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Taotie is one of the Four Perils of the world.



Taotie and Tai Yu

Tai Yu who is a sage of Grandis, sealed away the Four Perils (Hundun, Qiongqi, Taowu, and Taotie).


In the foot of Mt. Songyu, he calls to Hoyoung. Hoyoung arrives in the mountain vantage. Frightened by the Master, Hoyoung is about to go back, but he continues to come to the rock with a talisman to find his voice. He asks to release himself from the seal in the rock, but Hoyoung refuses. But when Hoyoung heard he say that if he removes the talisman on the rock, he will grant his wish. Hoyoung tries to remove the talisman, but soon reattaches and leaves.

But the wind blows the talisman and he appears. Hoyoung wakes up him without his knowledge. Awakening him, Hoyoung is in a crisis, but he is tricky so he asks to him that if he really wanna prove he is the Taotie, he is gonna need some real evidence, for example, move that mountain over there. He really moves mountain, and he says to Hoyoung that he should move many mountains. He moves many mountains, and he is tired. Hoyoung again seals him to the Master's talisman when he was stole. He sealed with Hoyoung's body because of Hoyoung's lack of magic. But because of the small vessel of Hoyoung, all the monsters that he swallowed have awakened. Now Hoyoung can use magic, but he needs to get his monsters back. He becomes cute form, but he still has enough power to make Hoyoung's life miserable.

It's not like Hoyoung wanna turn over a new, helpful leaf, but thinking about it these past days, it couldn't hurt to do some good in the world. Releasing the seal of the him, a fearsome fiend who visited chaos upon Grandis in the distant past, now Hoyoung departs from the tranquil valley he has called home, setting off on a journey into the world.[1]

Cheong-woon Valley

To find out more about the different monsters released from the seal of him, Hoyoung journeyed to Cheong-woon Valley to find the released monsters. And Hoyoung goes to a local tavern listen to the information, because in Volume 12 of the Tales of Tai Yu, he read that taverns are the best place to go if they are looking to pick up local rumors. Ironhide says to a wandering poet, Willow that a couple days ago, one of the mountains in the area quaked and shook, and a river nearby changed its course entirely, folks are claiming that after that, they started to seein' way more monsters around there. Hoyoung thinks that sure does sound familiar. Ironhide talk to Willow that a couple years back, the town's information brokerage started keeping a few private investigators on the payroll, and he thinks it was around the time the ownership changed hands, and they sniff out answers around in the Cheong-woon Valley, for issues large and small, they don't come cheap, but their results speak for themselves, they have become something like local heroes here. Willow talks to Ironhide that a small temple outside the village, the head monk who died, and a handsome monk who comes in after he died, however, there have been rumors he's started to sequester himself in the temple, naturally, people assume he's staying in the sanctum pray'in for the safety of the town, but it's strange.

Hoyoung decides to be a private investigator and goes to an Information Broker Bureau. Hoyoung arrives to the information broker Kaling and calls her to kid. She is angry and says she is just short and if he wanna work here, he better cut that out. He tries to register himself as a private investigator, but she asks him that he could pay a fee to expedite his application, that would come out to be 100 million mesos. He fans himself because he pretends to be warm, but she finds out that she have seen that fan before. He says it is an heirloom passed from sage to sage. She remembers that it is a fan of a great man so she registers him as a private investigator, but she is still going to put that 100 million meso expedite fee on the ledger, he can pay it down in his own time.

To find out more about the different monsters released from the seal of him, Hoyoung journeyed to Cheong-woon Valley to find the released monsters and goes to a local tavern listen to the information. Hoyoung decides to be a private investigator and goes to an Information Broker Bureau. Hoyoung arrives to the information broker Kaling and tries to register himself as a private investigator, but she asks him that he could pay a fee to expedite his application, that would come out to be 100 million mesos. Hoyoung fans himself because he pretends to be warm, but she finds out that she have seen that fan before. Hoyoung says it is an heirloom passed from sage to sage. She remembers that it is a fan of a great man so she registers Hoyoung as a private investigator, but she is still going to put that 100 million meso expedite fee on the ledger, he can pay it down in his own time. Hoyoung became a private investigator and Kaling orders he can help another private investigator. Hoyoung meets his senior private investigator, Farasi.

