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Quest Name Requirements
A Proper Introduction None
Lumiere Light Show Level 10
A Fine Piece of Bluffery Level 10
Cash for Levels Level 10
There's a Limit to Everything Level 18
Intelligrabber Level 18
Impeccable Disguise Level 18
The Black Heart of Edelstein Level 18
Who Watches the Watchmen? Level 18
Leonore the Watchman Level 18
Wonny the Watchman 1 Level 19
Wonny the Watchman 2 Level 19
Bavan the Watchman Level 21
The Outsider Level 22
Stephan the Watchman Level 23
The Suspicious Secretary Level 24
Le Tierre's Test Level 24
The Sneakiest Secretary Level 25
Circling Around Level 25
Colette the Intelligence Collector Level 25
An Order of Black Wings Level 25
Cut the Strings Level 26
Francis Spills the Beans Level 26
Like Pulling Strings Level 26
An Upset Puppet Level 26
Sealed Knowledge Level 26
Information Analysis Level 26
[Job Advancement] The Erstwhile Vault Level 30
[Job Advancement] That's So Raven Level 30
A Favor for Marguerite Level 35
Rushing to Rien Level 42
A Nagging Doubt Level 42
An Ancient Set of Memories Level 44
Alcaster's Laboratory Level 44
The Missing Seal Stone of El Nath Level 44
Helios Tower Library Level 54
Unwritten Records Level 54
Enemy Unknown Level 54
[Job Advancement] The Poor, the Rich, and the Phantom Level 60
[Job Advancement] The Lowdown Level 60
Phantom's Token of Heroism Level 60
Silver Heroes Emblem Level 60
Spirit on My Shoulder Level 65
Don't Turn Around Level 65
There's a Phantom on Phantom Level 65
A Withered Lotus Level 65
Driving Out the Demons Level 65
Floating Lotus Level 74
Dangerous Mistakes Level 74
Aria Level 74
You Are Not Alone Level 74
[Job Advancement] What's in a Phantom? Level 100
[Job Advancement] An Expensive Acquisition Level 100
[Skill] The Empress and the Thief [Level 100]
Keep on Rolling Level 100
Transmission Failure [Level 100]
The Taste of Luxury [Level 100]
Phantom's Token for an Epic Hero. Level 100
Gold Heroes Emblem Level 100
The Truth About Skaia Level 200
High Rolling Level 200
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