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Stephan the Watchman
NPC Stephan
Category Phantom
Available Stephan, the watchman with sharp eyes. Maybe he knows something about the Black Wing leadership.
In Progress Stephan really does steal supplies! He's no master thief, but he gets the job done. And boy does he love money! You could try a bribe, but he'll get suspicious. Instead, go eliminate some Patrol Robot S machines and bring the Battery items they carry.

Etc Rue Battery Battery #c4033123# / 40
Completed According to Stephan, the Black Wings officers are outside of Edelstein trying to collect something from the mine nearby.
  1. Talk to Stephan in Road to the Mine 1.
  2. Obtain 40 Batteries from Patrol Robot S.
  3. Talk to Stephan again.
Rewards BasicReward
2,800 EXP
Etc Rue Battery Battery -40
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