from Horntail to themselves. Though Freud warned that it could damage them, Alpha reassured him that they would be fine since the curse had the same signature as themselves. Freud asked them to bring him a Kentaurus King Horn and a Manon Feather, while he would provide a Leviathan Scale from his storeroom. Together, they were able to successfully absorb Horntail’s curse, turning it back into a baby dragon. Freud then told them that he would help assimilate Horntail back to its normal life before continuing his research.

Having reclaimed the relic, the twins returned to the temple, discussing between themselves that they might see Freud again in Maple World. Pietta then told them that the relic possessed its own ego, and so it would need its owner to prove their worth in order to be wielded. Alpha and Beta entered twin parallel dimensions and met the spirits of their relics, which had split into two. While Beta fought Lapis, Alpha fought Lazuli. After defeating them, the spirits acknowledged their strength and possessed their swords, enhancing the strength of their weapons.

Chapter 2

Having regained their weapons, Cassius began the dowsing ritual and felt the power of time in five locations across Mirror World. The first location he sensed was Ariant, which he warned the twins was a place where its people ostracized foreigners in its Maple World equivalent. They arrived at Ariant Castle, where Prime Minister Shah Mar welcomed Gold Richie’s gift of a blue teardrop gem and told him that the Queen had invited him to stay at the palace. They learned from a dancer named Sirin that the queen had put the gem in the audience room, and so they decided to steal it, believing it to be the Goddess Teardrop. She told them that they would need to bring a gift to the queen in order to gain access to the audience room and suggested finding Deo’s Fruit from the Deos, as the queen coveted them for her skincare routine. They presented the fruit to the queen and discovered the large gemstone in a display case, with Shah Mar standing nearby.

They returned to the temple and told the priests that they had located the Goddess Teardrop. In order to help them steal it, the priests suggested that they take advantage of Ariant’s political climate and asked them to observe their surroundings carefully. Back in Ariant, they learned from Sirin that the Master Thief Phantom was planning to steal the blue jewel. She told them that there was a group of sisters who worked part-time at the western Ariant tea house, and that they were extreme fangirls of Phantom. There, the twins met the three girls, who explained that they actually hated Phantom for stealing their family fortune, and that they were working at the tea shop in order to gather information on him. They then asked Alpha and Beta to bring a Thief Crow’s Key in order to prove themselves worthy of being allies. After bringing them the key, the sisters told them where Phantom’s hideout was, as well as the password to enter, ‘Open Sesame’. Inside the hideout, they were surprised to find that it was actually a den of Thief Crows, with a man named Ardin trapped inside. After defeating the Thief Crows, Ardin told them that they had been tricked by the sisters just as he had, and that the sisters actually worked for Phantom.

Ardin told them to meet him and the Sand Bandits at their hideout. There, their leader, Jano, told them to leave, claiming that Ardin had been foolish to invite outsiders to their group. During their argument, the twins learned that the Sand Bandits were planning to raid the palace. Alpha attempted to convince Jano that their goals aligned, and so Jano asked them to be tested by Sejan and Eleska. Sejan asked them to put up anti-queen posters in Ariant square while Eleska told them to defeat a Desert Giant. After proving themselves, they agreed to help the Sand Bandits in exchange for the blue gemstone, though Jano warned them that Phantom also planned to steal it. While they were waiting for the raid to begin, they entered a scorpion hunt contest held by SagaT. After catching several scorpions, SagaT expressed his impressment and told them that Shah Mar had started the event to effectively deal with the scorpions when the king and queen had ignored the problem. He explained that he and Shah Mar used to be friends, and that he was intrigued how Shah Mar continued to appear young even while everyone around him grew old.

When they went to Shah Mar to collect their reward, they learned from him that he was waiting for someone to visit Ariant one day, and that he had worked hard to become Prime Minister so that that person would be proud to know him when the time came. On the day of the raid, Jano told them that they would use Phantom’s arrival as a distraction to make their move. Once the time came for them to escape, a small team would start a small fire in order to create chaos. That night, the Sand Bandits infiltrated the palace while Alpha and Beta were on lookout. Suddenly, Phantom appeared behind them, having already stolen the blue gemstone. They began to fight Phantom for the teardrop when, all of a sudden, the castle was set ablaze. They learned from Phantom that only Shah Mar was in the palace at the time, and so Alpha and Beta had to make a choice to either save him or pursue Phantom. Suddenly, Beta used her power to sense the power of time and realized that she was still sensing it back at the palace. They rushed back and realized that the power of time was radiating from Shah Mar, meaning that he had been the Goddess Teardrop all along. Having been recognized by his masters, Shah Mar transformed into a gem, which Alpha and Beta brought back to the temple.

