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Titles are Set-up items that can be obtained by finishing certain quest during events. You can double click them to activate/deactivate. Once activated, an effect will appear above your character’s head. This effect changes depend on the title.Titles are untradable and cannot be sold to NPCs.

Picture and Name Description
Setup Love-Struck
A title obtained on the first day of helping Cassandra looking for her first love. This title might help you find love of your own...
Setup The Brave
The Brave
A title for newbies. Newbies need titles, too!
Setup Moonheart
A title given to the rescuers of the little, lost Miwok Boys. This symbolizes the eternal gratitude of the tribe.
Setup Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas! A title given to those that spent a wonderful Christmas.
Setup Apprentice Hunter
Apprentice Hunter
Title given to those who pass the first trial of the Silent Crusade.

When equipped All Stats +1, Max HP +100, Max MP +100

Setup Capable Hunter
Capable Hunter
Title given to those who pass the second trial of the Silent Crusade.

When equipped All Stats +2, Max HP +200, Max MP +200

Setup Veteran Hunter
Veteran Hunter
Title given to those who pass the third trial of the Silent Crusade.

When equipped - All Stats +3, Max HP +300, Max MP +300

Setup Superior Hunter
Superior Hunter
Title given to those who pass the final trial of the Silent Crusade.

When equipped All Stats +3, Max HP +400, Max MP +400

Setup Root Abyss Master
Root Abyss Master
A title received after defeating the 4 bosses that protect the Root Abyss. The warrior who earns this title can be counted amongst Maple's strongest.
All Stats: +8, Attack Power/Magic ATT: +3, Max HP/MP: +300, Boss Damage: +5%, DEF Ignored: +5%
Setup Sweet Valentine's Day!
Sweet Valentine's Day!
Sweet Valentine's Day! Title give to those who gave sweet Valentine's Day gifts to others. However, you don't need to be a pair to feel the sweetness. Sweetness awaits even for those who are single.
Setup Holy Pink Beanity
Holy Pink Beanity
Pink Bean may be gone, but he lives on in our hearts. We are all Pink Bean!
All Stats +10, Attack Power/Magic ATT +5, Boss Damage +10%
Setup The One Called Hero
The One Called Hero
You've cleared all Heroes of Maple acts.
All Stats +3, Attack Power/Magic ATT +3, Max HP/MP +200
Setup Maple Specialist
Maple Specialist
Travel around to boost your MapleStory knowledge!
All Stats +10, Max HP +500, Attack Power/Magic ATT +5, Monster DEF Ignored +10%
Setup Maple Tree Manager
Maple Tree Manager
Title for those that raised Maple Tree Seedling well. Become the owner of maple tree with this!
Setup Ultimate Stick Person
Ultimate Stick Person
Title given to the Yut Master who has completed the Yut Challenger in 7 games.
Setup Spring Valley Plant Controller
Spring Valley Plant Caretaker
A Spring Valley plant controller title.
When equipped: All Stats +8, Weapon Attack and Magic Attack: +5, Boss Damage: +5%, Enemy Defense Ignored: +10%, Max HP: +500, Max MP: +500
Stat Duration: 14 days
Setup Windsleep Forest Officer
Windsleep Forest Officer
The culprit behind the burglary has been arrested. Stealing is bad no matter how cute you are!
All Stats +10, Attack Power/Magic ATT +15, Boss Damage +5%
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