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Xenon is a member of the Resistance. He is a mixture of Thief and Pirate, therefore using Strength, Dexterity, and Luck as his main stats. With a Whip Blade and a Core Controller, Xenon uses technology and quick-paced attacks to eliminate his enemies. Originally a weapon created by Gelimer, Xenon escaped and joined the Resistance.

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A dagger from Xenon's childhood

The Xenoroid Project

A young boy once disappeared from Edelstein while walking home after playing Mesorangers with his friends, Claudine, Elex, Belle, and Brighton. Abducted by a scientist named Gelimer, the boy's memories were seemingly erased and he was made into a test subject for advanced cyberization. Gelimer transformed him into a Xenoroid, an augmented type of android, and gave him the name Xenon. Over the decades, he and another girl named Beryl were put through extreme training and examinations in order to become the most powerful weapons. During this time, Gelimer met Orchid and joined the Black Wings in order to revive Lotus. However, Gelimer coveted Lotus' perfect body and planned to transform him into a Xenoroid. He kept his android projects secret from Orchid, ensuring that none of the Black Wings ever entered his lab to learn that he was using Xenon and Beryl as prototypes for Lotus.

Main Story

Escaping Gelimer

One day, Gelimer administered his final test, which was to defeat a holographic replica of Von Leon. Gelimer was pleased to see that Xenon was easily able to defeat Von Leon, but before he could celebrate his victory in creating the perfect android, an intruder was detected in the facility. Fearing that Orchid had discovered his secret base, Gelimer checked the monitor and saw that Claudine, Belle, and Brighton had infiltrated the facility. Though Gelimer was relieved that Orchid hadn’t discovered the facility, he was still irritated that the Resistance had found it. However, he decided to use the situation as an opportunity to conduct a field test for Xenon. He dropped down a cage to capture the Resistance and sent Xenon to eliminate them. However, Claudine managed to push Brighton and Belle away before she was captured. Xenon then arrived to eliminate the Resistance, but the sight of his old friends began triggering his latent memories, causing his head to throb in pain. Just as Gelimer and Beryl appeared, Brighton and Belle retreated in order to formulate a rescue plan. Gelimer then ordered Xenon to guard Claudine while he and Beryl chased down the others.

Perplexed by the strange memories in his mind, Xenon decided to visit Claudine in her prison. There, he encountered his friend Roo-D, a rabbit-fox hybrid Xenoroid, who asked him whether he had remembered anything from his past. In order to jog his memories, she gave him Claudine’s dagger, believing that it held the key to his memories. While she kept a watch for Gelimer’s return, Xenon asked Claudine about the dagger, explaining that it almost felt familiar to him. As Claudine wondered whether Xenon could be her old childhood friend, Roo-D returned and warned them that Gelimer was coming back. She told Xenon that the only way for him to regain his memories was to escape with Claudine before Gelimer erased the last vestiges of his memories. She explained that, long ago, she had made a promise to keep Xenon safe at a time before Gelimer had taken his memories. In order to protect him, Roo-D hid her true nature from Gelimer by acting like one of his loyal underlings. Choosing to betray Gelimer, Xenon broke Claudine out of her cell and began to escape. Just then, Beryl appeared and turned on Xenon after witnessing his betrayal. Though Xenon managed to defeat Beryl, Gelimer activated his control circuit in order to freeze him in place. However, Xenon’s strong will to recover his memories helped him override the circuit, allowing him to slowly walk away. Just as Gelimer ordered Beryl to destroy Xenon, the Resistance rescue party arrived and helped them escape.

Joining the Resistance

Back at the Resistance base, the leaders were in disagreement about what to do with Xenon and Roo-D. As Checky and Brighton believed them to be Black Wings agents sent to infiltrate the Resistance, Roo-D offered to remove Xenon’s control circuit, although she warned that it would weaken him to the point of near-death. Nevertheless, Xenon told Roo-D to proceed, as he didn’t want to be a danger to those around him. Roo-D removed the control circuit, which severely weakened Xenon, but left him immune to Gelimer’s control. Claudine then welcomed him into the Resistance and suggested that he speak with the other Resistance leaders in order to gain their trust. She asked him whether he had any memories, but Xenon told her that he couldn’t remember anything about his old life. When Claudine asked if he knew anything about the Black Wings, Xenon explained that he had never heard of them. This surprised Claudine, as Gelimer’s research was funded by the organization, and Gelimer himself reported to Orchid, the leader of the Black Wings.

Xenon apologized and told her that he had only ever seen Gelimer and the other Xenoroids as far as he could remember. Claudine told him not to be sorry, as she realized that she had likely placed too much importance on the secret facility they had found him in, though she was certain that Orchid or the other Black Wings must have paid him a visit. Xenon told her Roo-D would likely know more about the topic, explaining that she was Gelimer’s assistant who helped oversee the Xenoroid combat training program. Claudine thanked him for sharing what he knew and told him to rest for a while. Xenon then spoke with Checky, who asked him to complete Headmaster Ferdi’s basic training program in order to see if it would jog his memories. Although he was still unable to remember anything, Checky nevertheless welcomed him into the Resistance. Next, Elex asked Xenon whether he had ever been to Edelstein as a child, recognizing Xenon as his long-lost friend. Xenon apologized and explained that he couldn’t remember. Though Elex told him that it was hard to trust someone with no memories, he refused to accept Xenon’s apology, explaining that the Resistance needed dedicated fighters, not apologies. In order to help jog Xenon’s memory, Elex asked him to collect Memory Chips from the Patrol Robots, hoping that being exposed to the town would trigger Xenon’s childhood memories. When he was still unable to recall anything, Elex realized that Edelstein must have changed too much for him to recognize after so long. He then told Xenon to speak with Brighton, who asked him to gain Headmaster Ferdi’s approval, explaining he would trust Xenon if Ferdi approved of his character. After Ferdi placed his trust in Xenon, Brighton did as well.

