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Shade or Eunwol is one of the six Heroes who sealed away the Black Mage.[6] Shade uses a Knuckle as a primary weapon and a Fox Marble as a secondary weapon and is technically classed as a Pirate, seeing as by today's standards, that is the closest classficiation for the things he calls upon the spirits to do on his behalf.

As one of the six Heroes, he sacrificed his existence to prepare for the seal to seal away the Black Mage. However, nobody remembers his existence due to the nature of the seal. He later mysteriously finds himself in Vulpes of Grandis, where he is aided by a young girl named Moonbeam.[7][8]


The Six Heroes

Shade and Luminous fighting Black Mage together

A hero whose name was lost to time, he was Freud’s best friend. When he first met Freud, he told him that he had nothing to live for, to which Freud said that he had nothing to die for either. This motivated the hero to keep living, and so he dedicated his life to the one who had saved him. Freud even gave the hero a name, which he cherished deeply. He developed a fighting style that was extremely uncommon; centuries in the future, it would be considered that of a pirate. He had no family, no clan, and no attachments but to the comrades who stood alongside him. He was one of the many people who gathered at the Dragon Master's Tower, which was lit by Ryude and his band of soldiers in order to warn Maple World that the end of the world was approaching. He joined Freud and four others to become the Heroes of Maple who fought against the tyranny of the Black Mage.

During the last days of the war, the pirate hero and the others received a letter from the Demon, who planned to betray the Black Mage. The Heroes took the chance opportunity and stormed the Temple of Time. While Freud, Afrien, and Mercedes stormed the Black Mage's throne room, Phantom, Luminous, and the pirate hero took out the aerial forces with the Lumiere, after which they landed near the Black Mage’s throne room. With Aran and Phantom covering them, Luminous and the pirate hero entered the Temple of Time. As they approached the throne room, they were stopped by Guwaru. Just as they were about to fight, Magnus appeared from behind and stabbed Guwaru, absorbing the spirit magic inside of him in order to permanently lengthen his lifespan. Declaring that he was done with Maple World, Magnus left and used the newly created Interdimensional Portal in order to return to Grandis.

Luminous and the pirate hero entered the throne room, where they saw Afrien and Mercedes unconscious, and Freud heavily injured. Freud told them that the Black Mage’s power far exceeded their own, and that they could not hope to defeat him. Instead, he hoped to use the remaining Seal Stones in order to seal the Black Mage away by having them absorb the stolen Transcendent powers, thus creating a powerful Seal of Time, though he added that it was merely a theory, as the Seal Stones had never been used in such a way before. He used a spell to freeze time, allowing Luminous to place the seals around the Black Mage. However, Freud then informed them that there was one more component needed to activate the seal: the time of one living person. After a heated argument, the pirate hero chose to become the sacrifice. His time was absorbed into the Seal Stones, causing all traces of him to vanish from memories, photographs, and any other object that proved that he once existed.

Freud told then Luminous that in order to create the seal, they needed to force the Black Mage into drawing out his full power so that he would have no choice but to resort to using the Transcendent of Time’s power. After placing the spell on the Seal Stones, Freud undid the time freeze, and Luminous engaged in a fierce duel with the Black Mage. Luminous used the full extent of his light magic to counter the Black Mage’s dark magic, forcing the Black Mage to use the power of time. Immediately, the Seal Stones absorbed the stolen power and activated the Seal of Time.

Main Story

Awakening on Vulpes

After being erased from Maple World, the forgotten hero fell into a state of non-existence. Centuries later, the instant that the Black Mage’s seal was broken, he materialized on the moon of Vulpes in Grandis. He awoke to the sight of Pointy-Ear Fox Anima children poking and prodding at him. The bravest, Moonbeam, asked him how he had arrived in their territory. He explained that he was a human who had come from the Temple of Time, but Moonbeam replied that she had never heard of either of those terms. The hero then noticed that there were two moons orbiting them and realized that he was somewhere completely separate from Maple World. He also realized that nearly all of his strength had been drained. The children concluded that the hero’s ignorance

Moonbeam and friends find Shade unconscious

meant that he was stupid, and so Moonbeam decided to take responsibility for him. Back at Fox Point Village, Moonbeam explained that the elders were opposed to her bringing a stranger into the village, and so she asked him to speak with her grandfather, Silver, who was their chief. Silver realized that, without ears or a tail, the hero was likely unable to take care of himself. He took pity on the hero and decided to take him in, allowing him to stay in an abandoned house in the village. He then asked the hero what his name was. The hero tried remembering the name that Freud had given him, but Silver assumed that he was struggling to name himself and decided to come up with a good name for him. Silver suggested the names Mystery, Oddity, and Muddle, but Moonbeam rejected all of them and decided that she would name him since

Moonbeam leads Shade back to Vulpes

she had discovered him. Because he was dark and mysterious, she gave him the name Shade, which she explained was the perfect complement to Moonbeam. After receiving his new name, Shade decided to visit his new house. Despite his new life, he wondered what had happened to his friends. Given that he was still alive, he wondered whether it meant that the seal on the Black Mage had failed. However, he refused to believe that the other Heroes would have given up so easily, and so he assumed that they were hiding out somewhere, waiting to get back together. He decided that he needed to focus on getting his strength back first so that he could join them.

