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Rebirth Flames are items used to give the effect of Bonus Stats/Additional Options to your equipment, granting it higher stats than average, and even granting new stats. Certain Flames (created via crafting) can also be used to randomly change the equipment's bonus stats. Note that the following equipment CANNOT gain the effects of Additional Options:

Flames from Bosses
Use Rebirth Flame Lv. 110.png
Rebirth Flame Lv. 110
Use Rebirth Flame Lv. 120.png
Rebirth Flame Lv. 120
Use Rebirth Flame Lv. 130.png
Rebirth Flame Lv. 130
Use Rebirth Flame Lv. 140.png
Rebirth Flame Lv. 140
Use Rebirth Flame Lv. 150.png
Rebirth Flame Lv. 150
Other Flames
Use Powerful Rebirth Flame.png
Powerful Rebirth Flame
Use Eternal Rebirth Flame.png
Eternal Rebirth Flame
Use Black Rebirth Flame.png
Black Rebirth Flame
Armor ArmorAccessory
Weapon WeaponSecondary Weapon
Recovery PotionFoodCurePet Food
Equipment ScrollRebirth FlameSoul Weapon
Equip Enhancement Scroll
Others ArrowBagBulletFamiliar CardMastery BookRecipe
Summoning SackTeleport ItemThrowing Star
BagLeftoversQuest Item
Profession AbrasiveCrafting MaterialItem CrystalMagic Powder
HerbOreRefined HerbRefined Ore
BagChairDecorative ItemTitle
Cash Item
Cash ItemCubePet

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