Xenon then returned to Claudine, who officially introduced herself and explained that she was in charge of assigning missions to Resistance members. For his first mission, she told him to get to know Edelstein and its people. Belle then called him over and explained that she had never seen Claudine act so emotional, as she had been staring wistfully at her dagger all day long. She then asked him to go the empty house near the giant mansion at the center of town, explaining that the house used to belong to her friend, who had left behind a photograph that Belle wanted him to retrieve. Xenon found the photo, which showed a young Claudine eating lunch with a child who looked just like him. He returned the photo to Belle and told her that he had felt an unfamiliar sensation of nostalgia and longing, confirming Belle’s suspicions that Xenon was indeed their childhood friend. However, she was surprised at the fact that Xenon had been kidnapped by Gelimer, as the Black Wings hadn’t even been formed at the time. Belle asked him to show the photo to Claudine, explaining that the boy in the photograph was her close friend.

Claudine was filled with wistfulness and told Xenon that the dagger he had asked her about in Gelimer’s lab belonged to her friend. She explained that she had borrowed the dagger in order to make a sheath for it, but her friend had disappeared before she ever got the chance to return it. Since that day, Claudine continued holding onto the dagger in the hopes of one day returning it back to him. Xenon asked what she would feel if her friend came back, to which Claudine told him that she would like that very much. He asked if she would still feel the same way if her friend had become a different person, but Claudine explained that it didn’t matter to her since everyone changed, adding that people made do with what they had. She believed that her friend was a good person, which was all that mattered to her. Claudine then told Xenon that she knew of a place that could help him regain his memories and told him to take the path to the outskirts of town from Edelstein Park, explaining that it was a popular place for children to play when she was younger.

Escaping Beryl

At Edelstein Park, however, Xenon encountered Beryl, who had come to capture him. As Beryl’s inner circuitry had been damaged during their earlier fight in the lab, Xenon was able to easily defeat her, even in his own weakened state. He asked Beryl how she had been able to follow him, to which she responded that she had followed his Pulse. Though she was forced to retreat, Beryl warned him that there was nowhere he could hide from her. After she left, Roo-D rushed over to Xenon, having detected Beryl’s Pulse in the area. She explained that a Pulse was like a heartbeat that Xenoroids gave out when they were active. Xenon asked if there was a way to turn off his Pulse, but Roo-D told him that it was impossible, as his Pulse was an indicator that he was alive. However, she explained that Beryl wouldn’t be able to feel his Pulse unless they were in the same town, and so she suggested that he leave Edelstein. Xenon told her that he needed to let the Resistance know that he was leaving, but as he couldn’t risk entering the Secret Plaza and revealing their base to Beryl, Roo-D suggested that he ask Claudine’s younger sister, Ulrika, to pass on the message. Ulrika agreed to let Claudine know, but made Xenon promise to bring her back a souvenir when he returned.

With that, Xenon and Roo-D decided to go to Henesys, as its large population would allow them to blend in. Just as they reached the outskirts, Claudine caught up with them and explained that Ulrika had told her that he was planning to leave Edelstein. She asked if things were moving too fast for him, but Xenon only told her that it was a personal problem that necessitated him to leave. Claudine offered to help, but Xenon told her that she and the Resistance would be in danger if they stayed too close to him. Realizing that his mind was made up, Claudine decided to give Xenon her dagger as a reminder of his time with the Resistance, explaining that she was returning it to its original owner. Though he was touched by the gesture, Xenon told her to keep it, as she needed it more, and promised that he would take it back once she no longer needed it after Edelstein was safe again.

Xenon and Roo-D then arrived in Henesys, and with neither of them knowing how to blend in, they decided to find an elder of the town who could share their wisdom. They met with Chief Stan, who told them to find a job in order to fit in and sent them to see his wife, Mrs. Ming Ming. Mrs. Ming Ming asked Xenon to find her missing packages of ingredients, which had accidentally been delivered to the Golem Temple. She then used the ingredients to prepare boxed lunches and asked him to deliver them to Camila and Bruce. After delivering the lunches, Xenon helped Bruce find his missing water bottle, which had been taken by one of the Golems. He also helped Bruce create a freezer pack and a thermal container for Mrs. Ming Ming by collecting Frozen Stones and Burning Stones. As Xenon headed back to town, Roo-D alerted him that she could feel Beryl’s Pulse nearby. Xenon quickly went to deliver Bruce’s gifts to Mrs. Ming Ming, who could see that he seemed to be sad. Xenon explained that he needed to leave town, which was causing him to feel a strange sensation. Mrs. Ming Ming told him that she hoped to see him again and gave him a boxed lunch as a parting gift.

Xenon then asked Roo-D where they ought to go in order to avoid Beryl. Roo-D suggested that they try heading to a different dimension by using the Interdimensional Portal, which had recently appeared in Maple World with the seal on the Black Mage weakening. They traveled through the portal and entered Pantheon, where Cartalion immediately halted them. After realizing that they were from Maple World, he apologized and explained that Xenon’s markings were similar to those of their enemies. He was impressed by Maple World’s technology after learning that Xenon was an android and told him to speak with Fenelle, who could help him learn more about Grandis. He also asked Xenon to give her a letter he had received from Angelic Buster, which contained information that she would find noteworthy. After delivering the letter, Fenelle explained that Pantheon was usually peaceful, but that it had lately become much more chaotic.