After inspecting his new house, he returned to Silver, who told him that it was time to meet the neighbors. He explained that it was their tradition to give rice cakes to new neighbors and then gave Shade some old rice cakes to distribute to the other foxes. The foxes in the village were pleased to receive the rice cakes, but gave several back-handed compliments about Shade’s lack of ears and tail. They also gave Shade new clothes in order to make him look more presentable. After greeting his neighbors, Shade returned to Silver, who explained that the last step was for him to pray to the Fox God. Shade was escorted to the Fox Tree by Moonbeam, who prayed for the Fox God to watch over Shade since he was so vulnerable. At Moonbeam’s insistence, Shade also prayed to the Fox God. Suddenly, a light engulfed Shade and filled him with strength. Moonbeam explained that it was the Fox God’s blessing, which allowed him to use the power of the spirits. Moonbeam then taught him the basics of how to use his new power and explained that it would be useful to him for hunting and taking care of himself.

An Honorary Fox

After returning back to the village, Moonbeam decided to teach him how to hunt. She joked that failure meant starvation, but promised that she would still feed him even if he failed. First, Shade hunted for Dried Caterpillars and Lady Bugs. Because he was opposed to eating such foods, Moonbeam had him hunt for Sparrow Eggs. After coming back, Moonbeam told him that the adults had prepared a gift for him, as the village had a tradition of giving gifts to baby foxes after their first successful hunt. Shade went back to his house and found their gift of raw liver. He tried to eat it, telling himself that people ate raw fish, but found that he couldn’t stomach it. Nevertheless, he decided to thank the Anima by lying that he ate it. However, he noted that the villagers seemed cold to him when he thanked them. Silver explained that Shade was meant to give a gift in return to the villagers. Since he believed that Shade had already eaten the liver, and since he was too weak to get large gifts, Silver suggested for him to bring Mouse Tails. Shade brought the tails to Silver, who promised Shade that he would distribute them to the villagers on his behalf, so that he could clear up why Shade hadn’t initially gotten them any gifts.

Suddenly, Moonbeam approached him and demanded to know why he was covered in scars, asking if anyone was bullying him. Shade explained that he had been hunting for Mouse Tails, which upset Moonbeam, who told him that she could have done it for him so that he wouldn’t have gotten hurt. She then told Shade that she hated him and ran off towards the Fox Tree. Confused by what he had done wrong, Shade decided to go after her. At the Fox Tree, Shade apologized to Moonbeam for getting hurt and worrying her. Moonbeam told Shade that she was the one who had hunted the liver herself, and so Shade had no reason to hurt himself while trying to get gifts for the other villagers, who hadn’t done any of the work. Realizing that he was still too weak, even with a spirit, Moonbeam decided to give him her own spirit. Against Shade’s protests, she transferred her guardian spirit to Shade, explaining that she had promised to protect him. She reassured him that she was strong, even without her spirit, and that Shade could protect her if she ran into trouble. However, she made him promise to keep it a secret from the other foxes.

Back at the village, Silver told Shade that he had heard that Moonbeam had given him something special and explained that she would get extremely attached to certain people, likely because she had lost her parents at a young age. He asked Shade to take care of Moonbeam just as she cared for him. He then added that it was time for Shade to undertake his coming-of-age ceremony, which would allow him to be acknowledged as a true fox. He told Shade to speak with the villagers in the town and obtain five marks of certification from them. First, Timber asked him to defeat Red Poison Frogs and Green Poison Frogs. Next, Compass gave him a quiz about the Pointy-Ear Foxes. After passing, he took Patience’s test to defeat the Delinquent Chicks and Brook’s test to defeat Punk Chicks. Finally, he approached Moonbeam, who gave him her certification without having him do anything. With five marks of certification, Silver proclaimed Shade to be a true fox and one of their kin. He told Shade that the villagers had prepared another gift for him and asked him to go home and see, promising that the rule of gifting back to the villagers didn’t stand for his own coming-of-age ceremony. Back at his home, Shade found that the Anima had prepared fox ears and a tail for him. Shade hated this gift as well, as he didn’t want to lose his identity while in the unfamiliar world.

Saving Moonbeam

Months later, a girl named Sniffs came to Shade’s house and told him that something bad had happened. She told him that it was raining, but when Shade didn’t understand its significance, she told him to speak with Silver. At the village square, Silver explained that rain meant that a fox was crying somewhere. He added that it took more than a few tears to bring such a downpour and said that he was especially worried because Moonbeam was missing. As no one in the village was crying, he suspected that the rain was indeed because of Moonbeam. However, he explained that she had never cried since losing her parents, and so he suspected that something bad had happened to her. Shade decided to go after her and went to the Fox Tree, where she was last seen. There, he found Moonbeam’s pet, Souffle, all alone and realized that, without her spirit, Moonbeam was in danger. He went into the forest to find her, where he fought his way through tigers and found Moonbeam held captive by the Tiger Chief, who wanted to marry her. After defeating him and taking Moonbeam back, Silver thanked him profusely. He explained that, even though he had acknowledged Shade as a fox, he had still thought of him as an outsider. However, Shade’s heroic actions made Silver consider him a member of his own family. Because of his bravery, he and the other villagers had prepared yet another gift for him. Shade reluctantly returned home, but he was pleasantly surprised to find a hand-crafted medal. He wondered whether this was what it felt like to have a family. Thinking back to his fight with the Black Mage, Shade realized that it felt like a dream from long ago and wondered whether he even wanted to return to Maple World if he could.

