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There's a Limit to Everything
NPC Gaston
Category Phantom
Available You reached level 18 with the power of money! It's not a lot, but it's better than being level 10.
In Progress A little monster hunting would do you good. Return to the Training Center after you assign all of your new Skill Points.

Jr. Boogie #a254031#
Completed It was simple enough to remaster the skills you had... if only you could get stronger without all the work!
  1. Talk to Gaston in Waist Deck.
  2. Eliminate 30 Jr. Boogies.
  3. Talk to Gaston again.
Rewards BasicReward
900 EXP
Use White Pill White Pill x 20
Use Blue Pill Blue Pill x 20
Eqp Noble Stick Noble Stick x 1 (if Thief)
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