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Transcendence Stone

The Transcendence Stone, as seen in Heroes of Maple

I think that with that stone, you might be able to control, perhaps even destroy a Transcendent's power!

― Luminous, observing the power of the Transcendence Stone

The Transcendence Stone (KR:Hangul: 초월석 Hanja: 超越石 romaja: Chowolseok) is an object of primordial power that has existed since the beginning of creation. The stone possessed the ability to interfere with the power of Transcendents, allowing the wielder to control or to even destroy a Transcendent.


The Transcendence Stone was created after the fall of the old gods, when the Overseers created the Transcendents to maintain the balance of all the worlds. It is unknown whether the Overseers created the Transcendence Stone, or for what purpose it exists. One possible explanation is that the stone exists as a safeguard to prevent a Transcendent from gaining too much power. 

In the years after the Black Mage was sealed, the legendary Dragon Master Freud sought the Transcendence Stone after hearing a prophecy that stated: "As the final battle approaches, the unshackled wolf will devour the World Tree." He discovered the temple of Abraxus, the Watchful God, and found the relic of Abraxus - a large airship - that could direct him to the location of the Transcendence Stone. Unfortunately, the stone was located in Other World, and Freud was unable to break through the dimensional barrier in order to travel there. He hid the relic for his successor to find so that the Transcendence Stone could be located.

During the events of Heroes of Maple, Damien sought the Transcendence Stone in order to steal the power of Alicia. He allowed the Heroes to travel to Other World so that they could locate the stone for him. When the Heroes located the stone, its powers interfered with Luminous, who was created with the power of the Black Mage, the Transcendent of Light. Upon learning of the stone's true capabilities, the Heroes began arguing amongst themselves about what to do with it - whether to destroy the stone or to use its power to destroy the Black Mage. While the Heroes were distracted, Damien arrived and claimed the stone for himself. He then used it to bind Alicia's powers, allowing him to become the Transcendent of Life.

However, the Heroes were successfully able to stop him before he could destroy all life on Maple World. However, the damage he had already inflicted was so severe that it would have taken about a millennium for the life force of the world to return. Alicia then informed the Heroes that, with her physical form destroyed and her power bound to the Transcendence Stone, they could use the stone to scatter her power across the world. Using the Transcendence Stone, the Heroes were able to restore the life force that Damien stole back to the lands of Maple World.

It is unknown what became of the Transcendence Stone after the events of Heroes of Maple. Presumably, it was turned over to the Alliance, although it may be possible that the stone was destroyed to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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