The Puppeteer's Cave
NPC Rowen the Fairy.png
Rowen the Fairy
Category Aran
Available This is your fourth assignment as an informant. Rowen the Fairy says she followed the suspicious boy that appeared in Ellinia. What did she find? Talk to her.
In Progress The boy that Rowen the Fairy saw is definitely the Puppeteer! According to her, he lives in the forest north of Ellinia... Go to Where the Forest Ends to find his hideout.
Completed You spotted the Puppeteer's Headquarters, but you need a password to enter.
  1. Talk to Rowen the Fairy in Ellinia. You will be teleported to Where the Forest Ends.
  2. Go to Where the Forest Ends and press "↑" at the cave entrance.
  3. Talk to Rowen the Fairy again.
Rewards BasicReward.png
5,000 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) 4th Assignment Completed