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[Required] Secrets
NPC Milo
Category Zero
Available With all of the Darkling monsters taken care of, Alpha decides to distract Milo, and use the time to head into the Umbra Temple.
In Progress The monsters that were supposed to inhabit the Umbra Temple were a lie. Nine's conviction about hunting Darklings was faltering, but his curiosity about the Umbra Temple was just beginning.
Completed Inside the Umbra Temple, Nine in the Dusty Corridor and confronted a mysterious statue. It was here he found the girl, tangled in spider web, but still alive. The conspiracies of Shadowvale revolve around her, and so did the truth.
  1. Talk to Milo in Field 1-A.
  2. Talk to Motherly Statue in Umbra Temple.
Rewards BasicReward
17,700 EXP
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