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Wonky the Fairy is a nymph which is a fairy of Orbis.

In Remnant of the Goddess, he says the players to talk to him if they want to explore the Goddess Tower, also if they have a Warrior, Magician, Thief, Bowman, and Pirate in their party, he will grant them Wonky's Blessing.

Wonky the Fairy
NPC Wonky the Fairy.png
Function Remnant of the Goddess
Location <Tower of Goddess Entrance>



  • Wonky the Fairy is based on Wonki Kang (강원기, Gang (Kang) Won-gi), who is the Director of KMS (2015 ~). Source 웡키 (Wonky, Wonki) is a variation of 원기 (Won-gi).
  • Lil Wonky Pet is modeled after Wonky the Fairy.
  • Wonky the Fairy is a playable character of The Return of the Legends.
  • Wonkyroid is modeled after Moni.
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