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Dragon Rider
NPC Hellin
Category Explorer
Available You have now reached the apex of the Maple world, the one who is considered the ultimate thief. To commemorate your sterling accomplishment of reaching level 200, Hellin has something for you.
In Progress It's the one thing that countless thieves, the dominant forces in the dark, strived for, but couldn't get... But now Hellin is introducing me to Red Draco... I heard only the very best in the world of Maple can be friends with Red Draco.
Completed At a point where I never thought I could go any higher, I made a new friend that certainly put me over the top.
  1. Talk to Hellin in Forest of the Priest.
  2. Complete Silver Mane.
  3. Talk to Hellin again.
Rewards BasicReward
Skill Red Draco Red Draco at Level 1
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