Chapter 3

Cassius then began the dowsing ritual and discovered that the second Goddess Teardrop was in Henesys, though he wasn’t familiar with the area. In Henesys, they met a girl named Rina, who told them that her friend, Maya, had a fever, and that she needed Mushmom Caps in order to make Maya a tincture. After helping Rina, they asked her if there was anyone in town who never got older. Rina told them that there was such a boy named Larelle and asked them to speak with Chief Stan about him. However, Stan refused to tell them any more information, which confirmed their suspicions that Larelle was the Goddess Teardrop. From what it sounded like, Alpha and Beta believed that Larelle had done something to the town, which was why he had been ostracized. In order to get more information, they decided to speak to the children in the town and met Evan, who led them to the Henesys Fork away from the adults in order to talk freely.

There, Evan told them that Larelle had shown up to Henesys a long time ago, but that the townspeople had grown scared when he continued to stay the same age. Additionally, strange events would always happen around Larelle, particularly with temperature. He told them that a few days ago, Larelle had summoned a monster, which had scared the townspeople, as the monster had injured several people, including Maya. They went to Larelle’s house, where they defeated an ice cube monster inside. Alpha noted that the monster had clearly been created by the power of time. They then found Larelle’s diary, which revealed that he had spent many years waiting for Alpha and Beta to come. In their absence, the power of time began to grow uncontrollably inside of him, which had resulted in him accidentally creating the ice cube monsters. They realized that Larelle was likely being kept isolated somewhere in Henesys and asked Evan, who told them that Stan and Mark had been with Larelle the last time Evan had seen him. They went to see Mark, who asked them to hunt Mixed Golems, Icy Mixed Golems, and Flaming Mixed Golems in order to help him with his guard duties. He also asked them to find a pearl from a Pearl Oyster in Gold Beach. After bringing it to him, he accidentally let slip that he was planning to use it to propose to Rina, though he asked them to keep it quiet from Chief Stan, who treated Rina like a daughter. In exchange for keeping his secret, Alpha demanded that Mark tell them where Larelle was.

Mark reluctantly told them that Larelle was in a cave near the Northern Forest Path. Inside the cave, the twins were shocked to find Shadow Knights guarding the area. Alpha immediately retreated, as he believed it unwise to reveal themselves to the Shadow Knights until they regained more of their power. However, Beta argued that Larelle needed their help, and that they couldn’t wait to save him. Back at the temple, Alpha vented his frustrations to Pietta, who told him that Beta felt kinship with Larelle, as they had both experienced isolation in their imprisonment. He then learned that Beta had decided to go after Larelle herself and rushed after her. Alpha then apologized to Beta and agreed to help her rescue Larelle. There, they defeated all the Shadow Knights, including Lyra, and made their way to Larelle. Larelle thanked them for rescuing him and explained that he had been the one who had asked Stan to take him away for the safety of the town. He asked them to give Stan his apologies for leaving, after which Larelle willingly agreed to come with them. Larelle then transformed into a gem, which they took back to the temple.  

Chapter 4

Cassius then used dowsing to discover that the third Goddess Teardrop was located in Mu Lung. Upon arriving in town, they met So Gong, who mistook them for monk trainees and put them through an examination. For their first test, they met with Mr. Do, who tested them on their knowledge of Mu Lung. After receiving his Proof of Training, they returned to So Gong, who sent them to No Gong’s training center. After receiving the next Proof of Training, they went through So Gong’s final test, which was an obstacle course designed by Do Gong which had them make it across a river. Having passed the training course, So Gong recognized their skills, though he mentioned that Aran had finished the lesson in only half the time. He then sent them to Wu Gong to register as official monks. There, they felt the power of time radiating from Wu Gong and realized that he was the Goddess Teardrop. However, he refused to come with Alpha and Beta, claiming that he had made a good life for himself in their absence. Confused, they returned to the temple and told the priests what had happened. Pietta told them that the Goddess Teardrop should have been drawn to them like a magnet and suspected that it was a side effect of them being in Mirror World.