A Way Back Home

Several months later, Shade found that the village was much more restless than usual and wondered if something had happened. He asked Moonbeam about it and noted that she seemed much more standoffish than usual. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Moonbeam started crying and apologized to him before running off. Shade asked the villagers what had happened, but they told him that it would be better for him to hear it from Moonbeam. Finally, he asked Silver, who explained that Tumbleweed had returned back to town. After learning that Moonbeam was crying, Silver realized what the problem was. He explained that Tumbleweed was the owner of the house that Shade was staying at and suggested that he ask Tumbleweed to get the full details. He reassured Shade that Tumbleweed had likely just come to pick up a few things, and that he wouldn’t need to vacate the house. Shade then went to speak to Tumbleweed, who recognized him as a human and asked if he was from Maple World. Shade asked him how he knew about Maple World, to which Tumbleweed explained that, though he had never personally been there, he had heard that the Interdimensional Portal in Pantheon allowed travel between Grandis and Maple World. Shade realized that Moonbeam likely knew about the portal, and that she had been trying to hide it from him. Though he loved his new life in Vulpes, Shade desperately wanted to see what had happened to Maple World after the fight with the Black Mage, and so he decided that he would return back to Fox Point Village once he had seen Maple World with his own eyes.

Realizing that Moonbeam was still worried for him, even after giving him her spirit, he decided to try to put her at ease by bringing her a gift of Hyena Fangs. He brought the fangs to Moonbeam at the Fox Tree, where Moonbeam asked if he had heard everything. She explained that she had always known that he would leave one day, as his scent was of the wind. She explained that she had given him her spirit because she didn’t want him to leave. By having Shade promise that he would protect her, she hoped that it would have made him stay by her side. Shade told her that he once had a friend, and that his friend was the first person to have ever helped him. At the time, Shade had told him that he didn’t have a reason to live, but his friend then told Shade that he didn’t have a reason to die either. That friend had also promised that they would get through the tough times together. Shade explained that, before arriving at the village, his friend’s face was the last one that Shade had seen. He told her that his friend was likely in pain and blaming himself, thinking that Shade was gone, and so he needed to go back to see the ones who were waiting for him, just so that he could tell them that he was alive, and promised to return to Moonbeam once it was all over.

Moonbeam asked Shade if she was a friend who was just as important to him as they were. Shade promised her that she was, to which Moonbeam explained that foxes called such people ‘companions’. As she and Shade were companions, she told him that he was bound to come back to her. She also told him that she would miss him greatly while he was away and made him promise to come back soon. With that, they carved a mark of companionship on the Fox Tree. As they had made their promise under the Fox Tree, she explained that Shade was sworn to keep his promise in the name of the Fox God. With that, Moonbeam told him that she was hungry and raced back to the village. However, Shade noted that the rain still showed no signs of stopping.

Back in the square, the entire village came to send Shade off, except for Moonbeam. Silver told him that Moonbeam wouldn’t come out of her room since she didn’t want to watch him leave. Given the heavy rainfall, he suspected that she wouldn’t stop crying anytime soon either. Tumbleweed gave him a scroll that would take him to Pantheon, instructing him to tell Cartalion that he had come on Tumbleweed’s behalf, which would be enough for Cartalion to take care of him. Arriving at Pantheon, Shade noted that it was much different from Vulpes. The Nova, as descendants of dragons, also reminded him of Afrien. After finding Cartalion, he explained that he had come on behalf of Tumbleweed. Cartalion immediately grew belligerent and explained that Tumbleweed had conned him into drinking to the point of blackout, after which Cartalion had woken up alone with a huge tab that Tumbleweed had incurred on Cartalion’s name. Nevertheless, he apologized for being rude and asked how he could help. After learning that Shade wanted to travel to Maple World, Cartalion directed him to the Great Temple, where Shade entered the Interdimensional Portal and emerged in Henesys.

A Changed World

Though Shade realized that everyone in town was human, he still felt that something was different. He asked Chief Stan about Maple World, who grew annoyed, thinking that Shade was playing a joke on him. When he realized that Shade was being serious, he gave an in-depth explanation about Maple World and asked him to bring his Maple Map. After a long search for the map, Shade obtained it from Bruce in the Golem Temple and brought it to Stan. After seeing the new geography of Maple World, Shade recognized Ossyria. Stan explained that Athena Pierce had come from Ossyria as well, and told him to speak with her at the Bowman Instructional School. Shade recalled Athena as the little girl who would follow him and the other Heroes around. He remembered that she had been heading to Victoria Island by airship and had likely settled down. He also wondered whether she would know anything about Mercedes. Arriving at the Bowman Instructional School, he was surprised to see that Athena was an adult. Athena was surprised by his words taking it to mean that Shade was surprised that she hadn’t been cursed by the elves, and so she explained that she had been lucky to avoid it, adding that the centuries which had passed since then was enough time for an elf to mature. Shade was utterly confused by her words, as he recalled that the day they had faced the Black Mage was the same day that young Athena had gotten on the ship to Victoria Island. Athena realized that Shade had been cursed by the Black Mage and explained that it had been centuries since he had been sealed away. She then explained the story of how the Heroes had successfully sealed the Black Mage away, and how they had been cursed to be frozen in ice soon after. Shade was shocked to learn that centuries had passed, as it had only been one year since he had awoken in Vulpes.

He then asked what had happened to the other Heroes, to which Athena explained that all the curses had lifted on the five Heroes. As they had gotten weaker from the curse, they were roaming Maple World in order to rebuild their skills. Shade was thankful to know that his comrades were alive, as he told himself that he would have gone insane if he were the only one alive. He asked Athena if Freud was still studying dragons in Leafre, as he wanted to meet Freud immediately. Athena tried to find a way to tell Shade about Freud, but as she couldn’t bring herself to tell him the truth, she instead told him that it would be too dangerous for him to go to Leafre at his current strength and advised him to stay on Victoria Island and train his skills, promising to let him know if she heard from any of the other Heroes.

