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MapIcon Zakum Zakum's Altar
Map Zakum's Altar
Continent El Nath Mts. Area Dead Mine
Street Final Mission Return Map Entrance to Zakum Altar
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? No Flying? No
Death Count 5 Potion Restrictions 10 second cooldown
Star Force
None Recommended Arcane Power None
NPCs Amon Monsters None
Reactors Altar
Portals None
Notes Maplers must be in a party to be in this map.
After dropping 1 Eye of Fire on the reactor Altar, Zakum will appear.


  • Continental Naming Difference:
    • GMS: Zakum's Altar
    • KMS: 자쿰의제단 (-祭壇, Zaqqum's Altar, Jakum ui jedan)
    • JMS: ジャクムの祭壇 (Jakumu no saidan)
    • CMS: 扎昆的祭台 (Zhākūn de jìtái)
    • TMS: 殘暴炎魔祭壇 (Cruel Flame Altar, Cánbào yán mó jìtán)
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