After several months, Hoyoung is officially commissioned by a client. The client who is a trainee of the temple, asks Hoyoung to search for trainees who is missing one or two things. After finding clues, Hoyoung goes to a cliff to find the culprit. At the end of the cliff are the Monster Magpie, lost temple objects, and trainees. The Monster Magpie hears the bell and becomes a spirit again. Hoyoung trying to chase the spirit that came out after the Monster Magpie, but falling from the cliff. Hoyoung calls out a Nimbus Cloud to get away from the crisis and recovers the spirit to Taotie.

Several days later, Hoyoung runs all sorts of errands. Both the trainees and the Handsome Monk are back. The trainees give the villagers to dolls which are made by the Handsome Monk. Like this, it seems that the peace came to the village. Hoyoung goes to Kaling and sends out a trap when he is asked to see a faceless monster in his village. The monster caught in the trap ran away with his bag, and there were dolls in the bag. Suspicious, Hoyoung goes to the temple. Hoyoung sees the trainee acting like a rat in front of the Temple Entrance, suspiciously looking for real trainees trapped inside the temple. The trainees were robbed of their faces and magic. When Hoyoung reaches the Sanctum Entrance, he sneaks into the Sanctum to sneak out the fake trainees guarding the entrance. In the Sanctum, a feast was held. Farasi was kidnapped next to the Handsome Monk. Suspicious of Handsome Monk, Hoyoung fights him, but he is forced to flee and shouts "Ultimate Sage Skill: Thirty-Sixth Stategem!" (Run away)

Running away, Hoyoung goes back to the village and eats soup but does not feel good. Tavern Keeper looks through that and whipped up a little something special for Hoyoung which is puts the fire back in his belly.

Taotie, Hoyoung and soup

He appears and says normally he expected to see Hoyoung wolfing down his meal, but now he is just starring his soup bowl like it contains the answers to life's great mysteries. Guess Hoyoung really don't have much of an appetite today. Hoyoung then plans with the private investigators.

While Hoyoung is going back to the Information Broker Bureau, Some Back Alley is noisy, and grunts are bothering a bamboo-hatted beggar. Hoyoung scolds grunts and lets the bamboo-hatted beggar drink water. The identity of the bamboo-hatted beggar is the real Handsome Monk without a face. The Handsome Monk tells the past to Hoyoung. The Handsome Monk says he carelessly his nail clippings out, and a rat had eaten it and took his face and strength, and it became so strong. He says to Hoyoung that the Monster Flea that sucks on power stuck with the Monster Rat. Hoyoung works with a real Handsome Monk and goes back to the Sanctum with the Monster Rat. Hoyoung fell into a crisis by the fake Handsome Monk, but it was actually a fake. Hoyoung tricks him, then smashes his back to spit out his nails, returning him to the original Monster Rat. In the meantime, the real Handsome Monk who has regained its original appearance breaks the doll that sucks the power of those who the Monster Rat have distributed throughout the town of Cheong-woon Valley. After losing his strength, the Monster Rat loses to Hoyoung and becomes a small rat and runs away. The spirit of Monster Flea is absorbed by him.

Few days later, Hoyoung transforms into trainee and eavesdrops this. Ironhide says to Willow that still, it must have been rough, coming back to his old hometown after so long only to have all this happen. Willow says it is not an experience he had care to repeat, he can say that much, but he can not be too upset, it gave him a fabulous font of inspiration for his next novel, so ultimately, even this dark cloud had its silver lining, he can see it now: Noble of heart and bald of head, the Handsome Monk must struggle to save his town from the vile clutches of the Monster Rat, publishers love that whole 'based on a true story' thing, and it is gonna be a million seller, flying off the shelves in droves, it will be halfway to retirement on the publisher advances alone. Hoyoung returns to his original form. He says it sounds to Hoyoung like the villagers really believe the Handsome Monk solved this whole thing himself, none but themselves truly know what happened in the temple that right. Hoyoung says in the end, it does not really matter if anyone knows the whole story, and there are plenty of times when the real hero is the one working behind the scenes, heck, even the great sage did not always take center stage, "I am but a simple wanderer..." maybe he has finally earned the chance to use that line for real.