Meeting Evan

Some time later, Athena reached out to Shade and told him that she had kept the truth about Freud from him. She explained that she originally didn’t want to tell him the truth after he had already been so overwhelmed with the knowledge of centuries passing, but after having adjusted and gotten settled into his new life, Athena felt that it was the right time to reveal that Freud was dead. The news shocked Shade, who was under the assumption that the Heroes had been frozen in ice. Athena told him that Afrien had taken the curse in Freud’s place, meaning that he hadn’t been frozen. As hundreds of years had passed since then, she explained that it was unlikely that Freud could have survived for so long. She added that after the other Heroes were cursed, he had roamed the world and told the people the story of the five Heroes, but she wondered why he had never mentioned Shade. Shade was overwhelmed by the news, unable to believe that he would never see Freud’s smile again. Athena told him that Afrien had awoken from his curse and offered to send Shade to see him. Shade was teleported to Turtle Island, where he encountered Evan and Mir. When Evan asked why he had come to the island, Shade explained that Athena had sent him to see Afrien, which relieved Evan, as he was worried that Shade was a treasure hunter. Evan told him that Afrien was unwell, and that he had fallen into a deep sleep. He then introduced himself as the new Dragon Master and Mir as Afrien’s child.

Shade noted that Evan resembled Freud, as they had the same kind eyes that became crescent shaped upon smiling. Evan was pleased to hear it, as becoming a great Dragon Master like Freud was his dream. Shade encouraged Evan by saying that he believed in him. He then told Evan that he would come back later to meet Afrien, as he didn’t want to see an Onyx Dragon down. In his mind, he realized that Afrien was likely depressed because Freud was no longer a part of the world. Evan apologized that Shade had come so far for nothing and offered to send him back to the Six Path Crossway. After returning back, Shade refused to accept Freud’s death until he got some closure, such as seeing Freud’s grave or meeting someone who had witnessed Freud’s death. He still believed that Freud was alive, at least to him, and supposed that if Freud was out there, he would be by the ocean, recalling how much Freud loved watching the tides. Shade decided to write Freud a letter and send it out in a bottle. After writing his letter, he went to the edge of Gold Beach. He then voiced out all his pent-up feelings about why Freud had left him out of his stories, wondering whether it was because of the gruesomeness, or whether it was because of Freud’s guilt for letting him sacrifice himself. By venting out his frustrations, Shade was able to let his feelings go, believing that it was probably for the best, as he realized that people calling him a hero would be too much for him to handle in its own way. With that, he threw the message in a bottle into the sea.

Encounter with Lucid

Soon after, Athena reached out to Shade and asked if he had met Afrien. Shade explained what had happened on Turtle Island, to which Athena explained that Afrien had been getting worse ever since the curse had been broken. She then told him that it would be best for him to go to Elluel if he wanted to meet Mercedes, as she stopped by every now and then in-between traveling. She sent Shade to Elluel, having told Philius about him already. In the town, Shade met Philius, who welcomed him to their city. He explained that the curse of the Black Mage had already been lifted, and that Mercedes was in the Royal Chambers. There, Mercedes greeted him as an old friend and asked him how he was. Shade told Mercedes that they hadn’t been able to say their goodbyes on the day they faced the Black Mage and asked what had happened after the battle. Mercedes began to stumble over her words and abruptly changed topic, asking him to check out Elluel. Shade told her that Elluel was a beautiful place and asked if the others ever came. Mercedes replied that everyone had already been to Elluel, and that Shade was the last one left. Shade told her that Freud had always wanted to see Elluel, to which Mercedes explained that Freud had stopped by recently. She then asked him how long he had been asleep, as everyone else had awoken a while ago. Shade was surprised to know that Freud had been to Elluel. Mercedes told him that Freud had asked about Shade, as he had wondered what had been keeping him. Shade then began growing suspicious, realizing that there was no way that Freud could have been there. He then decided to test Mercedes by asking if she remembered the special sandwich that she and Aran had made. Mercedes immediately replied that she recalled how much Shade had liked it. Shade then told her that he had misremembered, and that they had actually made spaghetti that was so sweet that he couldn’t eat it. Mercedes awkwardly laughed and said that it had all happened a long time ago, calling him ‘Shade’.

Shade then called her out, explaining that Mercedes shouldn’t know his new name, and that Freud was missing. Mercedes grew irritated by Shade’s perceptiveness and revealed herself as Lucid. Lucid told Shade that it would have been better if he had stayed in her dream and moved on, thinking that he had met Mercedes. Shade recognized her ears as elven and asked why she was imprisoning the elves in her illusion. Lucid told him that it wasn’t his business and explained that she had been having fun in Elluel, though Shade’s interference had put a stop to it. She promised that she would pay him back with an unimaginable nightmare before disappearing. Shade realized that if his meeting with Mercedes had been a dream, then the other elves must still be asleep. He rushed outside and found Philius in a disturbed sleep. He tried shaking him awake, but as he was an enchanted sleep, Shade decided to get water from the Fairy Fountain, as Mercedes had once told him that it could wash away all bad things. He returned with the magic water and sprinkled it on the elders and Moonie, causing them to wake from their dreams. Philius thanked him for his actions, but he explained that Mercedes was away, though he promised to let him know when she returned.

Meeting Aran

Soon after, Athena reached out to Shade again and thanked him for his actions in Elluel. She told him that Aran had returned to Rien and began to explain her condition, but then decided against it, as she felt that it was best for him to hear it from Aran herself. At the Rien port, Lilin greeted Shade and told him that Athena had let her know that he was coming. She told him that Aran was at Riena Strait, and so Shade took a boat and sailed past the debris in the water before docking on the island. He then encountered three penguins who refused to allow him to enter. After surviving a dangerous snowball fight, Shade tried to explain that he had come to see Aran. However, the penguins assumed that he was trying to kidnap Aran and decided to test him to see if he was worthy of seeing her. They told him to guess which igloo they were hiding in, and as they continued popping between igloos, Shade grew frustrated until Aran finally arrived to stop the penguins.

