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This is the documentation template. This template is intended for documenting templates and other pages which are transcluded onto other pages.

This template is used to consolidate the list of mobs/bosses that drop Special Equipment.

{{Special Equipment Droplist|name}}
Valid names:

Level 80 Elite Heliseum Cape         Elite Heliseum Cape => Heliseum Bosses
Level 80 Elite Heliseum Shoes        Elite Heliseum Shoes => Heliseum Bosses
Level 80 Elite Heliseum Belt         Elite Heliseum Belt => Heliseum Bosses and Magnus [Hard]
Level 110 Nova Cape                  Nova Cape => Magnus [Easy, Normal, and Hard]
Level 110 Nova Shoes                 Nova Shoes => Magnus [Easy, Normal, and Hard]
Level 110 Nova Belt                  Nova Belt => TBA
Level 110 Zakum's Poisonic           Zakum's Poisonic Weapons => Zakum, Chaos Zakum
Level 120 Necromancer                Necromancer Equipment => Hilla [Normal and Hard]
Level 127 VIP                        VIP Equipment => Alien Visitor Bosses
Level 130 Royal Von Leon             Royal Von Leon Equipment => Von Leon [Hard]
Level 140 Empress                    Empress Equipment => Cygnus [Easy and Normal]
Level 150 Sengoku                    Sengoku Equipment => Mori Ranmaru [Normal and Hard]
Level 150 Tyrant Cape                Tyrant Cape => Magnus [Hard]
Level 160 Terminus                   Terminus Weapons => The Boss
Level 160 Sweetwater                 Sweetwater Equipment => Commerci Voyage Bosses
Level 160 AbsoLab                    AbsoLab Equipment (Weapons) => Lotus and Damien [Hard]
Level 160 AbsoLab A                  AbsoLab Equipment (Shoes, Gloves, Cape) => Lotus [Hard]
Level 160 AbsoLab B                  AbsoLab Equipment (Hat, Overall, Shoulder) => Damien [Hard]
Level 180 Alien Fragment             Alien Visitor Accessories (Earrings, Ring, Pendant, Belt) => Alien Visitor Bosses
Level 200 Arcane Umbra               Arcane Umbra Equipment (Weapons) => Lucid and Will [Hard]
Level 200 Arcane Umbra A             Arcane Umbra Equipment (Shoes, Gloves, Cape) => Lucid [Hard]
Level 200 Arcane Umbra B             Arcane Umbra Equipment (Hat, Overall, Shoulder) => Will [Hard]

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