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[Job Advancement] Chiefs of El Nath
NPC Dances with Balrog
Dances with Balrog
Category Explorer
Available You've hit Lv. 60, and Dances with Balrog suddenly wants to talk to you. What could he want?
In Progress Dances with Balrog says that you can become an even stronger Warrior if you go to the Chief's Residence in El Nath.
Completed You met with Tylus, the Warrior Elder, at the Chief's Residence.
  1. Talk to Dances with Balrog by clicking on the light-bulb. You will be teleported to Chief's Residence.
  2. Talk to Tylus in Chief's Residence.
Unlocked Quest(s) [Job Advancement] Crusader (if Fighter)
[Job Advancement] White Knight (if Page)
[Job Advancement] Berserker (if Spearman)
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