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[Job Adv.] The Mirror of Desire
NPC Lilin
Category Aran
Available The polearm introduces itself as Maha and demands that you remember him. What are you supposed to do? You'd better consult Lilin about this.
In Progress Lilin states that the voice is really Giant Polearm's voice, and that you need to remember something about Giant Polearm to appease him. If you head west of Rien to Mirror Cave, you'll find the Mirror of Desire, which has the power to display whatever you desire. Maybe you should check it.
Completed You were able to faintly encounter your past through the mirror. You saw the time you first got your polearm. When you mentioned the story, Maha seemed relieved. Thanks to Maha's help, you were able to recover some of your dormant abilities.
  1. Talk to Lilin in Rien.
  2. Complete the quest In Search of the Ultimate Weapon.
  3. Talk to Maha in Rien.
Rewards BasicReward
Job Advancement from Aran I to Aran II
Eqp Aran in Memory Aran in Memory x 1
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