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The Cave's Password
NPC Fanzy
Category Aran
Available This is your fourth assignment as an informant. You discovered the Puppeteer's Cave, but it's sealed with a password.

Talk to Fanzy in Giant Tree. He's as likely as anyone to know something.
In Progress Fanzy overheard the password with his mega ears! But he requested 30 Evil Eye Tails in exchange for his help.

It's such a weird request from a cat.

Etc Evil Eye Tail Evil Eye Tail #c4000007# / 30
Completed Fanzy gave you the password. It is 'Francis is a genius puppeteer!' All the words in the password have to be exact, including the capitalization and spacing, so be careful.
  1. Talk to Fanzy in Giant Tree.
  2. Obtain 30 Evil Eye Tails from Evil Eye.
  3. Talk to Fanzy again.
Rewards BasicReward
5,000 EXP
Etc Evil Eye Tail Evil Eye Tail -30
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