Shade then asked if she remembered him, but Aran explained that she had lost her memories, though she was trying hard to get them back. Shade told her about the last time they had seen each other in the Temple of Time, when she had told him to go on to fight the Black Mage while she covered him. Aran realized that it meant that they had entrusted each other to watch their backs, and as warriors showed their backs only to their friends, she asked if they had been friends in the past. Shade told her that they were, but Aran apologized and said that she still couldn’t remember him. However, she promised that she would come find him once her memories returned. Shade told her that he would be waiting. He also shared one of his memories of her and Mercedes making lots of food. Though most of it wasn’t good, he promised that he would eat her cooking again if they ever got the chance, though he asked her to use less sugar.

Meeting Phantom

After spending some more time training around Maple World, Athena Pierce reached out to him and explained that she couldn’t locate Phantom. She told him that, for obvious reasons, Phantom was difficult to track down, and she wondered how he could be so well-hidden yet so flashy at the same time. Shade realized that it would be easier to wait at a place where Phantom was likely to visit, and so he decided to go to Phantom’s secret vault in Orbis. There, he discovered that the lock had been broken. He realized that Phantom couldn’t have been the one responsible since it was his own vault, and so he suspected that it had been a burglar, though he noted that there were no signs of robbery. He then decided to go to another one of Phantom’s vaults in Ariant. Inside, he found a large lock on the door and wondered how he would get past it. Remembering that Phantom would always tell him to ask for help if he needed money, he decided that Phantom wouldn’t care too much about a lock, however expensive it was. After breaking in, he found Phantom’s stash of gold. On a shelf, he also found a box that he remembered contained something valuable. However, he found that the box was empty, making his realize that Phantom must have already passed through.

He then traveled to Phantom’s final vault in Leafre, where he found a voice-activated Guardioso. Shade was hesitant about destroying the Guardioso, as it was much more expensive than a lock, but to his surprise, the Guardioso recognized his voice and let him in. He entered the vault and realized that the reason Phantom had placed such a strong defense in the Leafre vault was because of the large portrait of Empress Aria that he had hung up on the wall. Just then, Phantom arrived and recognized Shade as the intruder who had been breaking into his other vaults. After a small skirmish, Shade told Phantom that he was taking his joke too far. Phantom was confused by what he meant, to which Shade told him that Aria’s portrait would get ruined if they kept fighting. Phantom immediately put his guard up and asked how he knew about Aria. Annoyed, Shade told him that Aran had already played the memory loss card. Realizing that Shade knew Aran as well, Phantom asked if the Black Mage had sent him. Shade could tell from Phantom’s eyes that he truly didn’t recognize him, but he wondered how Phantom had only forgotten him and not Aria or Aran if he was also suffering from memory loss. Confused and hurt, he decided to retreat in order to figure out where everything had gone wrong. He wondered whether Phantom was playing a cruel joke on him, but he decided that he would visit Luminous first before confirming his suspicions, and so he asked Athena Pierce to locate Luminous for him.

Meeting Luminous

Some time later, Athena reached out to him and explained that Grendel the Really Old had seen Luminous not too long ago. Shade went to Ellinia and met Grendel, who mistook Shade for a new Explorer. After finding out that he wanted to see Luminous, Grendel hoped that it wasn’t about some world-threatening doom again. Grendel told Shade that he didn’t know where Luminous lived, but he explained that there was a girl who lived with Luminous, and that she would regularly visit the Magic Library. Just then, Lania arrived and greeted Grendel as Grandpa Grendel, explaining that she had come to borrow a history book, since Luminous wanted to learn more about Maple World’s history. Shade then introduced himself as an old friend of Luminous. This excited Lania, who asked him all about Luminous on the way to her home. As they arrived at Lania’s home, she was intrigued to know that Luminous and Phantom hadn’t gotten along from the beginning. She asked if they had been enemies in a previous life, but Shade told her that he felt as though Luminous and Phantom were fairly close, fighting as brothers would. Just then, a horde of Lupins arrived and Lania lamented that she hadn’t brought the Sentrobo with her. Shade told her that he would take care of it and defeated all the Lupins.

As they moved closer into the forest, more Lupins appeared. Just then, Luminous arrived and defeated them all. Lania introduced him to Shade, asking if he recognized his old friend. Luminous was confused, claiming that had never met Shade before, but Lania told him that Shade had told her stories about the Heroes from centuries ago. Luminous immediately put up his guard and demanded to know what Shade was after. Devastated that Luminous didn’t recognize him either, Shade apologized to Luminous for having burdened him the most, as Luminous was the only one who could have activated the seal. He added that that he didn’t want to go through the same experience again, as twice was more than enough. He told Luminous that he was glad to find him happy, even happier than the last time they had seen each other, and told Lania to take care of Luminous before leaving. Lania called after Shade, but Luminous tried to stop her and explained that Shade was a stranger. However, Lania reproached him and explained that such sad, longing eyes couldn’t be directed towards a stranger. Back in Ellinia, Shade recognized that the anger in Luminous’ eyes was the same as that in Phantom’s, meaning that both of them truly had forgotten about him. He wondered whether the sacrifice he had offered for the Seal of Time hadn’t been his life, but rather his very existence, which he realized would explain everything, as his existence being erased would be why Freud had only told the story of five Heroes, and why Athena didn’t remember him at all.