They returned to see Wu Gong, who told them to eliminate Tae Roon for their next test. After returning, they attempted to argue with Wu Gong to come with them, but the panda simply fell asleep. However, when Alpha attempted to kidnap him, Wu Gong awoke and told him that he was a light sleeper. The twins then went to see Mr. Do in order to ask him to make a sleeping draught. After bringing him Ginseng Water and Bellflowers, Mr. Do brewed the sleeping draught for them. They returned to Wu Gong and tricked him into drinking the potion, but their kidnapping attempt was stopped by his friend, a cub named Tae Soo. In all the commotion, Wu Gong woke up and was angry at the twins for what they had done to him. With no other choice, Alpha seized Tae Soon and Beta threatened to drip the young panda in a vat of hair-loss potion if Wu Gong refused to come with them. Wu Gong reluctantly agreed to come with them, but asked for some time to get his affairs in order. When they came for Wu Gong, however, So Gong told them that both Wu Gong and Tae Soo had been abducted, adding that he believed that it had been the work of several tourists wearing red. Alpha and Beta went after them in the Misty Forest, where they encountered several Shadow Knights. After fighting their way through the knights, the twins arrived to find Wu Gong and Tae Soon tied up and knocked out.

Suddenly, Milo appeared and explained that he only wanted to talk. He attempted to convince Alpha to lead the Shadow Knights, as both he and several other Shadow Knights believed that Will had lost his focus after Alpha defected. He released Wu Gong and Tae Soon and told Alpha to seek him out once he had made his decision. Back at the temple, Beta asked Alpha what he was planning, as he still hadn’t told the priests about his encounter with Milo. Alpha confided to Beta that it seemed like a good idea to join the rebel Shadow Knights so that they could search for the Goddess Teardrops uninterrupted, or perhaps even fight Will himself. However, when they returned to Milo, Alpha ultimately refused to join and told Milo that he had new allies that needed him. Milo then showed his true colors and brought backup, claiming that Will had offered to promote Milo to Chief Knight if he managed to capture Alpha. After defeating Milo and the other Shadow Knights, Alpha briefly contemplated taking Milo’s life as punishment, but Beta convinced him to take the high road and hand Milo over to the infamously strict Mu Lung legal system. Some time later, they went to see Wu Gong, who thanked them for saving him. He agreed that it was best for him to leave Mu Lung, as Tae Soon had almost gotten hurt. However, he wanted to leave something for Tae Soo to remember him by, and so he asked them to see Mr. Do. After bringing him a Thousand-year-old Bellflower, Mr. Do used it to create a strength potion. Wu Gong left the potion and a letter behind for Tae Soon and agreed to come with them, transforming himself into a gem.

Chapter 5

Soon after, Cassius located the fourth Goddess Teardrop in Edelstein. Alpha and Beta noted that all three Goddess Teardrops had blue hair, and so they were confident that that they would be able to recognize the next Goddess Teardrop on sight. Before they left, they noted that Cassius seemed rather depressed. After arriving in Edelstein, they were stopped by Belle, who told them that she needed to inspect them because of the recent crimes in town. When they asked her if she had seen anyone with blue hair, Belle told them that the Council President’s daughter, Gabrielle, had been kidnapped by someone with blue hair. They went to the council chambers, where they encountered Wonny listening in on the meeting. He told them to go to Streetlight Row in order to talk more, where they encountered Belle in her Resistance outfit with a horde of jaguars. After defeating the jaguars, they confronted Belle for having Wonny lead them into a trap. Belle accused them of being friends with the kidnapper, but Alpha convinced her that they only wanted to talk with the kidnapper. Belle agreed to let them talk with the kidnapper in exchange for helping the Resistance capture him.

Back in town, Wonny apologized for tricking them and explained that he needed to be sure of their loyalties. After learning how to get to the Secret Plaza, Alpha and Beta met with the Resistance and learned their plan. First, they would get into the power station, where they would destroy the power generator, allowing the Resistance to rescue Gabrielle and giving the twins enough time to confront the kidnapper. After executing the plan, Wonny escaped with Gabrielle while the twins confronted the blue-haired kidnapper, a man named Arsen. Arsen refused to come with them, explaining that he was planning to obtain enough energy so that he could sever his ties to the Transcendents and live his own life as a human. Shocked, they returned to the temple and told the priests about Arsen’s plan. Pietta explained that since the Goddess Teardrop was part of the Transcendent of Time, it was impossible for him to separate himself unless the Transcendents themselves were to disown him completely. Suddenly, Beta noticed that Cassius was missing, though Benedict told them that he couldn’t have gone far since the priests couldn’t stay outside the temple for long.

