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Quest Name Requirements
[Beast Tamer] The Town Prankster None
[Beast Tamer] Crybaby None
[Beast Tamer] Brave Like a Hero None
[Beast Tamer] Save the Cat 1 None
[Beast Tamer] Save the Cat 2 None
[Beast Tamer] Wolf Fight None
[Beast Tamer] Becoming a Hero... None
[Beast Tamer] Critter Champs None
[Beast Tamer] A Hero's Return to Town None
[Beast Tamer] Snow Leopard Guardian None
[Beast Tamer] Restoring HP None
[Beast Tamer] Snow Leopard Powah None
[Beast Tamer] Like, Grrr and Stuff None
[Beast Tamer] Live to Fight Another Day None
[Beast Tamer] From Grandmother's House We Go None
[Beast Tamer] The Heroes Set Out! None
[Beast Tamer] Reading Maps None
[Beast Tamer] To Stump Town None
[Required] Eka's Terrifying Power Level 30
[Required] Summoning Arby Level 50
[Beast Tamer] The Boy Who Cried Kobold None
[Beast Tamer] Bluffing Tom None
[Beast Tamer] The Kobold Threat 1 None
[Beast Tamer] The Kobold Threat 2 None
[Beast Tamer] The Kobold Threat 3 Level 16
[Beast Tamer] Saving the Townspeople 1 Level 17
[Beast Tamer] Saving the Townspeople 2 Level 18
[Beast Tamer] Saving the Townspeople 3 Level 19
[Beast Tamer] Discovering the Den Level 20
[Beast Tamer] Den Expedition 1 Level 21
[Beast Tamer] Den Expedition 2 Level 23
[Beast Tamer] Bluffing Tom's Mama Level 24
[Beast Tamer] Kobold Knowledge Level 24
[Beast Tamer] Finding King Kobold Level 25
[Beast Tamer] The Scent of a Kobold Level 26
[Beast Tamer] Kobold Fragrance Level 27
[Beast Tamer] King Kobold Knockout None
[Beast Tamer] Kobolds...For Real? Level 28
[Beast Tamer] Show and Tell 1 None
[Beast Tamer] Show and Tell 2 None
[Beast Tamer] The Story of Heroes Level 28
[Beast Tamer] Get On Board Level 29
[Beast Tamer] Kyrin of the Nautilus None
[Beast Tamer] To Henesys None
[Beast Tamer] Vicky's Standards None
[Beast Tamer] Channeling Fort None
[Beast Tamer] Channeling Lai None
[Beast Tamer] Channeling Eka None
[Beast Tamer] Channeling Arby None
Forest Friend Emblem Level 60
Silver Forest Emblem Level 60
Fantastic Forest Friend Emblem Level 100
Gold Forest Emblem Level 100
[Beast Tamer] Birth of a New Hero Level 140
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