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Recipes are a set of materials used to craft an item with Professions. Some recipes come in the form of a Useable item dropped by monsters/obtained from various content in the game, while other recipes do not require such an item. This page will serve to list all the items you can craft via professions.

Eqp Yellow Duke Level 1 - 4 Eqp Timeless Fennel Level 5 - 8 Use Master Craftsman's Cube Level 9 - Meister
Accessory Crafting
Eqp Defense Ring I Level 1 - 4 Eqp Swift Deadshot Ring I Level 5 - 8 Use Powerful Rebirth Flame Level 9 - Meister
Use Health Potion (1000) Level 1 - 4 Use Strength Potion VII Level 5 - 8 Use Boss Rush Boost Potion Level 9 - Meister
Armor HatTopOverallBottomShoesGlovesShieldCape
Accessory Face AccessoryEye AccessoryEarringsRingPendantBeltMedalShoulder DecorationPocket ItemBadgeEmblemCrusader Codex
Etc Mechanic EquipmentAndroidMechanical HeartDragon EquipmentPet EquipmentTotem

One-Handed SwordOne-Handed AxeOne-Handed Blunt WeaponDesperadoWandStaffShining RodScepterPsy-limiterLucent GauntletDaggerCaneChainWhip BladeSoul Shooter


Two-Handed SwordTwo-Handed AxeTwo-Handed Blunt WeaponSpearPolearmKatanaArm CannonFanBowCrossbowDual BowgunsAncient BowClawKnuckleGunHand Cannon


ShieldMagic ArrowSoul RingMagic BookCharmMassArrowheadJewelFistSoul ShieldCardMedallionArrow FletchingWrist BandDocumentKodachiCore ControllerDemon AegisOrbRosaryBow ThimbleFar SightMagic MarbleMartial FistFox MarbleKataraDragon EssenceIron ChainDagger ScabbardPowder KegWhistleChess PieceChargeWarp ForgeLucent WingsMagnumAbyssal PathRelic

PotionFoodCurePet FoodEquipment ScrollEquip Enhancement ScrollPotential ScrollReturn ScrollMonster CardFamiliar CardArrowThrowing StarBulletSummoning SackMastery BookBagRecipeSoul WeaponRebirth Flame
LeftoversQuest ItemBagCrafting MaterialOreHerbItem CrystalRefined OreRefined HerbMagic PowderAbrasive
ChairDecorative ItemTitleBag
Cash Item
Item/Special ScrollMiscellaneous ItemsPetCube
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