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Picture and Name Effects Source
Use Return Scroll - Nearest Town.png
Return Scroll - Nearest Town
Returns you to the nearest town.
Use Return Scroll to Lith Harbor.png
Return Scroll to Lith Harbor
Returns you to Lith Harbor.
Use Return Scroll to Ellinia.png
Return Scroll to Ellinia
Returns you to Ellinia.
Use Return Scroll to Perion.png
Returns Scroll to Perion
Returns you to Perion.
Use Return Scroll to Henesys.png
Return Scroll to Henesys
Returns you to Henesys.
Use Return Scroll to Kerning City.png
Return Scroll to Kerning City
Returns you to the dark Kerning City.
Use Return Scroll to Sleepywood.png
Return Scroll to Sleepywood
Returns you to Sleepywood, a quiet and dark forest-town.
Use Return Scroll for Dead Mine.png
Return Scroll for Dead Mine
Returns you to the dead mine at the higher ground of El Nath. Can only be used in Orbis and El Nath.
Use Coffee Milk.png
Coffee Milk
Returns you to the nearest town.
Use Strawberry Milk.png
Strawberry Milk
Returns you to Mushroom Shrine.
Use Fruit Milk.png
Fruit Milk
Returns you to Showa Town.
Use Nautilus Return Scroll.png
Nautilus Return Scroll
This scroll enables you to return to the Pirate village, the Nautilus. This is a one use item and will disappear after use.
Use Return to New Leaf City Scroll.png
Return to New Leaf City Scroll
Use this scroll to venture back to New Leaf City whenever you want! Mo (Raven Ninja Coin x 10 for Teleport Scroll x 10)
Use The Knight's Magic Scroll.png
The Knight's Magic Scroll
A scroll that the Red Lion King gave to his knights. When used, you will move to the Audience Room of the Red Lion King.
Use Elluel Return Scroll.png
Elluel Return Scroll
A scroll that returns you to Elluel. It will disappear once used.
Use Magician Association Return Scroll.png
Magician Association Return Scroll
A scroll that returns you to the Magician Association at the end of Ellinia Forest. It will disappear once used.
Use Yu Garden Return Scroll.png
Yu Garden Return Scroll
A scroll that returns you to the beautiful Yu Garden. The scroll can only be used while in The Far East. It will disappear once used.
Use Yu Garden Return Scroll.png
Dead Man's Gorge Return Scroll
Upon use, teleports you to the Raven Ninja Camp in Dead Man's Gorge. Mo (Raven Ninja Coin x 10 for Teleport Scroll x 10)
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