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The Hut in the Swamp
NPC Ryden
Category Explorer
Available Ryden wasn't satisfied with the results of the previous investigation, so he's starting a new one. Find out what this is about.
In Progress Ryden had the Wild Crocodile Swamp checked and confirmed that the Dark Lord meets with someone in the Hut in the Swamp.

He could have allies... You need to investigate the Hut in the Swamp. Pay extra attention to the Hut's Trash Can.

Etc Secret DocumentSecret Document #c4033182#/1
Completed You encountered a Dark Disciple in the hut and took care of him. You gave the document he dropped to Ryden, who is now angry because it turns out the Dark Lord is investigating Lady Syl!
  1. Talk to Ryden in Kerning City Back Alley. You will be teleported to Wild Crocodile Swamp
  2. Obtain 1 Secret Document by clicking on Knocked Trash Can at Hut in the Swamp.
  3. Talk to Ryden again.
Rewards BasicReward
2,593 EXP
Etc Secret Document Secret Document -1
Unlocked Quest(s) Investigating the Jazz Bar
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