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REQ Level 0
REQ Job Any
Number of Upgrades None
Sold for Cannot be sold
Notes None

Documentation Template documentation

This is the documentation template. This template is intended for documenting templates and other pages which are transcluded onto other pages.

This template is used on equip items.

|name=      Name
|sex=       0 if Male, 1 if Female or leave blank if both
|image=     Item Image [[File:Eqp <image>.png]]
|lvl=       Required Level
|str=       Required STR
|dex=       Required DEX
|int=       Required INT
|luk=       Required LUK
|fam=       Required Fame
|grade=     Rank (Androids)
|job=       Required Job(s)
|speed=     Weapon speed (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) (If weapon)
|incSTR=    STR Increase
|incDEX=    DEX Increase
|incINT=    INT Increase
|incLUK=    LUK Increase
|maxHP=     Max HP Increase
|maxMP=     Max MP Increase
|WATT=      Weapon Attack Increase
|MATT=      Magic Attack Increase
|WDEF=      Defense Increase
|moveSpeed= Movement Speed Increase
|jump=      Jump Increase
|KB=        Rate of Knockback (Bows, Crossbows and Ancient Bows)
|boss=      Boss Damage Increase
|ignore=    Ignored Enemy Defense Increase
|damage=    Damage Increase
|effect=    Effect(s)
|durability=Durability (if applicable)
|slots=     Number of Upgrades
|trade=     Tradeability (Tradeable, untradeable, tradeable until equipped, etc.)
|charisma=  Ambition EXP (when first equipped)
|sense=     Empathy EXP (when first equipped)
|insight=   Insight EXP (when first equipped)
|will=      Willpower EXP (when first equipped)
|craft=     Diligence EXP (when first equipped)
|charm=     Charm EXP (when first equipped)
|mob=       What mob drops it?
|reward=    Obtained from which quest?
|npc=       Bought from NPC
|product=   What can it be crafted from (recipes)?
|crafting=  Used to craft what (if applicable)?
|quest=     Used in what quests?
|meso=      Sold (to NPC) for meso (leave blank if it cannot be sold)
|set=       Equipment Set (if applicable)
|notes=     Any special notes?
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