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[Job Advancement] Job Advancement to Cannoneer
NPC Cutter
Category Explorer
Available So, what should you do now? Since you finally made it to Victoria Island, you could become an Explorer like you originally planned. While you consider your options, go visit Cutter. He has something to tell you.
In Progress Cutter wanted you to become a Cannoneer. He said you are a perfect candidate to use his new pirate weapon. He also said you won't regret your decision once you start blowing monsters away with giant hand-held cannons. Is he right? Probably, but go see the Pirate Job Instructor, Kyrin, just to be sure.
Completed After Kyrin's pep talk, you have agreed to become a Cannoneer. It's very exciting, though the thought of meeting Balrog again is a little scary...
  1. Talk to Cutter in Bedroom.
  2. Talk to Kyrin in Navigation Room.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Beginner (Cannoneer) to Pirate
Eqp Novice Cannon Novice Cannon x 1
Eqp Brown Rocky Bandana Brown Rocky Bandana x 1
Eqp Brown Rocky Suit Brown Rocky Suit x 1
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