Forgotten Again

Shade then realized that even if he had been erased from everyone

Shade with the other heroes

’s memories, there should still be some sort of hole in their memories, meaning that they should have at least known that someone filled those gaps in their minds, even if they couldn’t remember who. In order to confirm his theory, he went to the roof of the Lion King’s Castle, where he found a time capsule that he and the other Heroes had made. Though they had promised to open it together, Shade hoped that they would understand why he had opened it himself. Inside, he found Phantom’s contribution, a scroll from Luminous, a whetstone that Aran used to sharpen Maha, one of Afrien’s scales, and the token of the Ruler of Elves, though he wondered whether Mercedes had meant to put it in there, as he assumed that it was quite important. (He then found his own contribution, a photograph of all six of them. He remembered that they had told him to put his most prized possession, and so he

Shade erased from their memories

had put in a photo of his only friends in the world. However, upon looking at the photo, he realized that he had been erased from it. He left the Lion King’s Castle distraught, finally accepting that he had been erased from Maple World.

Believing that the others would see him as a threat, he decided to return to Vulpes, where he knew that at least the villagers would still remember him. He returned to Fox Point Village, but to his surprise, Silver treated him as an outsider and told him to leave immediately. Shade was shocked, but he hoped that it was because Silver had been experiencing memory problems because of his old age. However, when he met the other Anima, they also treated him as a stranger and tried to chase him out of the village. Shade wondered whether Moonbeam still remembered him and went to ask Silver where she was. Silver assumed that Moonbeam had led him into the village and explained that ever since she had lost her connection to the spirits, she would sit by the Fox Tree and stare off into space, as though she were possessed by a ghost. Shade realized that it was still raining and wondered if her sitting by the Fox Tree, the last place they had been together, meant that she still remembered him. There, he met Moonbeam, who asked who he was and why he didn’t have fox ears or a tail. Dejected, Shade told her that he had come to see his friend. Moonbeam asked if his friend lived in their village and realized that he probably meant Tumbleweed, who knew many people from Maple World. Shade then looked at the Fox Tree and found that even the mark of companionship they had carved on the tree had disappeared. Moonbeam told Shade that he was strange and added that she doubted that he fit in anywhere. She wondered if he was just like her, as she had been rejected by the other Anima because she had lost her spirit. She explained that she couldn’t even remember how it had disappeared and assumed that the Fox God had taken it away for her bad behavior, and so she had been praying to the Fox God every day in order to ask for her spirit back.

Shade asked if he could make a wish to the Fox God as well. Moonbeam told him that the Fox God might not grant his wish since he wasn’t a fox, but added that it couldn’t hurt to try. Shade wished for the power and courage to put everything back into its place. Suddenly, power emanated from the Fox God’s statue and filled Shade. Moonbeam got excited and told him that the Fox God would grant his wish, though she wondered about her own. Shade then told her that, though she couldn’t remember, she had lent him something important. Though he wished that he could give it back, it wouldn’t leave him, and so he supposed that he would have to first finish what he had started. He then apologized and told her to wait a little longer. Moonbeam was confused, as she couldn’t remember lending him anything, but said that he smelled familiar, just like the wind. Shade then took his leave, utterly defeated. He realized that no one would ever remember him no matter where he went. As he didn’t belong in Maple World or Grandis, he felt as though there was nowhere for him and he began to wonder why he even existed.

Where It All Began

Though crippled by the realization, he decided to investigate further into why everything had gone wrong. He wondered whether the Anima had forgotten him after a certain period of time or after he left Grandis. He decided to speak with Athena Pierce in order to see if she could help him again. He went back to Henesys and began to explain the situation to Athena. However, she interrupted him and asked him who he was. Shade immediately realized that Athena had forgotten him yet again. Piecing together everything that had happened to him, he concluded that everyone had forgotten him when he had moved between worlds. Lost and confused, he decided to return to the Temple of Time, the place where everything had started. At the temple, he met with the Temple Keeper and asked about the Gate of the Present. The Temple Keeper explained that the Black Mage had been sealed there until recently, but that no one had entered since the seal broke. Shade asked if there was any way for him to enter, but the Temple Keeper told him that the Gate of the Present only opened to those who were not part of Maple World. Shade realized that since he had been erased, the door may still open to him. He approached the Gate of the Present, and sure enough, it appeared open to him, confirming his suspicions that he truly wasn’t a part of Maple World any longer.

Upon passing through, he entered the Black Mage’s stronghold, where lingering traces of darkness manifested as Omens. He fought his way through and entered the throne room, where he defeated a Master Omen. He then examined the broken Seal Stones all around and supposed that he should be thankful that his sacrifice had kept Maple World safe for centuries, though he felt that it was a small comfort after everything he had been through. Though he didn’t regret his choice, he wondered if he could have made the same decision after knowing what the consequences would be.

After leaving the Temple of Time, Shade continued to wander Maple World until he suddenly began to feel unnaturally drowsy. After falling asleep, he had a terrible nightmare of Moonbeam and the other Anima running in fear of him, the five Heroes looking at him with anger in their eyes, and Freud crying out to him as he sacrificed himself to power the Seal of Time. Suddenly, he was transported to a dreamscape where he encountered the Black Mage, with Lucid floating beside him. The Black Mage laughed and told Shade that the only reason he still existed was because, as a Transcendent, the Black Mage was still able to remember him. He then asked Shade if he would make the same choice again, knowing what it had cost him.

