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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <imgdir name="QuestCategory.img">

   <imgdir name="0">
       <int name="category" value="6"/>
       <string name="title" value="Hero From the Past, Aran"/>
   <imgdir name="1">
       <int name="category" value="7"/>
       <string name="title" value="Dragon Master, Evan"/>
   <imgdir name="2">
       <int name="category" value="8"/>
       <string name="title" value="Ruler of the Elves, Mercedes"/>
   <imgdir name="3">
       <string name="title" value="Cygnus Knights"/>
       <int name="category" value="15"/>
   <imgdir name="4">
       <string name="title" value="Resistance"/>
       <int name="category" value="16"/>
   <imgdir name="5">
       <string name="title" value="Master Thief Phantom"/>
       <int name="category" value="9"/>
   <imgdir name="6">
       <string name="title" value="Luminous"/>
       <int name="category" value="12"/>
   <imgdir name="7">
       <string name="title" value="Dual Blade"/>
       <int name="category" value="14"/>
   <imgdir name="8">
       <string name="title" value="Knight of Light"/>
       <int name="category" value="13"/>
   <imgdir name="9">
       <string name="title" value="Kaiser"/>
       <int name="category" value="22"/>
   <imgdir name="10">
       <string name="title" value="Angelic Buster"/>
       <int name="category" value="23"/>
   <imgdir name="11">
       <string name="title" value="Hayato"/>
       <int name="category" value="57"/>
   <imgdir name="12">
       <string name="title" value="Kanna"/>
       <int name="category" value="58"/>
   <imgdir name="13">
       <string name="title" value="Job"/>
       <int name="category" value="10"/>
   <imgdir name="14">
       <string name="title" value="Profession"/>
       <int name="category" value="2"/>
   <imgdir name="15">
       <string name="title" value="Maple Island"/>
       <int name="category" value="20"/>
       <string name="area1" value="00"/>
   <imgdir name="16">
       <string name="title" value="Edelstein"/>
       <int name="category" value="24"/>
       <string name="area1" value="310"/>
   <imgdir name="17">
       <string name="title" value="Momijigaoka"/>
       <int name="category" value="56"/>
       <string name="area1" value="807"/>
   <imgdir name="18">
       <string name="title" value="Victoria Island"/>
       <int name="category" value="30"/>
   <imgdir name="19">
       <string name="title" value="Henesys"/>
       <int name="category" value="25"/>
       <string name="area1" value="100"/>
       <string name="area2" value="106"/>
   <imgdir name="20">
       <string name="title" value="Ellinia"/>
       <int name="category" value="26"/>
       <string name="area1" value="101"/>
       <string name="area2" value="12001"/>
       <string name="area3" value="12002"/>
       <string name="area4" value="12003"/>
   <imgdir name="21">
       <string name="title" value="Perion"/>
       <int name="category" value="27"/>
       <string name="area1" value="102"/>
   <imgdir name="22">
       <string name="title" value="Kerning City"/>
       <int name="category" value="28"/>
       <string name="area1" value="103"/>
   <imgdir name="23">
       <string name="title" value="Nautilus"/>
       <int name="category" value="29"/>
       <string name="area1" value="120"/>
   <imgdir name="24">
       <string name="title" value="Lith Harbor"/>
       <int name="category" value="0"/>
       <string name="area1" value="104"/>
   <imgdir name="25">
       <string name="title" value="Sleepywood"/>
       <int name="category" value="31"/>
       <string name="area1" value="105"/>
   <imgdir name="26">
       <string name="title" value="Orbis"/>
       <int name="category" value="34"/>
       <string name="area1" value="200"/>
   <imgdir name="27">
       <string name="title" value="El Nath"/>
       <int name="category" value="33"/>
       <string name="area1" value="211"/>
       <string name="area2" value="280"/>
   <imgdir name="28">
       <string name="title" value="Aqua Road"/>
       <int name="category" value="35"/>
       <string name="area1" value="230"/>
   <imgdir name="29">
       <string name="title" value="Ludus Lake"/>
       <int name="category" value="37"/>
   <imgdir name="30">
       <string name="title" value="Ludibrium"/>
       <int name="category" value="36"/>
       <string name="area1" value="220"/>
       <string name="area2" value="22102"/>
   <imgdir name="31">
       <string name="title" value="Omega Sector"/>
       <int name="category" value="38"/>
       <string name="area1" value="22100"/>
       <string name="area2" value="22103"/>
