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Picture and Name Description Sold for
Etc Broken Glasses
Broken Glasses
A pair of broken glasses. When repaired, a mysterious force could be discovered. Not for Sale
Etc Jr. Sentinel Shellpiece
Jr. Sentinel Shellpiece
A hard piece of rock that forms the body of Jr. Sentinel. 1 meso
Etc Leatty Furball
Leatty Furball
A hairball from Leatty. So small and soft, it could easily fly away. 1 meso
Etc Nicholas Doll
Nicholas Doll
A stuffed doll that is shaped like Nicholas. Not for Sale
Etc Spirit of Rock's Music Score
Spirit of Rock's Music Score
A music score that Spirit of Rock treasures. 196 mesos
Etc Toy Drum
Toy Drum
A toy drum from the drumming rabbit. 1 meso
Etc Nicholas Doll
Warrior Doll
A stuffed doll that is shaped like a brave warrior. Not for Sale
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