Hoyoung says to Farasi that he was gonna bolt, and even if their paths don't cross, they leave letters with the Tavern Keeper telling each other how they are doing. When Hoyoung said goodbye to Farasi, it is time to say goodbye to Kaling, but just thinking about the debt he still owe her makes him nervous. After some uncomfortable calculating, She quoted Hoyoung a sum that nearly bowled him over, it was almost as much as he had to his name, but he couldn't weasel out of this one. She says just as a little side note, since he is all paid up, the private investigators would have taken action on their own, even if he had not hired them, because it is part of their code to defend the known in times of crisis. Hoyoung says he had like to buy whatever information about the outside this much will get him, because he will be leaving town soon. She pulled out a wide drawer at the bottom of a cabinet and began to fish around, pulling out a few scrolls. He thinks whoever wrote this seems like they have a little short fuse, might be fun to brawl a little with them. Hoyoung says goodbye to her and goes to Temple Entrance. At this time, She talks to herself that once she has got her eye on something, she never let it out of her sight, no matter where it may go. Hoyoung meets and says goodbye to Handsome Monk.

Hoyoung didn't realized it, probably 'cause it happened gradually, but he have really come into his own with the spells he have been using. He says unless Hoyoung plan to invent entirely new spells himself, he will need a spell book for that, and he had have to return to the Hermitage for that. Hoyoung says he snuck another of the books out last time they were there. Hoyoung should pull out that spell book Master wrote and see what more he can learn about his style of magic, and he hopes he is not angry he filched his books, it is for a good cause. Hoyoung says last time he looked at these, his eyes just glazed over, now, when he looks at the words, they actually make sense somehow.

Hoyoung goes to Savage Terminal, Pantheon's Great Temple and Henesys.

Sealing the Fiends

Hoyoung arrives to Henesys. At this time, he senses the aura of a monster. Hoyoung starts to explore Maple World to bring peace back to them.[2] As he devours more spirits, his power grows and so does Hoyoung's.

  • Lv. 30: In the Ellinel Fairy Academy, Hoyoung saves Ephony the Fairy and Phiny the Fairy while solving the case of Ellinel Fairy Academy and listen monster story to them. Hoyoung and him feel suspicious energy from strange shadows and catch Mole King which is with strange energy. The Monster Ant, away from Mole King, is absorbed by him.
  • Lv. 50: He senses a new monster's energy and heads for the Dangerous Croco in Kerning City. There is a Warped Path in the swamp, so they go to there and catches Dyle which is with monster. The Monster Crocodile Bird, away from Dyle, is absorbed by him. Afterwards, Hoyoung teases him whether he eats a monster from his stomach whenever he is hungry.

Hoyoung got this feeling lately likes there is something lacked in his life, he wanna chase away the blues by learning some cool new spells, but the one he studied last time was the last volume he brought with him from home, but there is only one thing he can do, though it is gonna be a huge bother: he will have to return to the Hermitage, so he summons the Nimbus Cloud and goes to Mt. Songyu. They arrive in Cheong-woon Valley Entrance, but they can's find the entrance of Mt. Songyu and they have been wandering in circles for hours. Hoyoung says he is hallucinating or just under some hex. At this time, he attacks to Hoyoung and says at least now he knows it is not a dream. Hoyoung yawns and says if he can't find the answer in the walking world, he will find it in his dream. At the moment, Hoyoung says he will go to the Hermitage in his dreams and read the spell book he needs that way. Focusing inward, Hoyoung fells asleep with all his memories of life at the Hermitage swirling in his mind, and as he dreamed, it felt like that familiar scenery unfolded all around him. Hoyoung wakes up and zips back on the Nimbus Cloud. Now Hoyoung can use the spells he read about in his dream, he is only sage who has learned magic while he was asleep, and he puts out the Sky Sage medal and emblem which was he snuck out of Master's cabinets.

  • Lv. 65: He senses a new monster's energy and heads to Sleepywood's Ant Tunnel Square 1. To weaken monsters in Warped Path, they light candles and call out the monster. They catch Zombie Mushmom which is with monster. The Monster Talisman, away from Zombie Mushmom, is absorbed by him.

Hoyoung joins Maple Alliance.