Just then, Kylan welcomed Xenon and asked if he had any objects from Maple World, as he was fascinated by all things from the other dimension. Xenon showed him Roo-D, who reminded Kylan of similar-looking creatures on Grandis. He asked Xenon to capture Kaloong and Laloong monsters, after which he made several notes comparing Roo-D with them. Xenon then returned to Fenelle and asked her to tell him about the chaos in Pantheon. Fenelle told him about their struggle against Gerand Darmoor, as well as the recent loss of one of their relics. She then asked Xenon if he could patrol the Eastern and Western borders, which had been weakened due to the loss of the relic. At the outskirts, Xenon fought and defeated several Specters and returned to Fenelle, who thanked him for his help. Just then, Xenon felt Beryl’s Pulse and, fearing that their conflict would destroy the town, drew her to the outskirts of Pantheon. After forcing Beryl to retreat, Xenon told Roo-D that he felt as though Beryl showed hostility towards him, going beyond just impassively following Gelimer’s orders. However, Roo-D told him that it was unlikely, as Xenoroids were programmed not to feel emotions. With Grandis no longer being safe, Xenon returned to Pantheon in order to plan his next move. Just then, a Shadowdealer name Tonero approached him and explained that he had been ordered to give him a Traditional Winner’s Earrings Box. Upon opening it, Xenon found that it contained a message from Claudine, who asked him to help a secret research organization created by the Resistance.

Joining Veritas

Xenon then traveled to the research facility in Aquarium, where met Professor Moon, nicknamed Professor Dreamboat, who welcomed him to the Resistance Research Command of Veritas. He explained that they were a research group dedicated to tracking and addressing phenomena related to the Black Mage. Since they were understaffed, Professor Dreamboat was pleased to have Xenon as a field agent. Xenon explained that he was being tracked, but Professor Dreamboat told him that they would figure out how to circumvent that problem. Xenon asked if he could be outfitted with the same technology that made the base impervious to scanners, but Professor Dreamboat explained that it wouldn’t be viable, as it would essentially make Xenon the size of a two-story building. He instead proposed creating Pulse Disruptors, devices that could drown out Xenon’s Pulse, and resolved to begin researching them. Some time later, Professor Dreamboat asked Xenon to help him with his research so that he could develop the Pulse Disruptor more quickly. He gave Xenon a device that could record his Pulse and asked him to hunt monsters so that he could gather information on when Xenon’s Pulse would spike up. Before Xenon headed out, Edwin the engineer also asked for his help. He showed him the Promessa, a top-of-the-line vehicle which could transport the user anywhere. However, he explained that it had cost him everything he had in order to build it, and that Professor Dreamboat was unhappy with the exorbitant costs. In order to avoid spending more on materials, he asked Xenon to gather Gravi Stonegar and Onyx Stonegar Pieces to help restock their supplies. Xenon hunted the monsters, which also calibrated the Pulse recorder, and brought both the recorder and the materials to Professor Dreamboat and Edwin.

Xenon then went to see if Promathus the biologist needed any help. Promathus recognized Xenon as Gelimer’s creation, prompting Xenon to ask if he knew Gelimer. Promathus explained that he and Gelimer had once studied together at a biotechnology lab. He noted that Gelimer had endless talent, not only in biotechnology, but also mechanical engineering, chemistry, and many other fields. Because of his dangerous research, he was forced to leave the lab, nearly getting kicked out altogether. Though he hadn’t heard from Gelimer since then, Promathus told Xenon that he never would have suspected that Gelimer would join the Black Wings. He added that it was rumored that Xenon was Gelimer’s most powerful weapon and explained that Gelimer had been researching androids before he left the lab. Xenon’s escape meant that Gelimer had failed, which pleased Promathus immensely. He explained that a scientist should use their knowledge for humanity, not personal greed, as it otherwise didn’t matter whether one was a genius or not. Because of this, he believed that it was too late for Gelimer. He then told Xenon that he had no work for him and told him to leave. Xenon asked Promathus why he seemed to dislike him, but Promathus merely scoffed and asked if Xenon was trying to emulate human emotions by asking such a question. Xenon remained silent, which made Promathus feel uncomfortable. He then apologized for what he said to Xenon, as his dislike for Gelimer didn’t justify his prejudice against Xenon. After speaking with Promathus, Xenon was contacted by Nathanael the alchemist, who explained that she had recently been transferred from Magatia to Veritas, and so she had ordered urgent materials. However, she had instead received a letter from the supplier, which had gotten lost in the lab, and so she asked him to help her find it. Xenon found the letter in a dirt pile and gave it to Nathanael. She told him that her supplier had written that he had run out of some of the materials she had ordered. Though she had told her supplier to send what he had, the supplier had insisted on sending everything at once when it was available, leaving her without any materials. Because of this, she asked Xenon to bring her Tablecloths and Medicines with Weird Vibes from Kerning City.

Soon after, Professor Dreamboat contacted Xenon and explained that the Pulse Disruptors were ready. By burying them around Maple World, he believed that Xenon’s Pulse would remain hidden from detection unless Beryl was within extremely close range. Most of the disruptors had already been installed by the Resistance, and so the only places they needed to bury the rest were in Ereve, Ludibrium, Pantheon, Henesys, and Edelstein. Xenon buried the Pulse Disruptors in the first four regions and then traveled to Edelstein. He asked Professor Dreamboat why he had been asked to bury the disruptor in Edelstein if the Resistance could have taken care of it when they handled the others. Professor Dreamboat explained that he wanted to give Xenon the chance to visit Edelstein since he had left in a hurry last time. He also told him that by burying the final disruptor, he would be free to return to Edelstein as he pleased. After installing the disruptor, he reunited with Claudine, who was overjoyed to see him again. She then told him that Ulrika was asking for him, though she didn’t know why. Ulrika reminded him that he still owed her a souvenir for delivering his message to Claudine and told him that, as compensation, she wanted Jr. Necki Skins. Xenon went to Kerning City and collected the skins for Ulrika, who planned to use them to force Checky to take his costume off.