Shade then awoke with a start and wondered if it had really been just a dream, as the Black Mage had felt so real. He also noted that Lucid had been in the dream as well and wondered if she had created the nightmare as payback for his interference in Elluel. Thinking back to what the Black Mage had said, Shade wondered if it meant that he was only alive because of the Black Mage and realized that if the Black Mage were to die, Shade would die with him. He laughed grimly and wished that it worked in reverse. He realized that he had always been prepared to sacrifice himself ever since the day of the final battle, and that, if he could give his life to rid the world of the Black Mage, he would gladly do so again. He then resolved that he would live to see that future through, making it his singular goal to defeat the Black Mage.

Joining the Alliance

Soon after, he decided to seek out Empress Cygnus, as he hoped that she would know more about the Black Mage. He went to visit her in Ereve and told her that she resembled Aria, adding that it must have given Phantom a start. Cygnus was intrigued that he knew about Aria and Phantom. Shade explained that they were old acquaintances, and that he had no love for the Black Mage, just like the other Heroes. He then told her that he had come to see if she could share any information about the Black Mage with him. Cygnus told him that she would help however she could, in exchange for Shade lending his support to the Alliance. Shade was surprised and told Cygnus that she was very trusting, as it was a big leap from sharing information to cooperating. Cygnus told him that even though she was young, she could tell honesty when she saw it. Shade was impressed and agreed to join the Alliance, thus gaining access to their intelligence network.

The Grand Athenaeum

Shade continued his training in Maple World for some time until he learned about the Grand Athenaeum, which was said to hold all the world’s records, and so he traveled there in the hope that it held clues on the Black Mage. There, he met Thales the Librarian, who asked him to give him keywords about the topic he was interested in, so that he could recommend books to Shade. Shade told him to look up the Black Mage, and Thales explained that he had found 3849 results with titles such as “The Sealing of the Black Mage”, “Commanders of the Black Mage”, and “Appearance of the Black Mage”. Shade asked him to narrow it down to the Black Mage’s resurrection. Thales found only one book on the topic, but told him that it wasn’t available to the public, and so he asked if Shade had another search in mind. Shade then asked him to search for the Seal of Time. Thales found a book about the Seal of Time and briefly perused it himself in order to learn that the Seal of Time was what had sealed the Black Mage. He then found a book called “The Black Mage and the Five Heroes”, explaining that it likely held everything Shade was looking for. He then asked if there was anything else Shade wanted to search. Shade then whispered his old name to Thales, who began to look for any records of him. Suddenly, Shade told Thales to stop looking for him, as he then decided that, even if there was a record of him in the library, he wouldn’t dwell on the past any longer.

As the Seal of Time began activating, the Black Mage attempted to shatter the seal. To prevent this from happening, Luminous charged forward to stop him. However, the physical contact between the Black Mage and the last remnant of his light resulted in a power transfer, and Luminous inadvertently absorbed a trace of the Transcendent’s dark power, turning one of his eyes crimson red. With the Black Mage sealed behind the Gate of the Present, the Heroes were summarily expelled from the Temple of Time and cast down from the sky into the burning land of Leafre. Luminous managed to find a way back to Victoria Island and began to head towards Elluel, but only made it as far as Ellin Forest before he was frozen.

Final Quest

Shade soon achieved the same strength that he had centuries ago. After hearing that Mercedes had returned to Elluel, he decided to see her, even though he knew that she wouldn’t recognize him. There, he introduced himself to her as a simple traveler who had always wanted to visit Elluel. After speaking with her for a bit, he decided to head back, leaving Mercedes to wonder why he had spoken to her as though he were an old friend. Just as he had thought, the visit to Mercedes had hurt him and he began wondering why he even wanted to get stronger. He then realized that he had only tried to grow stronger because of the guardian spirit that Moonbeam had given him, and so he decided to return it back to her. He returned to Vulpes, where he found Moonbeam at the Fox Tree. Moonbeam immediately smiled and told Shade that he looked just like her guardian spirit. Shade was surprised, as he believed that he had Moonbeam’s spirit, but Moonbeam then summoned her new spirit and demonstrated that it looked identical to Shade. She explained that after praying to the Fox God for so long, she had finally received a new guardian spirit after losing her old one.

Just then, her grandfather Silver arrived and confronted Shade, whom he believed to be an outsider. However, Moonbeam told him not to be mean to someone who looked just like her guardian spirit. Silver was surprised and told Shade that there was a legend that the guardian spirit of a Fox Anima took the shape of those whom they most longed for, and that such spirits were said to be more powerful than any other spirit. Moonbeam expressed her doubt, asking how she could long for someone she had never met. Silver asked Shade whether he had ever met Moonbeam before, to which Shade explained that he had borrowed her guardian spirit, and that he had come to return it. However, Moonbeam had no recollection of it and told him that she didn’t need another guardian spirit. Seeing that Moonbeam was happy, Shade told her that he hoped that one day, she would remember that he meant as much to her as she did to him, leaving soon afterwards. After heading back to Maple World, he was pleasantly surprised to find that his guardian spirit now took the form of Moonbeam.

Black Heaven

The night before the operation, Shade stood alone atop a cliff gazing at the sky. He lamented that he had no one to spend the night with before the final battle, though he expected as much. Even though the other Heroes didn’t remember him, Shade was grateful to be alive to fight alongside his friends. As dawn approached, his thoughts turned to Moonbeam as he wondered how she was doing.

During the Black Heaven operation, Shade met Aran and, with her memories of meeting him in Riena Strait being erased after he moved between dimensions to Grandis, she befriended him once again and the two later became sparring partners.

Heroes of Maple

When Aran and Shade were training, they received news of Lilin being kidnapped by the demon army. Aran brought Shade to Turtle Island and met up with Evan and Mir. Aran broke a large ice wall and fought several troops in the demon army, with Shade as a backup, in order to save Lilin. They eventually met Afrien and Aran briefly fought Damien, who branded Maha with his mark.

