Ranheim Defense is a party quest located near Arcane River's Morass region. To participate, talk to the Mysterious Researcher in Trueffet Square. Ranheim Defense can only be attempted alone, and you will have 3 clears a day, meaning that you can reattempt or reset a run that you've already entered.

Prevent Hekaton's resurrection with the power of the light magic pillar Ranheim Rod!

PQ Map

Body Fragment

Hekaton's Fragment

Map Ranheim Defense.png
Ranheim Defense

Ranheim Defense only has one map, with a time limit of 10 minutes and various portals that teleport players between the middle and the left / right sides of the map. During Ranheim Defense, a Body Fragment will appear in a random location and attack the Ranheim Rod in the center of the map. To destroy them, you must charge Light Magic by defeating the surrounding monsters. Once the energy is full, you can press the NPC Chat / Harvest key on top of the Light Magic Launcher in front of the Body Fragment to destroy it. After defeating 9 Body Fragments, Hekaton's Fragment will appear, which must be attacked using the Light Magic Launcher a total of 3 times; after each hit, it will teleport to a random location.

Upon successfully defeating Hekaton's Fragment, you will be taken to the Reward Stage.

Reward Stage

Map Ranheim Defense Exit.png
Ranheim Defense Exit

This stage serves to give your rewards. If you successfully complete the PQ, you will obtain Eqp Arcane Symbol Morass.pngArcane Symbol: Morass. If you fail, you will be given no rewards, but the run will not count toward your daily completions.


If you complete the PQ, you will obtain Eqp Arcane Symbol Morass.pngArcane Symbol: Morass x 2. You can also immediately complete daily runs for every additional area you complete in Arcane River.

  • When Esfera is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 1 run to receive the Symbols instantly.
  • When Moonbridge is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 2 runs to receive the Symbols instantly.
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