Black Wings Chase

Professor Dreamboat contacted Xenon and explained that they had received intel that there were active Black Wings agents and asked him to investigate. He sent Xenon to the Golem Temple in Henesys, where he encountered Dargoth and Francis speaking. Francis was wondering what Gelimer was thinking by keeping their mission a secret from Orchid. Dargoth pointed out that they would likely never know what Gelimer had in mind and thought that it was best to just do as they had been told. Hearing Gelimer’s name, Xenon revealed himself and asked them to explain what they were talking about. Dargoth and Francis began to fight Xenon, who easily defeated them both, causing Dargoth to retreat and leaving Francis alone. After questioning Francis, Xenon learned that Gelimer had ordered them to capture someone, and Francis quickly realized while describing them that Xenon was their target. He also told Xenon that Gelimer’s orders were meant to be kept secret, even from Orchid. After he proudly declared that his loyalty only belonged to Orchid, Xenon pointed out that it meant that Francis had no reason to obey Gelimer’s orders to capture him. He told Francis to report back to Gelimer that he had nearly caught him, adding that there would be no point in lying that they had never met after Dargoth had likely reported what had happened. Having learned all he could, Xenon returned to Veritas and reported what had happened to Professor Dreamboat, who told Xenon that he would discuss it with the other scientists.

Some time later, Promathus contacted Xenon and told him that, until recently, Beryl was the only one chasing after him. However, the Resistance had recently learned that some of the other Black Wings had also been given orders to capture him. Though Xenon’s existence was meant to be a secret from the Black Wings, Gelimer had gotten desperate and involved some of the other Black Wings to recapture him. In response to this, the researchers at Veritas had begun to make new weapons for Xenon, though Promathus added that he was against the decision, fearing that it would lead not just himself, but all the scientists of Veritas into following down Gelimer’s path. Because of this, he wanted to test Xenon in order to have him prove that he was worthy of the new weapon by bringing back a Black Wings hat. Xenon went to the entrance of the Verne Mine and bought a hat from a Black Wings member named Stephen, putting it on just as a Black Wings henchman arrived. Though Xenon tried to pretend that he was a Black Wings member, the henchman vaguely recognized his face and decided to bring him to Gelimer in order to clear up the matter. With no choice, Xenon defeated the henchman and brought the hat to Promathus, who then augmented Xenon’s system with the new weapons developed by Veritas. He also told Xenon that he had registered information gathered by the Resistance on all known Black Wings agents onto Xenon’s controller, which meant that Gelimer and the other Black Wings would see him as a total stranger, even if he were standing right in front of them.

Gifts for Friends

Roo-D told Xenon that he should visit his friends in Edelstein and suggested that he bring them gifts, as he hadn’t seen them in a long time. When neither of them could come up with any gift ideas, Roo-D told him to ask people similar to the gift recipients for ideas. Xenon asked why they couldn’t just ask the recipient themselves, but Roo-D told him that humans liked to make their gifts a surprise. First, Xenon asked Professor Dreamboat for gift ideas for Elex, who recommended giving a book and offered one from his collection. He then gave it to Elex, who was less than ecstatic, though he still thanked Xenon nevertheless. He also gave Xenon some advice that books were better with pictures, as they would be easier to read to his kindergarteners. Next, he asked Promathus for a gift idea for Brighton. Promathus told him that he felt sorry for Brighton if they were similar, claiming that Brighton must not have many friends if they really were similar. He then gave Xenon a ticket to Gold Beach to give to Brighton, telling him to warn Brighton that overwork could cause premature wrinkles. Xenon gave the ticket to Brighton, who thanked him, but said that he wasn’t the type to go to resorts. However, Xenon scared him enough with Promathus’ advice on premature wrinkles to the point that Brighton accepted it. Next, he asked Nathanael for ideas on a gift for Belle. After explaining that Belle was straightforward and fierce, Nathanael suggested giving an unexpected gift like flowers and recommended getting Dahlias from Edelstein. Xenon gave the flowers to Belle, who was happy to receive them until caterpillars began crawling out of them. Xenon noted that it seemed odd that someone who rode a fierce jaguar into battle would be afraid of tiny bugs.

Next, he asked Edwin what to get for Checky. Since Checky wore a bear costume, Edwin suggested bringing him a teddy bear. He told Xenon to use Dirty Bandages, Ribs, and Horse Skulls from the Excavation Site in order to construct it. Even though he was hesitant about the materials, the bear came out quite nicely. He brought it to Checky, who told him that it would make a much better present for Elex. Checky then swapped the book Xenon got for Elex in exchange for the teddy bear, making them both much happier with their gifts. Finally, Xenon thought of what to get for Claudine. He remembered that Claudine still had his dagger and decided to get her a new one, believing that she really liked that type of weapon. He realized that his Whip Blade changed shape in battle, and so he got a training blade from Edwin. Claudine was surprised to get his gift and told him that she liked her dagger better, but promised to keep his gift safe. He returned to Roo-D and told her about his less-than-stellar experience finding gifts for his friends. Roo-D reassured him that he would get better with time, adding that his experiences would help him regain his memories.

