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[Job Advancement] Spy Training, Complete!
NPC Ryden
Category Explorer
Available Time for your final spy training session. Talk to Ryden to find out what you'll be doing this time.
In Progress The final test is a test of loyalty. Ryden wants to see if you'll drink a potion, even if he tells you it's poisonous. Um, does that mean it IS poisonous?

Tip: You cannot complete the quest if the effects of the poison wears off. If that happens, abandon the quest and restart it to get another potion.
Completed Lady Syl was amused and revealed that this was just a test. But she reminds you that an act of betrayal would make you an enemy of the Dual Blades forever, so remember this lesson. Now you're officially a member of their faction...
  1. Talk to Ryden in Secret Practice Place Entrance. You will be teleported to Lady Syl's Room.
  2. Talk to Lady Syl in Lady Syl's Room with the buff Ryden's Poison.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Beginner to Rogue (Dual Blade)
Eqp Beginner Thief's Short Sword Beginner Thief's Short Sword x 1
Eqp Beginner Adventurer Beginner Adventurer x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) The Ruse
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