       <string name="area3" value="22104"/>
   <imgdir name="32">
       <string name="title" value="Korean Folk Town"/>
       <int name="category" value="40"/>
       <string name="area1" value="222"/>
   <imgdir name="33">
       <string name="title" value="Nihal Desert"/>
       <int name="category" value="43"/>
       <string name="area1" value="260"/>
       <string name="area2" value="261"/>
   <imgdir name="34">
       <string name="title" value="Mu Lung"/>
       <int name="category" value="44"/>
       <string name="area1" value="250"/>
       <string name="area2" value="251"/>
   <imgdir name="35">
       <string name="title" value="Ellin Forest"/>
       <int name="category" value="39"/>
       <string name="area1" value="300"/>
   <imgdir name="36">
       <string name="title" value="Golden Temple"/>
       <int name="category" value="3"/>
       <string name="area1" value="252"/>
   <imgdir name="37">
       <string name="title" value="Fantasy Theme Park"/>
       <int name="category" value="5"/>
       <string name="area1" value="223"/>
   <imgdir name="38">
       <string name="title" value="Sakura Castle"/>
       <int name="category" value="18"/>
       <string name="area1" value="231"/>
   <imgdir name="39">
       <string name="title" value="Leafre"/>
       <int name="category" value="41"/>
       <string name="area1" value="240"/>
   <imgdir name="40">
       <string name="title" value="Temple of Time"/>
       <int name="category" value="46"/>
       <string name="area1" value="270"/>
   <imgdir name="41">
       <string name="title" value="Gate to the Future"/>
       <int name="category" value="47"/>
       <string name="area1" value="271"/>
       <string name="area2" value="272"/>
   <imgdir name="42">
       <string name="title" value="Spiegelmann's Gonzo Gallery"/>
       <int name="category" value="4"/>
       <string name="area1" value="956"/>
   <imgdir name="43">
       <string name="title" value="Pantheon"/>
       <int name="category" value="19"/>
       <string name="area1" value="400"/>
   <imgdir name="44">
       <string name="title" value="Heliseum"/>
       <int name="category" value="21"/>
       <string name="area1" value="401"/>
   <imgdir name="45">
       <string name="title" value="Silent Crusade"/>
       <int name="category" value="1"/>
   <imgdir name="46">
       <string name="title" value="Grand Battle"/>
       <int name="category" value="11"/>
   <imgdir name="47">
       <string name="title" value="Overseas Travel"/>
       <int name="category" value="48"/>
   <imgdir name="48">
       <string name="title" value="Party Quest"/>
       <int name="category" value="49"/>
   <imgdir name="49">
       <string name="title" value="Event"/>
       <int name="category" value="50"/>
   <imgdir name="50">
       <string name="title" value="Title"/>
       <int name="category" value="51"/>
   <imgdir name="51">
       <string name="title" value="Event Mission"/>
       <int name="category" value="52"/>
   <imgdir name="52">
       <string name="title" value="Pet"/>
       <int name="category" value="53"/>
   <imgdir name="53">
       <string name="title" value="Complete before TKTKTK"/>
       <int name="category" value="100"/>
   <imgdir name="54">
       <string name="title" value="Happy 8 Years of Maple!"/>
       <int name="category" value="54"/>
   <imgdir name="55">
       <string name="title" value="Root Abyss"/>
       <int name="category" value="62"/>
   <imgdir name="56">
       <string name="title" value="Evolution System"/>
       <int name="category" value="32"/>
   <imgdir name="110">
       <string name="title" value="Red Leaf High"/>
       <int name="category" value="42"/>
       <string name="area1" value="250"/>
       <string name="area2" value="251"/>
   <imgdir name="111">
       <string name="title" value="2010년 7월 8일 이전 완료"/>
       <int name="category" value="100"/>
   <imgdir name="112">
       <string name="title" value="Maple Board Game"/>
       <int name="category" value="54"/>
   <imgdir name="113">
       <int name="category" value="99"/>
       <string name="title" value="Malaysia"/>
   <imgdir name="114">
       <string name="title" value="Silent Crusade"/>
       <int name="category" value="17"/>
   <imgdir name="115">
       <string name="title" value="Masteria"/>
       <int name="category" value="45"/>
   <imgdir name="116">
       <string name="title" value="TotsKnowHow"/>
       <int name="category" value="101"/>
   <imgdir name="117">
       <string name="title" value="Monster Life"/>
       <int name="category" value="102"/>


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