They returned to the Secret Plaza, where Checky told them that Arsen was absorbing a huge amount of energy. He asked them to find him a Shining Rue Ore so that he could conduct a precise reading. With the ore, Checky learned that the power plant was sapping up all the energy in Edelstein, and that it would soon explode if left unchecked. Belle attempted to stop Arsen herself, but Alpha and Beta convinced her to let them handle it. They went to confront Arsen, who showed no signs of stopping his plans. Alpha then offered to disown Arsen in exchange for stopping the power plant. Arsen was surprised at Alpha’s decision, but Alpha explained that Arsen wasn’t worth saving like the other Goddess Teardrops, who had all chosen to follow them because they knew that it was the right thing to do. As they shook hands to complete the separation, Alpha noticed a spider tattoo on Arsen’s wrist, just as an explosion occurred that severely injured Arsen. After taking him to the hospital, the twins returned to the temple and explained that Arsen had been human all along, and that the power of time they felt wasn’t from inside him.

They returned to Edelstein to investigate Arsen and met with Surl, who was the first one to have seen Arsen when he first arrived in town. Surl told them that he had noticed that Arsen had been covered in dust from Rocky Road, and so Alpha and Beta decided to investigate the area. There, they discovered Shadow Knights guarding the area. After dispatching the guards, they found an operations report that covered all the Shadow Knights’ activities in Edelstein. From the report, they learned that Will had indoctrinated a test subject, Arsen, into believing that he was a Goddess Teardrop that hated the Transcendents’ hold over him. Will released Arsen in Edelstein, where he kidnapped Gabrielle in order to draw out the twins. As his mental state appeared unstable, Will injected a new dose of brainwashing serum to suppress his memories. However, when Arsen’s false power of time came into contact with the real thing, an explosion was triggered. The twins then went to see Arsen in the hospital, but they were stopped by Claudine, who told them that Arsen wasn’t in his right mind due to his brainwashing. As Arsen had received irreparable damage from the brainwashing, Claudine recommended that they erase his memories in order to save him. She asked them to obtain Poison Concentrate from the Poison Gas Generator in the Verne Mine, which she used to make a medicine that would erase his memories. After giving the medicine to Arsen, Alpha sadly wondered whether any of it would have happened if he had just stayed in Shadowvale.

Chapter 6

They returned to the temple, where they reflected on the difficult setback they had faced. Nevertheless, they decided to move forward and asked Cassius where the next Goddess Teardrop was, which Cassius determined was in Magatia. As the twins arrived in Magatia, Beta asked Alpha if he thought it was strange that the Shadow Knights knew exactly where to find them. Alpha grew concerned, realizing that Will likely wouldn’t have made a fake Goddess Teardrop when there were still two more if he hadn’t been certain that they would have gone after the one in Edelstein. As they wondered whether they were walking into a trap, a woman named Rachael approached them and introduced her as the Goddess Teardrop, though she told them that the locals called her the Time Alchemist. She explained that she wanted to test them in order to determine whether it was worth going with them, and so she had them fight separately in a special dimension in order to test their individual combat skills. During their tests, she attempted to goad them into believing that they were better apart. Even after they passed, Rachael decided to test their intelligence. However, the twins first returned to the temple in order to tell the priests about the latest development. As they all believed that Rachael was a fake Goddess Teardrop, Alpha and Beta decided to keep their guard up when they returned.

For the next test, Rachael teleported them to a replica of Orbis Tower within her dimension. For each question they answered right, she would transport them to the next level. However, if they got the question wrong, she would summon monsters. She also added that she would send them to the top if they learned the secret of the tower. As the two struggled to reach the top, Beta figured out that the tower was infinite since they weren’t in a physical space. Impressed, Rachel sent them to the top, where Alpha asked her to prove that she was real and told her to hold hands with him. Rachael then revealed a spider tattoo on her wrist and told them that Will had sent a message: “You never see what’s right under your nose”. She warned them that the mark of the spider signified one who had been corrupted by Will before vanishing. The twins then returned to Magatia to speak privately, as they couldn’t trust the priests in case there was a traitor amongst them. Alpha noted that the priests could track their location by dowsing for the power of time, which might be how the traitor could have been telling Will about where they were. Beta noted that Arsen and Rachel both had tattoos of spiders on their wrists and decided to ask the priests to show their wrists. All the priests showed their wrists, which were completely clean. However, when Alpha found Cassius’ dowsing rod on the ground, he picked it up and discovered a spider mark on it. Cassius immediately fled the temple, proving his guilt. Benedict went out in search of his brother, though unlike Cassius, he returned for check-ins since he couldn’t exist outside the temple for long. Benedict soon returned, unable to find his brother, and was devastated by his betrayal. Alpha and Beta decided to return to Shadowvale to find Cassius, though the priests warned them about how dangerous it could be.