Due to Maha taking damage from Damien's attack, Aran and Shade promised to meet Evan at the Sanctum of Abraxas later on. After Maha was healed, they fought the demon army from the other side of the sanctum, which took them a long time to reach the other Heroes. The group eventually escaped the demon army when Evan activated the Eye of Abraxas.

As he was unable to cross dimensions without being forgotten, Shade stayed behind in Maple World while the others went to Earth. After the Heroes failed to acquire the Transcendence Stone, they returned to regroup with Shade.

Shade and the other Heroes successfully defeated Damien and used the Transcendence Stone to scatter Alicia's life force in order to save Maple World.

In the credits, Aran was shown laughing at the missing section of the mural depicting the Heroes sealing the Black Mage, much to Shade's

Shade embarrassed


Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Freud for Shade.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Shade is "Forgotten Hero". Though Shade feared fading out of existence with the White Mage, the anchor to his existence, disappearing, the White Mage warmly told Shade to be at peace, as 'she' would remember him.


After a large celebration party, Evan unexpectedly decided to visit Freud’s birthplace, where he found the other Heroes. Evan was surprised, as they had told him that they had ‘other stuff’ to do and sent him off like a child. Aran laughed and said that she had changed her mind, but that it was worth the trip to see the baffled look on his face. Mercedes told Aran not to make fun of Evan, as he did help them save the world. Luminous noted that it appeared as though they all had the same ‘stuff’ to do. Just then, Phantom appeared in a flash and saw that they had beaten him, though he declared that the star of the show always appeared last. Mercedes snapped that he was meant to be at another extravagant party, but Evan broke up the fight and said that with Phantom, all the Heroes were there, as well as himself. Phantom then told Evan not to discount himself, as he was one of them after helping save the world, which Mercedes agreed with. Phantom noted the irony of the grand Heroes who had defeated the Black Mage celebrating in an abandoned shack to mope about their long lost companion. Mercedes then suggested watching the moon and stars, visible from the broken roof. They wondered whether Freud ever watched the sky as they had, but Phantom pointed out that there likely hadn’t been a hole in the roof while he still lived there. Aran mentioned that she recalled how Freud had many holes in his roof, and that he had been too lazy to fix them. Shade countered that Freud was less lazy and more content with the feeling of a rundown cottage. The Heroes then looked back fondly on Freud and his eccentric ways. Soon after, they prepared to leave when Evan asked when they would see each other again. The Heroes reassured him that they were like family, and that they would see each other again at the next crisis, as they were Maple World’s greatest heroes.

After everyone left Freud’s house, Shade was left alone. He realized that the others likely had loved ones to see and considered finding some celebration to go to himself, though he decided against the idea, as Freud’s house was where he felt most at home. He recalled how he believed that he would fade away after the Black Mage was defeated and how, for a long time, he hadn’t minded the idea since no one would ever remember him. Ultimately though, he was glad that he didn’t fade away, as he now had friends who were counting on him.


While searching for Grendel the Really Old, the Adversary, Elwin, and Lily traveled to Morass, where they encountered the White Mage. Shade asked the White Mage if he knew how to remove his curse. The White Mage told Shade that he didn't have the answer, but that his curse would soon mean nothing. Soon after, Maple World and Grandis fused together, removing the need for crossing dimensions. Because of this, Shade could travel between the two worlds without being forgotten.

Shade decided to return to Vulpes and met with Moonbeam again. She was surprised to see Shade since she didn't remember him, but recognized that he looked like her guardian spirit, which took the form of the person she missed the most. Shade was overjoyed and told Moonbeam that he could finally create memories with her again. He then told her that he was from a place where there was only one moon and gave her his name, asking her not to forget it.

Job Advancements

2nd Job Advancement

Second Job Advancement is given during Shade's quest chain when he arrives in Henesys.

3rd Job Advancement

Third Job Advancement occurs as a quest chain that appears upon reaching level 60 and being while in a map that allows teleportation.

4th Job Advancement

Fourth Job Advancement is a quest that appears upon reaching level 100, where the player must teleport to Grand Athenaeum via the Dimensional Mirror, and talk to Thales the Librarian.

5th Job Advancement

For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page.


  • Shade is the only Pirate that can teleport.[9]
  • In KMS, Shade originally made rice balls to distribute to the Pointy-Ear Foxes.
  • Shade's starting clothes are named after stars, Deneb and Altair. Deneb coincidentally happens to be the furthest star in the constellation, Cygnus.
  • The contents of the "letter written to Freud" are determined by the player.
  • It is revealed the Heroes had once made a time capsule in Lion King's Castle.
  • Shade is the only currently known person to have gotten into Phantom's secret safe - ironically through the same means (breaking the lock).
    • Oddly enough, the Guardioso placed in front of the Leafre vault recognized his voice, despite not recognizing Phantom during his job advancement.
  • His status as the sixth hero is confirmed in the second blockbuster — Heroes of Maple
    • The mural that represents the heroes shows six parts, though the bottom right of the mural was erased, which represents his existence being forgotten during the sealing of the Black Mage.
    • When Freud's consciousness left in the flying ruins Abraxas appears in front of the group, Freud recognizes Shade, though he cannot remember his name due to the nature of the spell he casts. This marks the confirmation that there are six heroes.
    • In the second blockbuster, he interacts more with Aran. He normally helps her with training and fixing her weapon.
  • Upon hearing of Shade's curse, Evan plans to find a way to break the spell once their business with the Black Mage is over
    • This curse is ultimately rendered meaningless with the fusion of Maple World and Grandis


Availability of Shade (Eunwol)
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
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