[Root Abyss] World Tree Guardian
NPC Neinheart.png
Category Root Abyss
Available Tell Neinheart what happened in the Root Abyss, and find a way to break the seal on the World Tree.
In Progress Defeat all seal guardians and remove the seal on the World Tree.
Completed You removed the seal on the World Tree trapped in the Root Abyss and moved her to Ereve.
  1. Talk to Neinheart in Ereve.
  2. Complete the following quests:
    1. [Root Abyss] Defeat the First Seal Guardian
    2. [Root Abyss] Defeat the Second Seal Guardian
    3. [Root Abyss] Defeat the Third Seal Guardian
    4. [Root Abyss] Defeat the Final Seal Guardian
    5. [Root Abyss] World Tree Rescue
  3. Talk to Neinheart again.
Rewards BasicReward.png
710,000 EXP
Eqp World Tree Guardian.png World Tree Guardian x 1
Use Mastery Box.png Mastery Box x 1
Unlocked Quest(s) Root Abyss Daily Quest
[Root Abyss] Chaos Von Bon Crusher
[Root Abyss] Chaos Pierre Crusher
[Root Abyss] Chaos Crimson Queen Crusher
[Root Abyss] Chaos Vellum Crusher