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[Required] Maple World and Mirror World
NPC Pietta
Category Zero
Available Pietta told the duo that this world is actually a fake, based on a place called Maple World. Perhaps she can explain more...
In Progress Pietta says that Mirror World was created to be your prison. It's just a copy of Maple World. So, what's Maple World? Try to get there through Subspace Bridge.
Completed As Pietta mentioned, Maple World doesn't seem all that different from Mirror World, but the Goddess Teardrops can only be found in Maple World. You must find the teardrops and become the new Transcendent of Time.
  1. Talk to Pietta in Zero's Temple.
  2. Click on Maple World Portal in Subspace Bridge and go to Henesys.
  3. Talk to Pietta again.
Rewards BasicReward
895,200 EXP
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