  • Lv. 90: He senses a new monster's energy and heads to Nihal Desert's Cactus Desert 2. According to him, the monster is in a desert, but it is contradictory that who covets water very much. Hoyoung gets water from the cactus around him. There is a Warped Path in the desert, so they go to there and catch Deo which is with monster. The Monster Sand, away from Deo, is absorbed by him.

Hoyoung says to him that he is going to dream for a while because he is going to read the spell book in his dream again. Hoyoung dreaming again and he says he is a heavy sleeper. In the dream, Hoyoung meets blue Master and explains to him what had happened to him so far, you had better face your difficulties as early as possible. Hoyoung asks blue Master should give him strong punishment. Blue Master shouts Hoyoung rascal, but he is not angry at him and he will not grab a rod, there is no use crying over split milk, he should move on, because it seems like he is paying the price, and he thinks that is enough, he means the burden he will carry from now on. Hoyoung wakes up from his dream, he is holding the medal which is Blue Master's gift. The magic skill Blue Master handed down is now in him, this is a kind of magic only high-level sages can use.

  • Lv. 110: He senses a new monster's energy and heads to Dead Mine of El Nath Mts.' Sharp Cliff I. There is a Warped Path in the forest, so they go to there and meet Snowman which is with monster. The Monster Wolf, away from Snowman, is absorbed by him. Hoyoung says he sees snow for the first time after knocking down Snowman. He tackles Hoyoung saying that he is unsophisticated. The two have a fun snowball fight.
  • Lv. 130: He senses a new monster's energy and heads to Mu Lung Garden's Goblin Forest 1. There is a Warped Path in the forest, so they go to there and meet King Sage Cat which is with monster. The King Sage Cat puts riddles to them unlike other monsters. He says the Book Monster is not strange, though, because it has a bad habit of testing others with difficult riddles. If you're wrong with the riddle, you'll have to battle with the monster, but if you're all right, don't fight. The first question: It is close to you, but you can never catch it. It is a coward that hides itself in darkness. The answer: Shadow. The second question: Something everyone has. A rascal who goes fast when asked to slow down. The answer: Time. The Book Monster, attached to King Sage Cat, continues to give riddles, and a long time passes. After finishing the riddles, the Book Monster says it thinks it have enjoyed itself enough, so let it go back to the place it came from. The Book Monster, away from King Sage Cat, is absorbed by him.

In the Memory Keeper's Room, the Memory Keeper explains that he must return to his beginnings to regain his lost memory. Hoyoung remembers the day when he left the Hermitage and resolved to contribute to the world with him. Hoyoung says it all started when he broke his seal, since he met him, so he will talk with him about the old days. Hoyoung says it is urgent so he should come out for a second. He appears. Hoyoung says let's talk about the old times, and he knows, this adventure all began when he broke his seal, he never knew he would travel all the way to another dimension. He says Hoyoung does not seem quite himself. Hoyoung says it is good to look back on the past from time to time, it is easy to get tired, always looking ahead. He says as far as he can recall, Hoyoung was just a big talker who was terribly weak, but he have grown while breaking barriers by himself, and now he is somewhat a useful sage, if he can collect all the monsters, he may be able to call him 'pretty decent'. Hoyoung says that stimulates his desire to win. Hoyoung talks, sometimes squabbles, with him about the old times. This gives Hoyoung a warm feeling.

