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The Black Wings' Conspiracy
Category Aran
Available The document you extracted from Puppeteer turns out to be a Black Wings document! Unfortunately, the document is written in code. What should you do? Go to Lith Harbor and talk to Tru for some advice.
In Progress Looks like the only person that can decode the document is Lilin. Head over to Rien and ask Lilin to help.
Completed The document says that the Black Wings possess an item known as the Seal Stone of Victoria Island. Francis, the puppeteer, is utilizing his special skills in mob manipulation to look for a certain Seal Stone. But what does that mean? What exactly are the Black Wings after?
  1. Talk to Tru by clicking on the light-bulb. You will be teleported to Rien.
  2. Deliver 1 Puppeteer Document to Lilin in Rien.
Rewards BasicReward
10,000 EXP
Etc Puppeteer Document Puppeteer Document -1
Unlocked Quest(s) Gathering Some Strange Information
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