Soul Weapon system

Soul Weapon is a weapon upgrade system that is available for weapons Level 75 and above. It uses Souls as materials to boost weapons' ATT, Magic ATT, bonus stats and other powerful bonuses.[1]


Soul Researcher

Pink Bean Soul effect

Soul Weapons are said to have been introduced by Murgoth, a Soul researcher who refined the Soul Enchanter. A Soul Enchanter is an item that has a chance to allow any weapon Level 75 and above the ability to harness the power of boss monsters.

By defeating a boss, players have a chance of obtaining one or more Soul Shards. Once 10 Soul Shards are collected from the same boss, they can be combined into a Boss Soul. All Souls have a 100% success rate of being applied to a weapon, including weapons with an existing Soul. Souls have an expiration date of 30 days.

There are different types of Soul, each offering a different specific stat boost. The strength of the boss that the Soul comes from determines the amount of the bonus stats, where weaker bosses will give fewer bonus stats than stronger bosses.

Another benefit from adding a Soul to the weapon is the unique skill that comes with it. Each boss gives a different skill, and these range from buffs, powerful attacks, to even summoning the boss to fight by the player's side for a short time. In order to use its unique skill, players have to hunt monsters and generate Soul Points for their weapon. Soul Points have a maximum value of 1000.

Magnificent Soul

Magnificent Souls are rare Souls that are more powerful than regular boss Souls. Their unique skills do more damage and have unique potentials instead of a flat stat increase. The potential that Magnificent Souls gives is random and cannot be reset. These potentials can range from +2 skill levels for all skills to +4% attack or magic attack.

Unlike regular boss Souls, Magnificent Souls are fully tradable with other players and do not expire like regular Souls.

Soul Collector

Soul Collector Book

A Soul Collector Book is a book for players to store Souls for collection. Once stored in the book, the Soul is lost forever. If the player manages to store one of every type of Soul for a boss (including their Magnificent Soul, if applicable) in the book, the player can unlock that boss's second level skill through Murgoth.

List of Souls

Tier D can reach up to +15 Weapon/Magic Attack with 500/1000 Soul Gauge, while every tier above can reach up to +20.

Tier D
Use Spirit of Rock Soul.png
Spirit of Rock
Use Prison Guard Ani Soul.png
Prison Guard Ani
Use Xerxes Soul.png
Use Black Slime Soul.png
Captain Darkgoo / Black Slime
Use Ephenia Soul.png
Use Dragon Rider Soul.png
Dragon Rider
Use Rex Soul.png
Use Pianus Soul.png
Use Mu Gong Soul.png
Mu Gong
Tier C
Use Balrog Soul.png
Use Tutu Soul.png
Omega Tutu
Use Nenne Soul.png
Omega Nenne
Use Zakum Soul.png
Use Gold Dragon Soul.png
Gold Dragon
Use Red Tiger Soul.png
Red Tiger
Tier B
Use Von Leon Soul.png
Von Leon
Use Hilla Soul.png
Use Elunite Elemental Soul.pngUse Magnificent Elunite Elemental Soul.png
Elunite Elemental*
Use Papulatus Soul.pngUse Magnificent Papulatus Soul.png
Use Gigatoad Soul.png
Tier A
Use Arkarium Soul.png
Use Black Knight Soul.png
Black Knight
Use Mad Mage Soul.png
Mad Mage
Use Rampant Cyborg Soul.png
Rampant Cyborg
Use Vicious Hunter Soul.png
Vicious Hunter
Use Bad Brawler Soul.png
Bad Brawler
Tier S
Use Pink Bean Soul.png
Pink Bean
Use Pierre Soul.png
Use Von Bon Soul.png
Von Bon
Use Ursus Soul.png
Tier SS
Use Cygnus Soul.png
Use Magnus Soul.png
Use Murgoth Soul.png
Use Crimson Queen Soul.png
Crimson Queen
Use Vellum Soul.png
Use Lotus Soul.pngUse Magnificent Lotus Soul.png
Use Damien Soul.pngUse Magnificent Damien Soul.png
Use Lucid Soul.pngUse Magnificent Lucid Soul.png
Use Will Soul.pngUse Magnificent Will Soul.png
Use Verus Hilla Soul.pngUse Magnificent Verus Hilla Soul.png
Verus Hilla
Use Darknell Soul.pngUse Magnificent Darknell Soul.png
Use Kalos Soul.pngUse Magnificent Kalos Soul.png

*Can no longer be obtained, or only available via special events


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