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Description None
Effects None
Max per slot 1
Sold for Cannot be sold
Notes None

Documentation.png Template documentation

This is the documentation template. This template is intended for documenting templates and other pages which are transcluded onto other pages.

This template is used on useable items.

{{Chair<!--Insert item ID here (if known)-->
|name=      Name
|image=     Item Image [[File:Ins <use name>.png]]
|desc=      Description, from MapleStory
|level=     Level requirement
|effect=    Recovered amount of HP/MP
|mob=       What mob drops it?
|reward=    Obtained from which quest?
|npc=       Bought from NPC for how many meso (or other currency)?
|trade=     Tradeability (Tradeable, untradeable, account tradeable)
|meso=      Sold (to NPC) for meso
|note=      Special Notes
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