Helping Promathus

Some time later, Promathus called Xenon and asked him about Roo-D. As a biologist, he was deeply intrigued by her unique rabbit-fox hybrid appearance and asked him to bring some samples from similar creatures in Orbis. Xenon went to Orbis and brought Solid Horns and Stiff Feathers from the Jr. Cellions, Jr. Lioners, and Jr. Grupins. After bringing back those samples, Promathus concluded that they bore no similarity to Roo-D and asked him to bring different samples. He sent Xenon back to Orbis to collect Cellion Tails, Lioner Tails, and Grupin Tails, and though he was unable to form any conclusions regarding Roo-D with them, he explained that she had inspired him on one of his personal projects and asked Xenon to bring him Lucinda Tails to finish his research. Later on, Xenon spoke with Roo-D about her design. She told him that it made sense for Promathus to be researching creatures that resembled her, especially since Gelimer had created her design based on creatures that appealed to humans. She explained that Gelimer had designed both herself and Xenon to be naturally attractive in order to have an advantage in manipulating humans.

Birth of an Alliance

Claudine called Xenon and informed him of the Continental Conference, which she asked him to attend as a member of the Resistance. After receiving unanimous confirmations, the First Continental Conference took place and the Maple Alliance was officially created.

Return to the Lab

As Xenon had become much stronger, he decided that he wanted to start looking more actively for clues that would restore his memory. In order to do so, he realized that he would need to go back to Gelimer’s secret laboratory. He returned to Veritas in order to speak with Roo-D, who told him that according to the Resistance’s intel, the lab was closed. She added that Gelimer would likely have destroyed anything that would be useful to Xenon. Nevertheless, Xenon told her that he still wanted to go back. Roo-D told Xenon that she would accompany him and suggested that he tell Professor Dreamboat. The professor warned them that Gelimer would have installed traps and cautioned them to be careful. With that, he sent them to the entrance of the laboratory. Upon arriving, they were surprised to see that it had been abandoned for some time. They also saw that Gelimer had installed new guard robots, knowing that Xenon would one day return. After fighting their way through the defenses, Xenon and Roo-D arrived at the prison where Claudine had once been captured. As they proceeded deeper inside, a force field blocked the entrance to the testing center. Xenon broke the barrier and continued into the lab. There, they discovered the main control device, which Roo-D plugged into. However, she realized that the internal components were completely broken and asked Xenon to bring some parts from the guard robots in order to fix it. After repairing the computer, Roo-D began to access the data, but Black Wings henchmen appeared while Roo-D was plugged in. As she couldn’t move, she asked Xenon to fight them off. He managed to defeat them while Roo-D gained access to the data.

Though most of the data had been corrupted, Roo-D managed to restore bits and pieces and learned that the data itself was mainly a series of numbers and test results, noting that it became less comprehensible the older it was. She explained that she had only been able to find words such as “Edelstein”, “Candidate”, “critical error”, and “obstacle removed”. Roo-D suspected that Gelimer felt as though the Xenoroids didn’t fully obey him because of their memories. However, because he couldn’t erase them all, he had tried to overwrite their memories with his soldier programming. Xenon asked if it meant that he would never get his memories back, but Roo-D reminded him that he had managed to remember some of his past, and so there had to still be traces of his emotions and memories within him. She suggested that they return to Veritas and ask Professor Dreamboat. When Xenon continued to remain still, she asked if he was disappointed that he couldn’t find anything useful. Xenon asked her if the emotion he was feeling was disappointment, explaining that, despite knowing that he may not find any clues, he had still kept hoping. Roo-D promised him that they would find another way and told him to go back to Veritas. After returning, they told the professor about the data they had found. He assured them that he would review the data, but that Xenon should rest since he wouldn’t have any new missions until they finished analyzing. He also reassured Xenon that he had done his best, as it must have been extremely difficult for him to face his past. Just then, Xenon realized that the laboratory had no data on Roo-D’s past either, and so he went to ask her if she was disappointed as well. She told him that she wasn’t disappointed, as she wasn’t curious about her past. She told him that she wasn’t completely disinterested, but she liked her life in Veritas much better than she did with Gelimer, and that was enough for her.

Skirmish in Magatia

Some time later, Nathanael reached out to Xenon and asked for a personal favor. She explained that she was from Magatia, the home of all alchemists. Though the world of alchemy was split between the Zenumists and the Alcadnos, all the schools of alchemy were based on the mystic knowledge passed down in Magatia, with some of them even touching on the forbidden arts, and she explained that one of those techniques was life creation. Nathanael believed that Gelimer had incorporated the forbidden art of life creation with his scientific knowledge in order to create Xenoroids. To confirm her suspicions, she asked Xenon to go to Magatia and investigate. However, she explained that alchemists of present day were very exclusive and cut ties off with others in order to research their art. As a result, it would be difficult for an outsider to find out more information. She gave Xenon two letters written to the presidents of the Zenumists and the Alcadno and assured him that if he were to give them her letters and dropped her name, they would try to help him.

First, Xenon went to see Carson of the Zenumists and gave him the letter. Carson was surprised to hear from Nathanael, as it had been many years since she had last made contact. He agreed to share his knowledge, but swore Xenon to secrecy. He explained that the forbidden art had originally been created by the Black Mage, which was why its existence could not be revealed to the public. He elaborated that Magatia was sustained by the remnants of the Black Mage’s research, and that most of them were guarded in secret. He explained that life creation was one such secret until someone had recently stolen it. Xenon was surprised to learn about its theft, and Carson added that he believed that the thief was an alchemist, as there was no other explanation for the technique used to penetrate the alchemic protection on the document. Though the Alcadnos denied the charge, Carson believed that one of their members was the thief. After leaving, Xenon was surprised to feel Beryl’s Pulse in Magatia. He wondered why she hadn’t come after him yet, as they could clearly both feel each other’s Pulses. He supposed that she was too preoccupied with something else, but wondered why she was even in Magatia to begin with. He decided to avoid her until he finished his mission and went to go speak with Maed of the Alcadno. After giving him Nathanael’s letter, Maed told him that the research on life alchemy had already been stolen months ago. He suspected that the Zenumists were trying to frame the Alcadno and told Xenon that some strange men had been sighted around Magatia before the document disappeared, and that they were clad in black and dressed like rabbits. He suspected that the Zenumists had hired them in order to frame the Alcadnos.

