A Proper Introduction
NPC Gaston.png
Category Phantom
Available The time has finally come. I hope you're all ready.
In Progress All preparations are complete! As Gaston said, every hero has to take their first step. Head into Ereve. You will only have to make it past the guards in the Knights Chamber..
Completed The plan was a complete success! An entrance worthy of the world's greatest thief!
  1. Talk to Gaston in Waist Deck.
  2. Click on Kidan in Knights' Chamber.
  3. Enter Ereve Grand Pavilion.
  4. View the cutscene.
  5. Click on the book above your head.
Rewards BasicReward.png
Eqp A Hero, No More (Phantom).png A Hero, No More
Unlocked Quest(s) Lumiere Light Show