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Required Profession
Recommended Profession Level
Recipe Required? No
Fatigue Cost 0
Crafting result
Notes None

Documentation Template documentation

This is the documentation template. This template is intended for documenting templates and other pages which are transcluded onto other pages.

This template is used on Recipes, to be merged with their respective Equipment / Item pages.
For valid limit parameters, visit this template.

|name=      Name
|image=     Item Image [[File:Etc <image>.png]]
|desc=      Description, from MapleStory
|type=      What type of profession is required? (Herbalism, Mining, Alchemy, Smithing, Accessory Crafting)
|level=     Recommended profession level to craft
|rank=      Required profession rank to craft (Master Craftsman or Meister)
|recipe=    Is a recipe required to craft?
|limit=     Limitations on the recipe, if required (duration, quantity, etc).*
|materials= Materials needed to craft
|fatigue=   Fatigue cost
|craft=     What is the result of crafting?
|exp=       EXP given towards profession (at recommended level)
|cooldown=  Cooldown between each individual craft (if applicable)
|no=        Maximum number of items per slot
|meso=      Sold (to the NPC) for <meso> meso?
|quest=     Used in what quests?
|mob=       What mob drops it?
|reward=    Obtained from which quest?
|npc=       Bought from NPC for how many meso (or other currency)?
|note=      Special Notes
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