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[Required] Are We Alone?
NPC Monkey (Tutorial)
Category Explorer
Available The monkey looks like he wants to talk to you. Can't you read his expressions by now...?
In Progress The monkey is trying to tell you something. He's pointing at the right side of the island, and gesturing... Wait, is he saying there is someone else here? Could Skipper or Reiting have fallen overboard? Or is it someone else? You should check it out.
Completed The other person on the island was neither Skipper nor Reiting. This fellow looks like he's been here for a very long time...not a good sign. Who is he?
  1. Talk to Monkey at Shallow Beach.
  2. Talk to Cutter at Survivor's Hut.
Rewards BasicReward
55 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) [Required] The Stranded Cutter
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