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[Required] A Letter Across Ages
Character Self
Category Shade
Available You could not get any information on Freud because you could not speak to Afrien. Could Freud truly be gone? It's hard for you to believe.
In Progress You cannot let Freud go that easily. You can't be sure until you see his grave, or meet someone who saw him draw his final breath. For now, writing him a letter will help you cope.

Tip. Eliminate Gold Beach monsters to get a Glass Bottle.
Completed You sent Freud your letter. Perhaps someday, somehow, he will receive your message.
  1. Click on the light-bulb above your head.
  2. Eliminate 300 monsters in Gold Beach and obtain 1 Glass Bottle.
  3. Click on the book above your head.
Rewards BasicReward
7,000 EXP
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