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To the Sealed Garden
NPC Spiruna
Category Aran
Available You'll find Sealed Garden in Orbis... You wonder if it's related to the Seal Stone. You bet Spiruna in Cloud Park IV can explain a thing or two.
In Progress According to Spiruna, Sealed Garden is where the Seal Stone is hidden. The only way to enter Sealed Garden is through a stem of the Nependeath which connects Neglected Strolling Path to Sealed Garden. An intruder has actually grown the Giant Nependeath for this specific purpose. Spiruna is desperately asking you to prevent the intruders from entering...
Completed You found a Giant in the Sealed Garden and defeated it, but ended up losing the Seal Stone to Gentleman, a member of the Black Wings. Could this get any worse?
  1. Talk to Spiruna in Old Man's House. You will be teleported to Orbis Park.
  2. Enter the portal to go to Quiet Walk.
  3. Eliminate Giant.
  4. Click on the book above your head. You will be teleported to Tru's Info Shop.
Rewards BasicReward
33,269 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) The Stolen Seal Stone of Orbis
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