They found Cassius near the outskirts of Shadowvale and confronted him, telling him that they could have rewarded him once they arrived in Maple World if that was what he had been after. However, Cassius grew frantic and begged them not to go to Maple World, explaining that the danger of the Black Mage was too great. When Beta asked if he believed that they couldn’t handle the Black Mage, Cassius truthfully told them that he believed so, as the Transcendent of Time had already once fallen to the Black Mage, even with the full power of time from the Goddess Teardrops. Realizing that there was no way for them to remain safe in Maple World, Cassius had betrayed them to Will in order to prevent them from returning to Maple World and being targeted by the Black Mage. As the Shadow Knights approached, Cassius attempted to sacrifice himself in order to protect them, but Alpha and Beta fought the knights off themselves. However, as Cassius had spent too long outside the temple, he faded away. After returning to the temple, Alpha, Beta, and the priests mourned Cassius, but continued to move forward in his memory.

Chapter 7

Though he had his own dowsing rod, Benedict asked them to find Cassius’ dowsing rod as a keepsake. After bringing it to him from the pile of Cassius’ things from when he had faded away, Benedict used it to find the next Goddess Teardrop, which was located in Ludibrium. Benedict explained that Ludibrium was built around a large clock tower, and that Rhinne had stopped time in the area at the request of its king. Pietta added that time had been shattered into fragments as a result, which had caused concern amongst the priests. Upon arriving in Ludibrium they were surprised to instead find themselves in the Temple of Time, where they viewed a past event in which Tigun the Advisor had requested on behalf of the king that Rhinne stop time in the kingdom, though Rhinne had warned him that it would cause time to shatter, and that attempting to restart time would have dire consequences. Suddenly, time fractured and shattered the memory, causing them to fall deep below the clocktower into a strange space. There, they defeated a Thanatos, which they recognized as the gatekeeper. Beta realized that the many doors in the area likely led to spaces created by broken time.

They entered the door which radiated the most power of time and began climbing the clocktower, where they met the final two Goddess Teardrops, Hera and Mera. They told Alpha and Beta that they would come with them, but that they still had important duties to fulfill. They transported the twins to Ludibrium, where they explained that Mirror World’s Ludibrium was in danger of having its pieces of time collide with each other, which they had been using their small power of time to prevent. They asked Alpha and Beta to use their powers as the Transcendents of Time in order to stop time in Ludibrium, just as Rhinne had once done. Alpha and Beta returned to the temple and explained the situation, as well as the memory they had seen of their mother. When Alpha asked if they could see Rhinne in Maple World, Pietta sadly explained that once they awakened as the new Transcendents, Rhinne would disappear, as two Transcendents couldn’t exist in one world.

Saddened by the revelation, Alpha and Beta returned to Hera and Mera, who instructed them to eliminate the flow of time in both the past and the future. They entered the east tower of the past and traveled to the Korean Folk Town, where they drew out the power of time from the people and contained it inside a bottle. Next, they went to the west tower of the future and arrived at Omega Sector, where they drew out the power of future time. With time having stopped, the Goddess Teardrops were free to join them. Before they did, however, Beta suggested that they visit Rhinne through the crack in time in order to speak with her. Mera agreed to lead them to the Goddess, though she warned them that it would be dangerous. They entered the past, where they found the Record Keeper telling the Goddess that history seemed to grow thinner and asked if Maple World would soon end. Rhinne replied that her own future was set in stone and told him that not even the Transcendents lived forever. Next, they entered a fragment where Rhinne chose Benedict, Cassius, and Pietta as her priests who would serve the Child of the Goddess. Finally, they entered the memory of Arkarium attempting to attack Rhinne. The two immediately rushed to her defense and managed to defeat Arkarium before speaking to Rhinne. They asked her why she worked so hard to save Maple World, to which she explained that she loved Maple World and hoped that they would care for it as she did. Alpha then asked if she regretted creating them, but Rhinne avoided the question and instead warned them that every being had the power to change their own future, except for the Transcendent of Time.

Forced out of the memory, they returned to Ludibrium and successfully collected the last Goddess Teardrops, which they brought back to the temple. Pietta then told them to activate their true powers with the Goddess Teardrops and escape Mirror World. However, they instead found themselves in the Dusk Temple and found Pink Bean nearby. Wondering if it was part of the ceremony, they defeated Pink Bean and noted that it wasn’t using the power of time, as though it had come from another world. They returned to the temple, where Pietta explained that the Dusk Temple was a place of old gods who had existed as Transcendents before Rhinne became the Goddess of Time. She urged them to try again, which resulted in them being transported to the Mirror World Control Room, which had screens that displayed several persons of interest, including themselves and the Black Mage. There, they met Will, who explained that they stood in the same area where the Black Mage had sealed Rhinne. He revealed that he had constructed the control room in order to manipulate her powers and showed them a sealed Rhinne. Will explained that he had split them in two, not only as a matter of convenience, but also to subject them to his influence in order to corrupt one of them, which had thrown the powers of time out of balance. He also revealed that they could never awaken as a Transcendent unless the corrupted one were to be killed.