As Xenon left the Alcadno headquarters, he was stopped by Han the Broker, who offered to sell Xenon the information he was after. After giving him the fee, Han explained that the men who had been sighted in Magatia were trained soldiers, not alchemists. The men had been able to find the life creation document, but they couldn’t access it because of a powerful truth-concealing alchemy placed upon it. When the soldiers had failed, their commander had arrived in Magatia and finished the mission themselves. Xenon realized that the thieves were neither Zenumists nor Alcadno, but the two factions suspected each other because no one except an alchemist could have undone the protection spell. Han the Broker added that the commander had met with Bedin, a Zenumist, and suggested that Xenon speak with him in order to learn what the commander had been after.

Xenon went to speak with Bedin, who asked him to find Scorpion Stings first. After bringing them, Bedin told him that the person who had spoken to him was actually a little girl. He explained that alchemists normally didn’t share their knowledge to those outside their circles, but the girl had appeared so pitiful that he couldn’t help but tell her everything he knew. Xenon asked Bedin what he meant, to which he explained that she had wanted to know about revealing concealed truths in order to save her brother, who was the only surviving member of her family. He told her that he knew how to make a truth-revealing potion, but his recipe would take a hundred years to craft, and so he sent her to speak with Russellon of the Alcadno. Xenon went to speak with Russellon, who asked him to bring Homunculus’ Blood. After bringing it to him, Xenon asked about the truth-revealing potion. Russellon revealed that the Homunculus’ Blood was the truth-revealing potion, which was the same thing he had told the girl. Russellon laughed at Bedin’s naivety in believing that the girl was harmless, as anyone who could defeat a Homunscullo in order to obtain its blood was clearly dangerous. Russellon then asked for the blood that Xenon had collected as the price for the information he had shared. He also gave Xenon some free advice and told him that secrets had a reason to be kept secret, and that once uncovered, he would need to pay the price whether he liked it or not.

Xenon returned to Veritas and told Nathanael everything he had learned. Nathanael told Xenon that she suspected that the girl was Orchid. Because she had once been a Commander of the Black Mage, she would likely have known about her master’s influence in Magatia. On the other hand, Gelimer manipulated others in order to gain access to life creation so that he could accelerate his research. She realized that they needed some sort of countermeasure against him and asked Xenon to go to her secret laboratory in Magatia, where he would find a document that contained information on the Black Mage’s research, which she hoped to use in order to create countermeasures against Gelimer. She told him where to find her laboratory and explained that the entrance was password-protected, with the password simply being ‘password’. Xenon was able to find her notes, but just as he was about to leave, he sensed Beryl’s Pulse much more strongly. He suspected that Beryl had been sent to Magatia in order to collect more of the Black Mage’s research for Gelimer. Having recovered the document, Xenon decided that he could finally confront Beryl, and so he went back inside the laboratory and waited for her to arrive. Beryl was surprised that he hadn’t run and asked if he was ready to fight. Xenon told her that he had a question that he wanted her to answer. Beryl agreed to hear him out if he surrendered, though she made no promise of answering. Xenon told her that he would never get caught by her, and with negotiations having failed, they engaged in a battle that Xenon ultimately won.

Beryl was frustrated that she kept losing to Xenon and wondered if it was because he was the perfect specimen, whereas she was not. Xenon asked Beryl why Gelimer had sent her to Magatia, but Beryl snapped at him not to call their father by his name, claiming that Xenon had no right as a traitor. Xenon was surprised to hear Beryl refer to Gelimer as her father. She explained that since he had created her, it meant that he was her father. Xenon told her that Gelimer wasn’t any sort of father, especially not to him, as Gelimer had kidnapped him and turned him into a weapon, adding that he was sure that the same thing had happened to Beryl. She replied that who she once was didn’t matter, as she was now a Xenoroid. Xenon was shocked to hear that Beryl didn’t care who she once was, to which Beryl said that it was because she wasn’t a failure like Xenon. He asked what she meant, to which she explained that he was a failure because he had betrayed their father due to emotions and memory. However, she couldn’t understand why their father wanted him back, as he believed that Xenon was special, despite his betrayal. Because of it, he kept sending Beryl to find him and to return him intact. She told Xenon that she could never forgive him for being a failure and a traitor, even though he was still being treated as Gelimer’s favorite. Xenon asked if that was the reason she hated him, which surprised Beryl. He explained that he knew that she disliked him, but Roo-D had said that she was a Xenoroid without emotions. However, if she still felt such hate for him, it meant that she still possessed emotion. Beryl yelled at him to be quiet and told him that though she was leaving, the next time they met, she would fight with her full power, even if it meant destroying him against Gelimer’s wishes. After she left, Xenon reflected on Beryl’s words. Unlike himself, she didn’t seem to want to become human and even denied that she had any human feelings left in her. He wondered why that could be, as her not wanting to be human made her more human than anyone. He returned to Veritas and gave the document to Nathanael. After telling her about Beryl’s appearance, Nathanael wondered if it meant that Gelimer was working against Orchid in order to get his hands on the Black Mage’s research first.

