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Spark of Determination
Etc Spark of Determination.png
Description A spark filled with the willpower of the warriors of the Alliance. Take the Spark of Determination and the Shadow of Annihilation to Lorelei to obtain an object that'll help open the path to the Black Mage.
Max per slot 9,999
Sold for Cannot be sold
Dropped by
Tradeability Normal Servers: Tradeable
Reboot Server: Tradeable within the same world
Notes Talk to Lorelai to exchange 50 of this and 1 Shadow of Annihilation for 1 Fragment of Destiny.
Armor ArmorAccessory
Weapon WeaponSecondary Weapon
Recovery PotionFoodCurePet Food
Equipment ScrollRebirth FlameSoul Weapon
Equip Enhancement Scroll
Others ArrowBagBulletFamiliar CardMastery BookRecipe
Summoning SackTeleport ItemThrowing Star
BagLeftoversQuest Item
Profession AbrasiveCrafting MaterialItem CrystalMagic Powder
HerbOreRefined HerbRefined Ore
BagChairDecorative ItemTitle
Cash Item
Cash ItemCubePet
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