  • Lv. 150: He and Hoyoung chases monster energy rapidly. They go to through a dense forest, and the Land of Dragons unfolded before their eyes. They arrive at the icy-cold Wyvern Canyon. It seems as though the monster is hiding there. And... luckily Hoyoung hears as interesting rumor at the entrance of the canyon. 'Leviathan has become transparent!' It is said that Leviathan is a dragon monster and the owner of the canyon. Listening to that story, he becomes convince of the location of the monster. The monster hiding in the canyon is the Lizard Monster. There is a Warped Path in the canyon, so they go to there and meet Leviathan which is with monster. The Lizard Monster, away from Leviathan, is absorbed by him.
  • Lv. 170: Hoyoung says to him that he have just heard a rumor that there is an alien in the Maple World, and he has a hunch that if they go to the place where it is, they will find the monster there. He says he will not forgive him if he does something stupid when he is supposed go and get the monster. They see the UFO Detector. Hoyoung says he is so excited that he get to see an alien, and maybe this is the device that summons a UFO. The UFO is summoned. Hoyoung says he will be suck into it, and this is going to be fun. In the Corridor 103 of Omega Sector, there is a Warped Path. Hoyoung asks to him that what he is doing out here. He says he feels it and sometimes his goofing off can be helpful, and he got lucky this time. They meet Chief Gray which is with monster. Chief Gray says he is feeling sluggish, and his back hurts. He says it seems like the Monster Magnet has attached itself to Chief Gray. Hoyoung says a monster usually makes its host stronger, but it is not, so this monster is unique. He says there is always an exception. The Monster Magnet, away from Chief Gray, is absorbed by him. Hoyoung says he guesses Chief Gray must be free from his backache. He says it is hard to cure diseases that come with old age. Hoyoung asks does he have a backache, too. He angry and says Hoyoung is mocking him again. Hoyoung says he is so simple-minded, he always react to his jokes.
  • Lv. 180: He says he detects monster energy, but this time, it is from Grandis. Hoyoung says Grandis is been a long time. He exerts his power. With a flash, Hoyoung feels like he is being sucked into something. There is a Warped Path in the Savage Terminal's Seedy Scrapyard 3. Hoyoung says there are heaps of trash, there was not this much when he dropped by this place last time, he did not know there was a dumping ground outside the town, and he want to get out of here right now, this place does not suit him. The Frog Monster says it hate clean air, so someone can give it filth. He explains that is a flog monster that always searches for filthy places, since it had always lived in filth, the flog monster itself eventually became filth. Hoyoung says it smells terrible, he can't stand it, let's take care of quickly. They meet Foul Ooze Waste which is with monster. The Monster Flog, away from Foul Ooze Waste, is absorbed by him. He says Hoyoung is weak to filthy things. Hoyoung says he grew up in a place with beautiful mountains and clean water, so this place does not suit it at all, he have to get out of here quickly.
  • Lv. 190: He exerts his power. With a flash, Hoyoung feels like he is being sucked into something. There is a Warped Path in the Fox Valley's Fox Tree Top Path 3. Hoyoung smells because this place smells like him, but maybe he was mistaken. They meet Monster Cocoon. He says that is a monster cocoon that has been waiting to become an imago, but something is strange. The Monster Cocoon says he is Taotie, because he almost did not recognize him since he is smaller than before. He says the Monster Cocoon cocky little one. Hoyoung laughs. He asks where is the Monster Cocoon's brothers, and explains three cocoons makes one set. The Monster Cocoon answers he have lost them when they were dropped here, as he can see, they are too cowardly to find their brothers. He says he must reseal all three of them at once. Hoyoung says the Monster Cocoon will need his help, and asks does he know where they were dropped. The Monster Cocoon answers he has no idea. He says to Hoyoung that he knows where they are, so he should follow him. In the Fox Tree Top Path, Hoyoung meets another Monster Cocoon. Another Monster Cocoon asks who is he. Hoyoung says he is but a simple wanderer, and it is complicated, anyway, he is here to find his brothers, so he can come with him. Another Monster Cocoon says it is okay. He says they have found one, let's go to the next place. In the Fox Tree Top Path 2, another Monster Cocoon meets the other Monster Cocoon and calls him to his little brother. The other Monster Cocoon calls another Monster Cocoon to the big brother. The monster cocoons reunited with tears in their eyes. Hoyoung says they can follow him, because he will reunite them with their brother. In the Warped Path, the three monster cocoons talks about how they have been. A Monster Cocoon says he is so relieved that he is all safe, he wishes no better, and wishes to go back into the stomach of him. The two Monster Cocoon disappear. The Monster Cocoon says thanks Hoyoung for finding his brothers. The Monster Cocoon is absorbed by him. Hoyoung says this excellent sage has solved yet another case. He says soon, Hoyoung will not able to see him boast like this anymore, because now they have only one monster to reseal. Hoyoung thinks he is a little sad that they have only one left.