Identity Crisis

Over time, Xenon regained much more of his old power. However, he was still uneasy about having learned very little about his past. He wondered whether there was something wrong with him, as Roo-D and Beryl were content being Xenoroids, unlike himself. He wondered if he would ever get his memories back and decided to speak with Roo-D. Back in Veritas, he asked her whether he should have never left Gelimer’s lab and thrown his old power away in search of memories that he would never find. Roo-D admonished Xenon and told him that if he had stayed, Gelimer would have turned him into a puppet, and he could have even been ordered to destroy Edelstein if Gelimer wished it. Xenon agreed that he shouldn’t regret escaping Gelimer, but asked if it was strange that he was the only Xenoroid who seemed to be obsessed with his past memories. Roo-D replied that it wasn’t strange to want to remember, and that everyone thought differently, even in the same situations. She added that it was Xenon himself who had told her that being a Xenoroid was more than being a simple robot, citing the differences between him and Beryl. She explained that his desire to regain his memories made him more human than the rest of them. She also added that getting his memories back was something that he had to decide for himself, and that if it was too painful, he could always stop searching. However, if he wanted them back despite the pain, she would support him no matter what he decided. She also told him that the same was true for everyone else, reminding Xenon that by escaping Gelimer’s lab, he had gained colleagues and friends who would always support him.

Clash of the Xenoroids

As Xenon continued mastering his full power, Roo-D reached out to him and explained that Beryl had sent a message asking Xenon to settle their feud one and for all, threatening to destroy all of Edelstein if he didn’t show up. Roo-D warned Xenon to take care and told him that Beryl had sent the meeting coordinates. They traced it to Gelimer’s secret laboratory, which Roo-D noted was poetic. Xenon went to the laboratory, where Beryl was waiting. She told him that the laboratory was where they were both born, and where they would have their final battle. She told Xenon to come at her with his full power so that she could demonstrate her superiority over him.

After a fierce battle, Xenon managed to defeat her. Beryl begrudgingly acknowledged that she had been defeated and suddenly asked Xenon if he

Beryl leaves Xenon

remembered how happy Gelimer had been when he was complete. She realized that he likely didn’t, but she explained that Gelimer had told Beryl how every bit of research and every machine he had ever built had been leading up to Xenon. She also admitted that Gelimer had never once paid that kind of attention to her, which was when she had realized that the day would come when she and Xenon would end up fighting to the end. However, she told him that she never would have thought that he would betray them, and so she had continued to pursue him across the world. She was furious that he was stronger every time they met, for she was sure that his emotions and memories would make him weaker. In the end, however, she admitted that both she and their father were wrong. Xenon was shaken by Beryl’s candid speech, but Beryl added that their encounter was likely the last time they would ever face each other, explaining that because she had failed her mission, she would be marked as a defective unit and dismantled. Xenon was shocked, but Beryl told him that, even now, he continued to taunt her with his emotions, as he ought to be happy that she would no longer pursue him.

Xenon replied that if he had known that she would be dismantled, he never would have come to fight her. He pleaded with her to come back to Veritas with him so that he could show her that there was more to the world than being the strongest. However, she merely told him that she couldn’t betray Gelimer, and, having failed the mission she had been created to do, she had to pay the price. Xenon told her that it didn’t mean that she had to die, but Beryl responded that a Xenoroid never truly died. Xenon told her to stop blaming herself, but Beryl replied that his human logic was confusing. She explained that she was a Xenoroid, which meant that she must obey her command protocols until the end, and nothing Xenon said could change that. Xenon told her that it was senseless, but Beryl replied that if that were true, then her whole life had been senseless, adding that she was born to complete her mission, and that was what she planned to do. Xenon pleaded one last time for Beryl not to go, to which she told him that they had fought since the day they had been first created. Though she wondered if it would have been different if they had been normal humans, she suspected that it likely wouldn’t have changed, as it was what siblings did best. Xenon continued to plead with Beryl to stay, even as she turned her back to him, a smile on her face and a single tear falling from her eye.

Xenon returned to Veritas and told Roo-D everything. He decided that he would storm the Verne Mine in order to find Beryl, but Roo-D stopped him and told him to think. She reminded him that there were nothing but Black Wings facilities at the Verne Mine, and as Gelimer had kept the Xenoroid project secret from even Orchid, he was likely hiding Beryl somewhere that no one else knew about. Xenon asked what they could do, and Roo-D told him that she and the others would look for Beryl. She hoped that since she and Xenon were missing, Gelimer would likely keep Beryl alive, as she was the only finished Xenoroid in his grasp. Xenon told Roo-D that he felt extreme torment, and Roo-D explained that he was feeling devastation, adding that he had become human enough. Xenon asked what Roo-D meant, to which she explained that when they had to leave Edelstein for the first time in order to avoid Beryl, he felt disappointment in leaving his Resistance friends, but those feelings were nothing compared to how he felt now, meaning that he had developed his emotions. She pointed out the irony in how he needed to lose something in order to feel something. Xenon told her that if such pain was what being a human meant, then he didn’t want to be one. Roo-D replied that being a human wasn’t always exciting, and that sometimes it would come with negative feelings like anger or sadness. Though Gelimer thought weapons like themselves didn’t need emotions, Roo-D disagreed and said that, though emotions didn’t help directly in fighting, they made them stronger nonetheless.

Final Quest

Claudine reached out to Xenon and asked him to return to Edelstein. There, the Resistance instructors gave him a formal welcome part to make up for the awkward meeting they had when he had first arrived at the Resistance.

Meeting the Explorers

The Explorer, Tess, Rondo, Olive, and Sugar were sent to the Verne Mine as part of an investigation team in order to find the stolen Seal Stone of Victoria Island. In order to obtain a Black Wings hat, Tess approached Xenon, who was passing by wearing a Black Wings hat on a mission for the Resistance, and began to cry, tearfully explaining that his late mother’s dying wish had been for him to become a member of the Black Wings, making up that he had failed to join the organization due to his incompetency and asked if he could borrow the hat in order to experience wearing it at least once in his life. However, Xenon quickly revealed that he had seen through their façade and explained that a real Black Wings member wouldn’t be fooled by such a terrible performance. When the Explorer realized that Xenon wasn’t a member of the Black Wings either, Xenon explained that he wouldn’t ask for their identity if they didn’t ask for his, although he agreed to answer any questions they had.

