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Empress's Might
NPC Athena Pierce
Athena Pierce
Category Explorer
Available Explorer Chiefs have joined with Empress Cygnus at Ereve to create the Ultimate Explorer! You should go see Athena Pierce.
In Progress Get the moonlight-filled dew for Shinsoo from Desert Rabbits.
Completed With reinforcement from the Empress, you can now equip items 10 Levels higher.
  1. Talk to Athena Pierce by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Obtain 20 Lunar Dews from White Desert Rabbit or Brown Desert Rabbit.
  3. Talk to Cygnus in Ereve.
Rewards BasicReward
Etc Lunar Dew Lunar Dew -20
Skill Empress's Might Empress's Might at Level 1
Unlocked Quest(s) Power of the Spirit of Wind
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