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[Job Advancement] Mage (Fire, Poison)
NPC Robeira
Category Explorer
Available Ask Robeira about becoming a Mage.
In Progress To become a Mage, you must touch the Holy Stone at the Holy Ground in the Snowfield. You can get there from Sharp Cliff I.

Etc Black CharmBlack Charm #c4031059# / 1
Completed You have become a Mage (Fire, Poison)!
  1. Talk to Robeira in Chief's Residence. You will be teleported to Holy Ground at the Snowfield.
  2. Obtain 1 Black Charm from Grendel the Really Old's Clone.
  3. Talk to Robeira again.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Wizard (Fire, Poison) to Mage (Fire, Poison)
Etc Black Charm Black Charm -1
Eqp Veteran Adventurer Veteran Adventurer x 1
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