When the Explorer asked about the Master of Disguise, the boy told them that his name was Baroq, and that, as a high-ranking officer, he wouldn’t be easy to run into. He suggested entering the mine and finding the room of another executive named Eleanor while giving them a document containing information on all the high-ranking officers of the Black Wings. Xenon then began walking away, and though he wondered why the Explorers were investigating the Black Wings, he decided that it had nothing to do with him. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but note that there were five comrades who had gathered together.

Black Heaven

The night before the operation, Claudine gave a speech to all the members of the Resistance in the Secret Plaza that they would be fighting against Gelimer, whose forces were heading for Henesys. She gave everyone the choice to back out if they were afraid or unwilling to fight, but she reminded them that the battle would be a turning point in their struggle to free Edelstein. In the name of freeing their city, all the members of the Resistance rallied together to fight. Soon after giving her speech to the Resistance, Claudine met with Roo-D and Xenon. Roo-D told Xenon that she suspected that the battle would end things with Gelimer once and for all. When Xenon remained quiet, she asked what was on his mind. Xenon wondered what had happened to Beryl, adding that he didn’t want to hate her, no matter how many times she had attacked him. Claudine pointed out that Beryl had only been following Gelimer’s orders, and that she was a victim too. Xenon supposed that if he hadn’t met Claudine, he would have been following Gelimer as well. He resolved that he would take out Gelimer himself, as he didn’t want anyone else to go through what he and Beryl had. Claudine warned Xenon to be careful, as Gelimer was likely planning something awful. Roo-D also added that Xenon wasn’t the brightest either. However, Xenon reassured them both that he had changed, and that he wouldn’t let things slide next time around.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Claudine for Xenon.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Xenon is "Bold Liberator of the Shadowed City".


At the Secret Plaza, Claudine gave a speech to the Resistance, telling them everything they had accomplished, from driving out the Black Wings to rebuilding the Edelstein Council. She then presented Xenon, introducing him as one of the Resistance’s greatest heroes. After the assembly clapped for him, Claudine told everyone that it was time to return to the city in order to celebrate. All the people of a free Edelstein cheered as fireworks lit the sky. Claudine then turned to Xenon and reminisced about everything they had accomplished together. With Edelstein finally free, Claudine told him that she had been considering what came next. She realized that they had the opportunity to bring freedom to other places and asked if he would continue to fight for the Resistance in the name of liberty. Xenon agreed without hesitation, making Claudine smile.

The next day, Xenon noticed a commotion happening in town and asked what was going on. He learned that a robot had wandered over from the Scrapyard. He then ran into Bitterbot and recognized her from the fight against Black Heaven. Knowing that there were many lost robots at the Scrapyard, Xenon told her that he wanted to visit one day in order to find Beryl. Bitterbot told him that she could take him immediately. Xenon considered it, but told her that he was still needed in Edelstein. He recalled how, the night before, Claudine had reminded him about the promise he had made to her many years ago, that he would take back his dagger from her once Edelstein was freed and she didn’t need it anymore. Xenon had protested that he still didn’t have his memories and couldn’t remember who he was to her, but Claudine told him that she could remember enough for the both of them. Xenon then told Bitterbot that he would like to visit her. She told him that she would like that and told him to take as much time as he needed before heading back to the Scrapyard.

Class Specifics

Read more: Xenon Skills

Xenon is a more complicated class, being a mix of Thief and Pirate; he can wear both their equipments and is fueled by the three stats they use: Strength, Dexterity, and Luck. These stats strengthen Xenon's Multilateral I, Multilateral II, Multilateral III, Multilateral IV, Multilateral V and Multilateral VI, whereas Strength contributes to Knockback Resistance, Dexterity to Status and Elemental Resistance, Luck to Avoidability, and all three to damage.

The three stats complicates Xenon's stat distribution. Auto assign contributes to the stats individually rather than simultaneously. Once an auto assign has been picked, it cannot be switched until the current Multilateral's stats requirements have been met for that stat.

Job Advancements

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1st Job Advancement

After completing the tutorial, Xenon starts as a level 10 character and receives its first advancement. Roo-D, a robot that accompanies Xenon throughout its adventure, offers a tutorial to the Modal Shift Skill System shortly after.

2nd Job Advancement

Upon reaching level 30, accept Xenon's quest to warp to Veritas, then talk to Professor Dreamboat to advance.

3rd Job Advancement

Upon reaching level 60, accept Xenon's quest, then head over to Road to the Mine 1 in Edelstein. Complete the quests Black Wings Hat 1, Black Wings Hat 2 and Getting Caught?!. Once all three are completed, return to Veritas via Promessa Escape and talk to Promathus to advance.





  • The main design concepts of Xenon are science and technology, as implied by many of his skills and their names.
    • Xenon and his rival, Beryl, are named after Xenon and Beryllium, elements of the Periodic Table.
    • The noble gas Xenon is an element that creates a blue light, which is why Xenon has the characteristic blue markings in his face.
    • "OOPArt", the name for one of his 4th job skill, means "out-of-place artifact"
  • Xenon's character creation has Lotus and Orchid appearance for Male and Female, respectively.
  • Xenon is the first class to be a hybrid of two class families, as well as the first class to have three main stats.
  • Xenon is the second class who is half-human, the first being Demon.
  • If the 'x' and 1st 'n' in Xenon's name is swapped, it becomes Nexon.
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