Chapter 8

Frustrated, they returned to the temple and explained what Will had told them. Pietta reluctantly told them that it was the best choice for the corrupted vessel to die. When Benedict was shocked by her words, Pietta told him that she had been tasked with guiding the Child of the Goddess into becoming a Transcendent, and that she couldn’t waver. Hoping not to face such a grim reality, Pietta entreated them to visit the Temple of Time of Mirror World and speak with the other priests there. At the temple, the Temple Keeper suggested that they speak to the Memory Keeper, who may know something about their corruption. When they explained the situation to him, the Memory Keeper told them that they needed to destroy the corrupted one and offered to help identify them. Though Alpha was furious with the Memory Keeper, Beta calmed him down and told him that they needed to understand the problem if they were to find their own way to fix it.

The Memory Keeper then told them to hunt Dodo and obtain its shard, which could offer a glimpse into the past. They used the Shard of Recollection to remember many of their happiest memories. However, the Temple Keeper told them that their dark past had been overwhelmed by nostalgia for the time they had enjoyed, and thus, he couldn’t see far back enough to when Will had corrupted them. They returned to the Temple Keeper, who suggested visiting the Sorcerer, as he had spent a lifetime trying to remove his regrets. The Sorcerer believed that their corruption stemmed from regret and asked them to collect a shard from Lilynouch. Using the Shard of Regret, they viewed their past regrets of not having been able to save Arsen, Rachael, and Cassius. However, they agreed that their regrets were because of the decisions they had made, not because of the corruption. As their past regrets had been forgiven, the Sorcerer explained that he could no longer help them. The Temple Keeper finally suggested that they visit the Record Keeper, who had recorded countless memories from ages past. The Record Keeper told them to find a shard from Lyka in order to find memories they had lost to oblivion. After hunting Lyka, they obtained the Shard of Oblivion. Upon using it, Alpha viewed one of his forgotten memories.

In the Umbra Temple, he saw himself speaking with Milo, who called him Seven. Alpha watched Seven make his way into the deepest part of the temple, where he found Beta. Suddenly, Will appeared and convinced Seven to leave Beta, calling her a corrupted being. However, Alpha realized that Will had full intent to wipe Seven’s memories once they returned to Shadowvale. Alpha then returned to the Temple of Time, where Beta told him that she had only seen the flow of time. Alpha kept the knowledge that Beta was the corrupted one to himself, intending to purify her in order to prevent her from being destroyed. Some time later, Beta took Alpha to the deeper parts of the Temple of Time, where she confronted him and explained that since she had been asleep in the past, she hadn’t been able to view the memory shown by the Shard of Oblivion, meaning that it had to have been Alpha’s. She surmised that Alpha was keeping the truth that she was the corrupted one and told him that, for the good of Maple World, he needed to kill her. When Alpha refused to fight her, Beta attacked him in an effort to force him to defend himself. Alpha managed to defeat her, but refused to finish her off. He then suggested that Will had manipulated them into thinking that she was the corrupted one when it was really himself, and that if she were killed, he would remain the sole corrupted vessel, unable to become a Transcendent.

United once again, they returned to the temple and told Pietta that they refused to hurt each other, regardless of who was corrupted. Alpha then suggested that they fight Will, believing that defeating him would lift the corruption. They arrived at the Mirror World control room, where Will amusedly told them to watch what happened when an unstable entity attempted to become a Transcendent. Suddenly, Rhinne teleported out of her containment chamber and poised herself to attack. Will explained to the shocked twins that it was in her nature as a Transcendent to prevent incomplete and corrupted beings such as themselves from stealing her powers, adding that she was likely eating away at her own life force in order to move against her bindings. Suddenly, however, Rhinne attacked a surprised Will and explained that, though it was in her nature to stop any corruption to her own power, it was a mother’s instinct not to harm her own child, which was far more powerful than the calling of the Transcendents. After forcing Will to retreat, Rhinne cleansed both Alpha and Beta of their corruption and told them that they needed to escape Mirror World in order to become the next Transcendents of Time. She explained that the Black Mage had used her powers to create Mirror World, and that as long as it existed, she would remain the only one with access to the power of time. As two Transcendents couldn’t exist, Rhinne told them that she would need to die in order for them to inherit her powers.


