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The Missing Seal Stone of El Nath
NPC Alcaster
Category Phantom
Available The lab was hit by the Black Wings. Were they trying to get ahold of the records, or something else? Go ask Alcaster.
In Progress It turns out there was a Seal Stone in Alcaster's Laboratory. That must be what the Black Wings were looking for. Hopefully they left the journals behind. Go back to the lab.

Etc Dirty Old Diary Dirty Old Diary #c4033125# / 1
Completed The journals are totally illegible. According to Alcaster, his teacher lost his life during the war 300 years ago. Many records and libraries burned at the same time, so it's likely much of that history was destroyed.

You remember yelling at Aran for dropping the ball long ago, but it looks like you lost a Seal Stone as well...
  1. Talk to Alcaster in El Nath. You will be teleported to Alcaster's Laboratory.
  2. Click on Pile of Worn Books to obtain 1 Dirty Old Diary.
  3. Talk to Alcaster again.
Rewards BasicReward
10,000 EXP
Etc Dirty Old Diary Dirty Old Diary -1
Unlocked Quest(s) Helios Tower Library
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