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  • I live in East coast, US
  • I am Male

What I'm working on:

1 - Equipment database. My top priority is getting pictures on the wiki for all equipment already here, as well as organize the equipment pages to make them easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. After that my next priority here is to gradually update the database so that it has all of the equipment in the game.

2 - Item database.

3 - Improving navigation. This is a threefold project.

Part A) Clean up the navigation templates that are on the bottom of most pages on the sites. This involves creating pages for the, currently, broken links, as well as just making the templates easier to use.

Part B) Categorize more pages of the wiki. This will allow someone to search a category (for example Thief equipment) and see all of the pages that are tagged in that category.

Part C) Improve the overall layout of some key pages so that it is easier to get the information you need out of it.

4 - A "Current Projects" page that will be linked to from the main page so that any user can easily see what the admins are up to on the wiki.

Once I make enough progress on the above 4 projects, I would like to: create a "Boss Introduction" page that lists all of the major bosses with a short description of each and some quick facts (level, health) as well as point out their signature drops, create a Lore section, create a single page that lists all of the noteworthy changes to the game since BB (a "Welcome Back" page if you will for returning players who wish to know what has changed).

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