They all returned to the temple, where Rhinne explained that Will was attempting to use her power to revert all time in Mirror World. She told them that it was their chance to defeat Will and destroy Mirror World, which would release her power for them to become the next Transcendents of Time. Before they left, Beta whispered a plan to Alpha that would save Rhinne, to which he agreed. They confronted Will, and after a fierce battle, they managed to defeat him, causing Mirror World to be destroyed and allowing them to awaken as the new Transcendents of Time. However, following Beta’s plan, they recreated Mirror World as soon as it was destroyed, allowing them to resurrect Rhinne in the form of a child. As Mirror World had been created through Rhinne’s power, they told her that she would be bound to stay there, although Rhinne accepted the arrangement. The two then left Mirror World for Maple World, but unexpectedly, they hit something between dimensions, forcing them to arrive in Pantheon instead. As Cartalion confronted them, they asked to know whether they were in Maple World, to which Fenelle told them that they were in Grandis, not Maple World.

Suddenly, another intruder arrived and asked them to follow him, promising that it wasn’t a trap. He led them to a space between dimensions, where they were shocked to find the Commanders of the Black Mage: Arkarium, Damien, Hilla, Gelimer, Lotus, and Von Leon. The Commanders offered an alliance with the new Transcendents, claiming that they could help Alpha and Beta become the Transcendents of Time of both Maple World and Grandis. Arkarium explained that, according to the Black Mage’s plan, Maple World and Grandis were slowly merging. This was because only a Transcendent of Life, a Transcendent of Time, and a Transcendent of Light could exist in a given world, with a new Transcendent being created as a replacement should one disappear, though Hilla added that the circumstances could be less than ideal, such as how Alpha and Beta had been split in two. However, should a world lose all its Transcendents, it would become unstable and seek to fuse with another world in order to regain its stability. Because the Black Mage, Rhinne, and Alicia had all been sealed away, Maple World had attempted to restore its balance by seeking to merge with Grandis. Hilla explained that the world merge would have stopped if the Transcendents were to have returned early on, but after centuries, Maple World was moving on pure inertia, meaning that even the return of the Transcendents wouldn’t stop it. She also added that Maple World’s size dwarfed Grandis, which she found interesting to watch. She then explained that the Black Mage planned to become the Transcendent of Light of both Maple World and Grandis and asked if they would agree to join him. Alpha asked who the new Transcendent of Life would be, if he and Beta were the new Transcendents of Time. Hilla told them that she didn’t want to spoil the fun, but added that the Transcendent of Life had already been chosen.

Hilla then told them that they only needed to oust Chronica, Grandis’ Transcendent of Time, in order to gain full power over that world. She also reminded them of Rhinne’s fate when she had refused to obey the Black Mage. In order to buy time, Alpha told them that they needed time to think on the Commanders’ offer, as they had only just become the new Transcendents, and so they wanted to learn more about Maple World and Grandis before they could make a decision. Hilla accepted their proposal, claiming that it wasn’t a pressing matter. Though Damien called them arrogant fools, Arkarium assuaged him by joking that Alpha and Beta were merely living up their names by asking for more time. Alpha then asked why they weren’t angry at himself and Beta for killing Will, to which Hilla explained that they operated on ‘survival of the fittest’, and hinted that Will wasn’t gone for good. With that, the Commanders disappeared and the twins returned to the guide who had met them in Grandis. The guide then revealed himself as Cassius, who now possessed a spider-web mark on his face. He explained that the Commanders had brought him back to life, and that he had allied with them in an attempt to help Alpha and Beta, claiming that the Commanders wanted to give them a chance to achieve more than they could on their own by allowing them to become the Transcendents of two worlds, which would allow them to easily defeat the Black Mage. He asked them to think on his words before sending them back to Maple World. Having bought time for themselves, the new Transcendents of Time began to explore Maple World and Grandis in order to gain allies and to prepare themselves to face the Black Mage.

Black Heaven

Alpha and Beta arrived in Ereve in order to watch the Alliance board the Lumiere. Alpha then told Beta that they should head back, as he believed that they weren’t obligated to fight, and that they needed to focus on training to fight the Black Mage. However, Beta told him that the Alliance may lose without their help, and that they would be stuck alone in a world with monsters. Realizing that she had a point, Alpha begrudgingly agreed to help, though he strongly suspected that Beta just wanted to ride the airship.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Rhinne for Zero.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Zero is "Transcendent of the New World".


