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Who Watches the Watchmen?
Character Self
Category Phantom
Available It's time to disembark from the Lumiere and investigate the Black Wings in Edelstein. Don't forget the hat that Christiane gave you...
In Progress Edelstein had three Black Wings watchmen: Watchman Leonore, Watchman Wonny, and Watchman Bavan. Watchman Bavan is the highest ranking member, Leonore the lowest. Investigate from the lowest rank up. Put on the Black Wings Hat first.

Leonore the Watchman (#u25408#)
Wonny the Watchman 1 (#u25409#)
Wonny the Watchman 2 (#u25410#)
Bavan the Watchman (#u25411#)
Completed Your investigation revealed that the watchmen don't actually do anything in Edelstein, they just keep an eye out. You'll have to look elsewhere to find the big fish.
  1. Click on the light-bulb above your head.
  2. Complete the quests Leonore the Watchman, Wonny the Watchman 1, Wonny the Watchman 2 and Bavan the Watchman.
  3. Click on the book above your head.
Rewards BasicReward
5,000 EXP
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