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KMST QuestCat FarmObj FarmQuest Consume Eqp Etc Map Mob Npc Skill
GMS QuestCat FarmObj FarmQuest Consume Eqp (Part 1) Eqp (Part 2) Etc Familiar Map Mob Npc Skill
Others Sandbox2 Misc Mounts Sandbox Dropbox Q. Closet


Map revision Mob Revision
Maple/Victoria Island Progress El Nath Mts. Cross Level 1 - 30 Cross Level 31 - 60 Cross
Ludus Lake Cross Aqua Road Cross Level 61 - 90 Cross Level 91 - 120 Cross
Minar Forest Cross Nihal Desert Cross Level 121 - 150 Cross Level 151 - 180 Cross
Temple of Time Cross Edelstein Cross Level 181 - 210 Cross JMS Monsters Cross
Pantheon Cross Heliseum Cross CMS Monsters Cross GMS Monsters Cross
Mushroom Shrine & Showa Cross Zipangu Time Periods Cross TMS Monsters Cross EMS Monsters Cross
China Cross Taiwan Cross SEA Monsters Cross Monsters with foreign languages Cross
Masteria Cross SEA Cross Split up monsters Cross List reorganization Cross
Veracent Cross Others Cross Quest monsters Cross Party quest monsters Cross
Monster Life
Buildings Progress
Trees Cross
Others Cross


  1. Fantasy Theme Park
  2. Twisted Aqua Road
  3. Twilight Perion

Pardon my inactiveness. Will get things going soon!

  1. Basic Elements
  2. Monsters
  3. Monster and Familiar Cards (Base table only)
  4. Other stuff
Category of edits Randomly generated number
Items (Equip) 21
Items (Cons) 27
Items (Etc) 29
Items (Setup) 22
NPC 14
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