The Final Act

According to him, the last monster is likely to be in the Broken Corridor in the Temple of Time. It's been a long time since Hoyoung departed to find monsters, they have resealed all the monsters one by one, and now they are about to reseal the last one.

In the Broken Corridor, after resisting hard, now the last monster has almost exhausted its energy, it will all be once Hoyoung's final strike is made. The monster is absorbed by him. Kaling's stamp is not stamped at this time. He says he feels powerful. Hoyoung reseals the last monster, he retains his original form, exactly the form he had when they met at the Hermitage for the first time, he can see the dignity and figure of a great monster who has swallowed many monsters, he was originally that outstanding of a monster. Hoyoung says he actually feels bad that he mocked him everyday.

At this time, some vibration occurs. Hoyoung surprised and asks is that him, he is not paying him back for having messed around with him until now. He says he can senses some kind of strange energy from a distance, this energy is obviously that of a monster, this is not from his stomach, but it is more familiar than the ones living here, it is approaching very quickly coming here. He says it seems that he is attracting monsters because he is so famous, so he is proud of himself. He says Hoyoung little bastard should take it more seriously.

At the moment, Hoyoung meets Kaling. She says long time no see, and asks the private investigator did not forget her. Hoyoung says of course not. She asks why Hoyoung does look so frustrated. Hoyoung answers he never thought he would meet her here. She says Hoyoung will understand if she tell him why she have come this far to see him. Hoyoung says he is assuming she is here to get her money back. She says get back her, kind of... as a matter of fact, she has something she likes more than money, she loves collecting powerful monsters, but, unfortunately... someone intercepted the monster she had been long seeking a little while ago. Hoyoung says it seems that someone is him, but she has been hunting monsters too, but he is afraid he can not help her, those monsters were supposed to be inside the stomach of a monster named Taotie, so she can go back to where she came from. She darkens her face, says Hoyoung should not mock her, and he does not know the true power of the Four Perils, so he can not deserve Taotie, and let's help him go on a rampage, and bring miserable disasters to the world, that is the reason he exists, so he can hand him to her. Hoyoung says he is not something she can use at her discretion, whether he deserve him or whether he will bring about disasters, that is merely her opinion, whatever monster Taotie was in the past, he is different now, he is the only friend. He is surprised. She says if Hoyoung says so, in that case, she has no choice but to force him, he can protect Taotie and prepare to die. At this moment, Hoyoung can not move. Suddenly, she pulls out her big dark hand and attacks Hoyoung.

The monster that comes out of her swallows him, and he feels like his life is burning away. He asks why Hoyoung is resisting. Hoyoung says he should help him if he can, he has regained power. But he says he was sealed in Hoyoung little bastard, so he can not exert this power alone, then he will lend him his power just once, because the monsters she has must be Four Perils like him, to defend them, he need the power of them like him, but one thing he is concerned is that he might not be ready to exert his power completely. Hoyoung says he is not who he was when he sealed him, now he can do it, no, he has no choice unless he want to die. Hoyoung receives his power and comes out of the monster.

Hoyoung says he thinks now he deserve him. She says Hoyoung managed to survive, but she does not think he have a second chance, now it is time to say goodbye. She pulls out her monster and tries to attack Hoyoung, but blue Master suddenly appears and stops the monster. He is surprised to see the blue Master. Blue Master says he does not like watching his dearest pupil get hurt. She angry and says he is from the realm of the sages. Blue Master says she had better back off now, because he is quite strong for a spirit, and he really likes young blood, so it is time for her to die. Hoyoung and him are nervous. But blue Master shouts "Ultimate Sage Skill: Thirty-Sixth Stategem!" (Run away) Blue Master takes Hoyoung and him and runs away. She angry and says he willy sage, and things have gotten complicated.

In the foot of Mt. Songyu, Hoyoung says this is the Hermitage, it is not magic; it is real. Hoyoung asks why Master is here. Master says he hopes next time he see Hoyoung, he will be a better sage, the one next to him seems like he is become a good friend of his. Hoyoung says it is a long story.

