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[Required] Into the Darkness
NPC Lady Syl
Lady Syl
Category Explorer
Available Lady Syl is one heck of a lady.
In Progress Here's the tale: The 'Dark Lord' that currently trains Thieves in Kerning City isn't the first Dark Lord. It's a name that's adopted by the current head of the Thieves. It just so happens that Lady Syl is the daughter of the previous Dark Lord..

Well, there's a reason she's in hiding. The current Dark Lord murdered the previous Dark Lord, forcing Lady Syl and all her Dual Blade followers to go underground.

But Lady Syl's been building up her own forces and thinks it's just about time for the Dual Blades to take their rightful place in Kerning City, but it won't be easy...

For now, Lady Syl wants to send a spy to get close to the Dark Lord. She needs someone who's calm and collected under pressure. Do you have what it takes?
Completed There's no chance you'd turn down a mission as crucial as this one. Time to become a spy!
  1. Talk to Lady Syl in Lady Syl's Room.
  2. Talk to Ryden in Secret Practice Place Entrance.
Rewards BasicReward
330 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) [Required] Spy Training 1
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