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A Fine Piece of Bluffery
NPC Gaston
Category Phantom
Available Gaston is so strict. How could he expect the greatest thief ever to exist wouldn't show a little bit of pizazz after hundreds of years away?
In Progress However, Gaston may have a point. You are far too weak to battle any of the Black Mage's minions at this point. You need to do some training!

Orange Mushroom #a254011#
Completed When did the Orange Mushroom become such a tough beast? You used to be so tough!
  1. Talk to Gaston in Waist Deck.
  2. Eliminate 30 Orange Mushrooms.
  3. Talk to Gaston again.
Rewards BasicReward
800 EXP
Use White Pill White Pill x 10
Use Blue Pill Blue Pill x 10
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