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MapIcon None
Continent Not Applicable Area Not Applicable
Street Return Map Map
BGM None
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? Flying?
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Star Force
None Recommended Arcane Power None
NPCs None Monsters None
Portals None
Notes None

Documentation Template documentation

This is the documentation template. This template is intended for documenting templates and other pages which are transcluded onto other pages.

This template is used on map articles.

|icon=      Icon
|name=      Name
|image=     Minimap / Rendered Map (if minimap is not available)
|continent= Continent
|region=    Area (should be the same as the category of the page)
|street=    Street Name
|return=    Return Map
|bgm=       Music
|bgmSub=    Music (only if the BGM in that specific map changes under certain conditions, e.g. quest completion)
|level=     Level requirement
|dot=       Damage over time (if applicable)
|swim=      Does this map allow you to swim? If so, set this value to 1.
|fly=       Does this map allow you to fly? If so, set this value to 1 (2 if only with Soaring).
|death=     Death count (if applicable)
|potcd=     Potion cooldown (if applicable)
|star=      Recommended Star Force to deal full damage on mobs.
|arcane=    Recommended Arcane Force to deal full damage on mobs.
|npc=       NPCs
|mob=       Monsters
|react=     Reactors
|portal=    Portals
|prev=      Previous Map (Tutorials and quests only)
|next=      Next Map (Tutorials and quests only)
|note=      Special Notes
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