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[Job Adv.] The Polearm-Wielding Hero
NPC Giant Polearm
Giant Polearm
Category Aran
Available Apparently, a hero's weapon can recognize its owner, which means the weapon would react the moment you touched it...if you were indeed the hero that wielded a polearm, that is. You should head to town and click on Giant Polearm.
In Progress The moment you touch the Giant Polearm, you feel memories flood through you, but you aren't sure if you're really reminiscing or just imagining things. You should try holding the Giant Polearm one more time.
Completed You remembered a time when you held the weapon, flashbacks of gripping the polearm in your two hands...while standing in front of the Black Mage. Yes, you were Aran, the warrior that wielded the polearm to perfection.
  1. Talk to Giant Polearm in Rien.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Legend to Aran I
Eqp Awakened Aran Awakened Aran x 1
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