Master's spirit disappears, and he appears. Hoyoung says Master is gone. He says he never expected Hoyoung's master to be that bastard, because he is the one who sealed him. Hoyoung is surprised because he means Master is Sage Tai Yu, his idol, so he feels sort of happy, or maybe disillusioned, it would have been better now knowing. He says if he had known Hoyoung was Tai Yu's pupil, he would have crushed him. Hoyoung says he knows he does not mean that, so cute. He attacks to Hoyoung. Hoyoung asks who asked him to look that cute, when he is actually regained his original form. He says he kind of like this look, too. Hoyoung says many things happened all of a sudden, but there is no change in the fact that they are going to continue their journey. He says he does not want to cooperate with Hoyoung but, he guesses it would be better to travel with him rather than being sealed by other bastards. Hoyoung says he can tell him have fallen to the charms of this genius sage who can control the power of Four Perils. He says Hoyoung is not have mastered his power, it would take a million years, even if he trained all day long. Hoyoung says let's bet on how long it will take, and let's take the Nimbus Cloud.

5th Job: Blessings of the Goddess

The goddess of Maple World asks what is it that Hoyoung want to protect the most in this world. When Hoyoung select ties in the Secular World, he says the secular world was not such an easy place as he had read from books, there were tough and painful times, and he had once almost died, but, he still likes living in the secular world, there is good food, there are fun people, and there are a lot of people who need him, Taotie is one of them. He says Hoyoung just does not make up stories.


In the Marketplace, Cheong-woon Valley, Child 1 says he is so cool, and he wants to read the next book soon, and asks where is the sage by now. Child 2 speculates that he is surely going to sweep the terrible demons. Hoyoung and him listen to children's story. Hoyoung asks to children that, the merchants can't trade, so they should go somewhere else and chat. He says it’s pathetic that Hoyoung is the legendary sage who defeated the Black Mage, because he is renting a seat at the local tavern and is being commissioned by an trivial personal investigator. Hoyoung says this is not trivial, and they were on the verge of being a bite to a monster serpent.

He says if he had been the original form, that monster would not make a mouthful, and he remembers the request Hoyoung received at milord Choi's who live in the palace-like tile house, call the servants with his hand and they just ran to him, and best of all, all kinds of delicacies come with 16 side dishes, and he has been treated hard. Hoyoung says for him, the rice and thick soup with sour Kimchi is better suited, and it is natural for people who suck the blood of the people to stick with the horrible ghosts, so he does not want to kick them out, although he struggled to sneak through the wall at dawn, but thanks to his secret skill, Shapeshift, he managed to escape safely. He thinks that was just covering the chunk of trees with a blanket.

Ironhide says to Willow that it is said that a new Transcendent is preparing war in Grandis. Willow says that's right, it says that a man who have dragon horns and tails in the Pantheon, gather people and prepare for the counterforce. Ironhide says no matter how Guardian of Nova, he is going to difficult against the Transcendent. Hoyoung says to him that the man with unusual ears and tails, like him, will surely fit in with him. He says if he is dragonewt, he is not Anima, then probably Nova. Hoyoung tries to go him because if a friend is in a crisis, it's the true sage's attitude to reach out for help. Hoyoung appears to children and says the personal investigator's work will be closed from today, because he has a work and will go somewhere for a while, so until he come, they must keep the village well with the magic he has passed on. Child 2 says he did not teach them proper magic. Child 1 says when he comes next, he must let know the real magic. He asks why Hoyoung has not identified himself, and if he was the legendary sage in the book, thousands would follow him, and not only the point of the world that he wanted to be so much, but also he can be a greater being. Hoyoung says he realized when he finished a big fight, If he follow it when the world needs him without any impatient, naturally he will be a shining point in the world, above all, stories are most beautiful when they remain as stories, and you should not break the innocence of childhood of those sage promising kids. He thinks although he does not have the same valor as heroes in books. He says he is confident that he will not lag behind anyone in Grandis for a clever scheme and bluff. He says he also learned that head-to-head is not the answer, and he and Hoyoung who is unpredictable and going around will not be bored for the time being. Child 1 asks Hoyoung can give him his name before he leave town. He says "I am but a simple wanderer."



  • Taotie is based off Taotie (饕餮, Tāotiè, lit. Ravenous Gluttony), one of the Four Perils in Chinese mythology, and is known as 도철 (Docheol) in Korean, and とうてつ (トウテツ, Tōtetsu) in Japanese.


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