At the Mirror World Temple, the priests congratulated Alpha and Beta for all that they had accomplished. They recalled how the twins had started off on the wrong foot, though Rhinne told them that they had ultimately been able to change Maple World’s future in a way that even she couldn’t. Alpha asked Rhinne how she could trust them so much when he himself barely knew what he was doing. He admitted that he had helped defeat the Black Mage more for personal vengeance than anything else, though he felt that Transcendents were supposed to fight out of love for Maple World instead. Rhinne told him that what they were ‘supposed’ to be was far more complex, as Transcendents existed for a far greater purpose. When Beta asked what she meant, Rhinne told them that it was important for them to discover the answer themselves, as she could only say so much. Pietta reminded them to take their time in loving Maple World, adding that even Rhinne had to grow to love the world. She also told them that, even though the Black Mage was gone, there were other threats to Maple World that would require them to fight again. Alpha and Beta vowed that after everything they had done to save Maple World, they would continue to do everything in their power to protect it.


While searching for Grendel the Really Old, the Adversary, Elwin, and Lily traveled to Morass, where they encountered the White Mage, who revealed what Rhinne was hinting at when he told them about the role of the Transcendents in suppressing the Ancient Gods. Alpha and Beta were stunned to know that they, along with the other Transcendents, were used to manipulate destiny against their own will.


Nexon has commissioned the artist to make a webtoon called Child of God (Children of Goddess).

Child of God at Maplf (English Translation of line)

God's Child at Bagu (English, Korean names - ex) Ko: Pierre / En: Pietta)

Class Specifics


Instead of using Mana Points, Zero uses Time Force (TF). Time Force replenishes very quickly (approximately 5 points per second), allowing continuous use of skills.

Zero can battle monsters by "Tag" or "Assist" via Dual Combat. When using a different skill, Tagging allows Alpha or Beta to alternate, and the switched out character will continue to Assist for a short while, causing the switched out character to deal more damage.

Alpha and Beta do not share their HP and TF, meaning that if Alpha is running low on HP/TF, he can switch out with Beta, and vice versa. Potions are also not shared and only affect the selected character. When switched out, the character on standby regenerates their HP and TF extremely fast. 


Zero uses a unique evolving weapon that grows with them. Alpha wields the long sword Lazuli, while Beta wields the heavy sword Lapis. These weapons upgrade every 10 levels up to level 170. AbsoLab Essence and Arcane Umbra Essence are required to upgrade the weapon to Level 180 and 200 respectively.

Lapis in spirit form

Lazuli in spirit form

After completing Chapter 1 of the main story, Lazuli and Lapis can only be enhanced through a special weapon UI accessible from the weapon button on the bottom left of the equipment inventory window.

Only 1 scroll or enhancement item is needed to upgrade both weapons. When the weapon evolves, you will have the option to carry over all enhancements or to reset the weapon. If the weapon is destroyed, the weapon can be repurchased without any enhancements.

By defeating enemies and completing dungeons in Mirror World, Zero will also accumulate WP (Weapon Point), which, with a small meso fee, can be used to reset and possible upgrade both Lazuli and Lapis’ potential.

Because Zero is unable to unequip their weapons, Lucky Item Scrolls have been added to turn Lazuli and Lapis into a piece for another equipment set. These scrolls will not change the stats of the weapons but will instead count the weapons towards the set bonus of the scroll used. Visit Cello in Zero’s Temple to obtain a few of these Lucky Item Scrolls.


As there are two characters that are able to be controlled, both Alpha and Beta wear the same cash items, though it is possible for them to wear both female and male garments accordingly at the same time, switching as they tag in and out.



  • Zero is the sixth class who is not a human, the first being Mercedes, followed by DemonKaiser, and Angelic Buster, Cadena, Illium and Ark.
  • Unlike other classes who have voice acting, Zero only voices their storyline cutscenes and dialogue and does not voice their skills.
  • In the storyline, Alpha recalls a lost memory where he was known as Seven, before he was called Nine. It is implied the number represents a number of instances he had discovered Beta and had his memories manipulated to forget.
    • Alpha decides to rename himself as 'Zero' to represent himself breaking free of the memory wipe cycle, although this is overridden by Beta, who decides to name him Alpha instead. Though their class name is Zero, the actual name 'Zero' is only mentioned in that singular instance.
  • True to their names, Alpha is the ruthless, bold leader, while Beta tends to be gullible, overly agrees with almost everyone, and sometimes follows Alpha's commands without hesitation.
  • Lapis and Lazuli are named after the real-life deep blue gemstone.
  • The player must have a level 100 character in order to create Zero, as Zero automatically starts at level 100 (excluding MapleSEA).
  • Zero is one of the two characters which are currently time restricted (the 2nd being Beast Tamer), meaning there are certain events which allows you to open one.
Availability of Zero
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  1. She shares voice actress with Rhinne.
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